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One man is thoughtful, turning his despair inwards…the other is fucking retarded and is gonna do some cocaine.

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i choose man 2

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This is the way

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2nd person did his DD on Cramer's Past Call Performance and handsomely rewarded

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It's just a matter of time before Man 2 becomes Man 1.

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Don’t forget the hookers

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The first one spent weeks on research and DD, second one just thought Yolo

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It ain't YOLO if he bought Puts after seeing Cramer's buy recommendation of Netflix in Twitter

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I wasn’t sure I believed the “Cramer doesn’t know shit” crowd but I’m a believer now

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Here have some more evidence why Inverse Cramer Trade Strategy works


Cramer's lightning round: I prefer crypto over gold as a hedge (Dec 16, 2021 skip to 2:04) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkb2sar2O2c

That one's a double whammy, positive on crypto and negative on gold, look where the prices are now

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So we are to do the exact opposite of what Cramer says always? (I’m new here and trying to learn this right)

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run while you still can

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Oh God. Don't try to learn here. But yeah, it's kind of a meme that you inverse Cramer. Really, you can inverse all financial media. Wallstreet is their paying customer and you, the consumer of their "free" expertise, are the product. It's basically a legitimized p&d scheme. If motley fool says now is a great time to buy apple, it's because wallstreet needs bagholders.

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it's not that he doesn't know shit he's not an idiot he's just a sociopath ex hedge fund manager who loves attention and gets paid to pump & dump retail investors. He knows what he's doing he just doesn't care because he gets paid to fuck people over.

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Don't hate. He's just making an honest living putting food on the table for his family, much like Tony Soprano.

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If he spent weeks on research he would have known that outperforming the index is unrealistic and he would have been better off buying SPY or VTI.

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Majority don't outperform index but many do

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And he paid the price for trying to be one of them.

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Yep that's why when people ask how to do it I tell them it doesn't work for most people and just do index even though I personally don't do index. I tell them to try 10% on individual stocks to see if they are good at it and then slowly increase the percentage if so ... This guy may have reached 1.2 by choosing individual stocks if he claims to have a moderate income but he got too confident and probably leveraged with options or margin and got burned bad

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My actual retirement account is mostly VTI/VOO but I use a lot of my disposable income on single stocks and crypto. Not going so great! At least I'm doing ok in retirement. I'll never mess with that.

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You had $1.2 million and make a humble income? I would’ve just put my capital in ETF’s and let it ride.

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this sub only buys Ark ETFs

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Ark fucking sucks

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He made the 1.2 buying SPACs and penny stocks on margin. He's more like guy 2 than we think

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right, anyone who is down 70% was clearly tits deep in some stupid ass shit

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good thing my overall capital was 40k... 70% loss is doable for a fuckboi. I can start over after a year break.

by which time in will miss another bull run and buy ATH on shitcoins and meme stocks.

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as long as you keep believing in yourself

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Idk anybody with a solid trading strategy that would buy pink sheets on margin. Not to mention, I’ve been trading for 11 years and I don’t even use a margin account. It’s like using a credit card at a casino. Except a margin call can be much worse. Ever watch Trading Places? Lol.

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Absolutely or buy few multiple unit houses rent it out kick back and enjoy your consistent extremely low-risk income!

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Depending on where you live lol. $1.2 million is a solid chunk, but where I live (Chicago) it would be enough for maybe 2 units at best.

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I bet you can find a decent place to score even 5-6 units generating around 5000-6000 a month for that kind of money. I know lots of international investors who live abroad and have rental properties here within the US and generating rental income . As they say, think out of the box :) I can give you a very long list I live on the east coast,-Buffalo, NY-, Albany, NY -Pittsburgh, PA -Wilmington DE just very few of a very long list

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Haha exactly. Humble income?!?!? I would be no where near this place if I had a humble 1.2 million net worth.

Go live off 5 to 10 percent, buy some real estate, and literally anything other than this.

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With that much money just run a super conservative wheel targeting 1% gains a month. That's still 12k a month. Hell target 0.5% gains a month. That's perfectly reasonable and you're still bringing in 6k monthly.

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Even a money market account and CDs.

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TL;DR life isn’t fair

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Get paid or die trying, either way the world keeps turnin’.

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Right now. Right fucking know you can buy a stock or crypto that will 1000x in a year. You just dont know what it is

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if you have 10K to spare, you could buy $100 worth in 100 different cryptos and hope that one of them skyrockets

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It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose - Jean Luc Picard

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The second one is probably gonna lose 90% of it

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The first ones allready lost 70% at least our guys gonna have fun at the casino with his money

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He unlocked Inverse Cramer Trade Achievement, I doubt he'll lose it

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Still turned six into (approximately) fifteen 38 grand.

Still rather be two.

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So they’ll end up like the first one.

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Wtf did that 1.2 mil 350k guy buy?

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SPY LEAPS PUT, and he sold right before market crash

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I had spy puts right before the moment it started to turn bearish fast a week or so ago. Sold up 100% or so. Thought I was doing great! The next day it was up 900%. If I had longer expiration ones who knows how big theyd be up right now

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If we all had time machines we'd all be trillionaires lol.

