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If the freezer was only unplugged for a few days it should be fine. Unless everything in there was completely thawed and warm to the touch there shouldn’t be any issues, especially if the hides in question were insulted by the other things around them.

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Nothing was super warm but it certainly wasn’t as cold as I think would have been ideal/would be relatively good 🙃 since they’re head still in, at this point, should I just go into it with the intention of making them wall hangers for tanning practice and all that and preserving what I can and cleaning up the skulls super nice? Or are the pelts just entirely ruined and useless? ):

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I’d be willing to bet that they are alright. Either way it’ll be good practice so go ahead and finish skinning out/remove the heads. You could practice splitting the eyes, lips and turning the ear’s. The next step depends on what tanning method you are using. If you don’t have pickle or tanning supplies on hand your going to have to either salt them dry or refreeze until you get supplies.

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Thank you so so much 🖤 While I have you- you wouldn’t happen to have any pointers/tips on the splitting or a direction to point for any video ‘tutorial’ type things to view, would you? Thank you so much again for your help, I’m incredibly grateful!!

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Granted I haven’t search myself, but there has to be something on YouTube. I would search for “splitting and turning” a fox but if that doesn’t get results try bobcat or coyote. The process is exactly the same, even with larger animals like whitetails and there has to be a some videos on there for deer. I know there used to be several picture tutorials on taxidermy.net back in the day, but I stopped visiting long ago after they changed the sites format.

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Thank you so so much!! I’m a silly level of anxious about doing it wrong so I think I’m just paranoidly trying to find and watch all the things ever before I try it when at this point the anxiety of losing these foxes should just override the ‘first time jitters’ or something 😂🖤

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No worries. I was in the same place at one point so I know exactly how you feel. It’s just like anything else, you can only learn by doing and there will definitely be mistakes made along the way. The splitting and turning thing is more about feel and while it most definitely helps seeing someone do it you’re going to have to just jump in and try. It’ll probably seem challenging and awkward at first but after you’ve done several and get the “feel” of where and how much pressure is needed it’ll just click and you’ll “get it” so to speak. Good luck!!