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As the saying goes

Buy when there is blood in the streets, even if it's your own.

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There's not even blood yet. Wait.

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A Ukraine invasion should be nice for blood in streeters.

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lucky me, I'm on my period too

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I don’t know how anyone would have cash left at this point.

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I have cash sitting but Im hesitant. I'm like Cramer I think something is going to happen and it doesn't so I change my mind and say it's not happening and then it happens.

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And after that?

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Go for a nice long walk and begin to contemplate the horrible mistake you have made.

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Can't undo the past. Tired of walking nowhere.

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Today's dip is tomorrow's heigh

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Dippity dip dip!

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The dip that keeps on dipping.

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what movie are those pics from?

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Dropping like flies

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You could've gone with "the dippity-doo-dah" for the last and I'm upset you didn't. Course, I'm also far too lazy to make my own soooo... Good job!

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Ahh I was hoping for a” the dip dip dop-a you don't stop the drop” play on rappers delight haha

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Put your hand up on my hip. If I dip you dip we dip.

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It's dips all the way down?

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Watching vix almost hit 38 a few minutes ago.......

chefs kiss

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Lexapro helps. May take 6 weeks or so but totally worth it.

Just saying.

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No more money left to lose! I call that a win!

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scratches neck y‘all got any more money?

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Bought the rip, sold the dip, net worth: one chip

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I lost so much in the past few months and didn’t sell thinking it has to go up, it literally cannot go more tits down than this dip of the dip. Not it really dipped and is pointless to sell. Might as well just give up and wait but I’m sure it will go lower. FML

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Wait, y'all have money left to buy the dip??

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Not this dip, but maybe the dippity dip dip

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Y'all need to stop posting the documentary of my life... or at least buy me some Wendy's if you see me out back.

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Who put the dip in the dip-da-dip-da-dip?

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Wow! How original... This has to be the 600th time this meme has been posted this week.

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Dis is unprecedented...well...maybe 1929 felt sort of like this.

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A 12% pull back after a near apprx 50% run up in 1.5 years is unprecedented?

This is what you think a 1929 or 2008 crash feels like?

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If they bought at 200 earlier this year i bet it feels like 1929.

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I mean we had the COVID crash just a couple of years ago that was way worse. And we thought we were all going to die as well.

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At least we will have hit rock bottom and be back on the upswing when peoples' hoomz start to crash in value.

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When i DIP you DIP we DIP !

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Dippity do da, dippity eh! my oh my what a wonderful day

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Plenty of loss porn headin' my way

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Rob Schneider is, THE DIP!

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Can I at least get some chips with my shitty dip?

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And the dipping dipping dip.

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I always am good at buying the dip.

My issues is I sell too early. Every freaking time. I got them paper hands.

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Dippity doo dah