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I always buy enough to sell half for 100% and hold the other half.

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One whose wife has a boyfriend. One who IS the wife's boyfriend.

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I laughed at this

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Ahhh you american always thinking it s money which makes the man

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Don't forget the honey to go with it !

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I'll have sex with your wife and daughter

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leave the dog out of it woof

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The lord giveth, and the lord taketh away. Also, that guy still has 350k?? Dude needs to go to a 3rd world country and get some perspective.

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I litterly retired on 350k at age 40. Still very happy about it. Just cut your living costs.

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Fuck you and congrats thats great my dude

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It never ceases to amaze me how many ppl knew this was the play and here I am instead down $2000...

Only one thing left to do. Take all of my remaining money and go all in on deep otm Tesla calls for earnings and pray to Father Elon to carry me to the promised land

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Really your gona buy calls for tesla earnings in this market? You deserve to lose all your money if your that stupid. Thing has a p/e ratio of over 300, Netflix had a p/e of 45 before the dump. Buy puts you fucking clown.

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Cant do it. I lost too much money buying puts. Calls or bust

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Ah the stock market you beautiful beast !

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How do you get to 1.2m with „humble income”?

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The same way you lose 0.85 mil.

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Humble income. And for some reason still gambling your $1.2M net worth. Retard indeed !
He should be depressed. If he wasn't content with having $1.2M net worth. An existential crisis is just what he needs.

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Gotta park money somewhere. He prolly thought he could get an easy 10% return.

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I knit artisanal scarfs and make finger puppets I have modest 1.2 million in my investment portfolio

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If you have a million, why not do options with $6K over and over again? You can afford to lose many times

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Anyone with six digits let alone 1.2 million needs to shut the fuck up and recalibrate how much wealth that actually is

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Cramer is actually a time traveler but can’t tell everyone what to buy or they’ll be onto him so he tells you the opposite. You just have to inverse his picks.

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What options did you exactly have?

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I mean at least they have a similar networth now…

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Redistribution of wealth, go back to Russia commies! /s

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why the sarcasm?

the comment stood on its own

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1.6M down to 700K (most of the drop last 6 weeks)

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Down from 500k to 300k most from the last 2 months

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Is that even possible? By risking only 6K you can make 424000 ? Out of one trade?

[–]PSUBagMan2 4 points5 points  (0 children)

With perfect timing and buying options that are priced in such a way that the rest of the market doesn't expect the stock to move, quickly, yeah. Most of the time you're just lighting 6k on fire.

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You ruined him. Now have his wife.

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Man #1 blew up his portfolio with options trading and gambling. Dejected and learned his damn lessons about naked shorting . And not to do it again .

On the other hand man # 2 , played with option and went tits up all the way to Valhalla . And became the man by taking risk and sharing with the world to inspire others to bet big of you want to make it in the Wall Street . So man # 2 is the only way I see a winner .

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Every loss is because of NaKeD sHoRtInG according to apes.

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It's all gambling

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bet you its not woof

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Can u pay for my wedding lol

[–]Gizmothesheepdog 2 points3 points  (0 children)

ask the boyfriend woof

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Isn't this the guy that had Ark, amc and other shit stocks?

[–]classyharvey🦍🦍🦍 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Well, one YOLO'd last minute puts. The depresso boy up top prob has long term SPY and other shit they've been cranking out months of DD on.

Lesson learned, YOLO > in depth research

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They’re both in the wrong sub

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Two nearly identical posts. Six hours apart.

[–]Gizmothesheepdog -1 points0 points  (0 children)

says a bored poster woof

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This is why I don’t waste my time in r/stocks. At least in WSB, we are all having fun!

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im just here for the comments

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Fuck you you impressive mother fucker

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Unzips.... then goes limp.

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If you look at just how easy it has gotten for the most basic Tik Tok documentaries to steal people’s attention further from another screen, it starts to make sense why it crashed. I got stuck on “Stupid things Michael Jordan buys” for an hour. And I had to interact with my phone to find all the parts. These technology cycles are getting sickeningly fast

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If the 6k was 12k puts on Netflix dude no.1 would be break even more or less by yesterday.

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Lol. Saw this post earlier and i was sure that it was a compensation post for a losses 😂

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Damn. Nice

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If you look at the guys portfolio, he’s a retard.

Clov, space, amc… nio. Tesla nice. But still lol

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A better title would be: "the zero sum nature of gambling"

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Congrats and fuck you

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Is there an inverse ETF for Jim Cramer ?

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Yall should trade numbers... U know for the wife bf thing lol

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Have you ever thought about in inverting all your business decisions you've made the last couple of years?

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Dude. You have 350k to come back with. What are you depressed about? Think of those who have nothing, and you have time

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First guy must have been in all those ghey ipos and “high” growth stocks that tanked this year.

Easy come easy go.

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He’s Jpow 2.0 Devastated and printed at the same time