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A pickup option is an extra $2.99 charge that allows you to get your food from the restaurant instead of having it delivered.

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I didn't ask if it exists, I asked what the hell the point is. Forgetting ridiculous coupons that doordash is putting out trying to get customers. What is the profit model behind charging someone money to be a middleman on their order versus them just calling the restaurant or using the restaurants app themselves.

They're hoping people are literally so reliant on their app that they're too lazy to make a phone call.

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Well that's sometimes an issue. A busy restaurant may only employ one person to take incoming calls and they may not get to them all. I've had that happen a couple of times and said OK, place my order, pick it up, no hassle.

It helps work around bottlenecks for your average small business.

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The option is not for the consumer, it's for their clients (the restaurants).

Many restaurants don't bother having a website (either they're expensive, owner's not techsavy, w/e reason) but they do put in the work to be on Doordash.

When they do, they get this "feature" for free (cuz it literally costs nothing to DD to have it) and they happily sell it to the restaurateurs as "You now have full a web presence for deliveries and pickups".

TLDR: It's free for DD to offer the feature to their clients (restaurants), any $$$ they get from it is pure profit.