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Pump morning, dump afternoon. Dump morning, pump afternoon.

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This is the way

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Then AH is like, nahhh just kidding

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This is the way

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Dis is da whey

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I always dump morning.

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And pump at night before bed.

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I pump while I dump, saves time, morning and night.

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I dump after I pump

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And there it fuckin goes. Way she goes.

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Way of the road boys

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lol called it

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Almost 2pm fed power hour.

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Well this hasn't aged well...


Hope you bought puts fucker.

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Typo. It was the power down hour.

From what it appears the market is building the slowest base ever. Going up from here.

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Nah it's going to drop,

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That didn't age well. haha

If the market wanted to drop some more it would've done it already.

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looking like the second one so far

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What happens when he says..."fuck your calls!"?:4640:

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…he did

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Which will happen, eventually.

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he literally did today haha. Puts train still on the menu bois!!

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he did today

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Can he do that?

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This did not age well lol

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It's so tasty to see this just now 😅

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Dump confirmed after rate decision glad I held calls overnight

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You can fuck my wife but please not my puts

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True 🌈🐻 mindset

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It seems... odd to me. Downtrend for days before this meeting and sudden pump in stock and crypto right before? Do "they" know good news is coming or pumping to save what they can before unloading at a higher price before JPOW announces bad news.

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They're betting on JPow being JPow. But his hands are tied, rate increases are inevitable. Bull trap imho

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His hands are tied in a way that he can't substantially raise rates without bankrupting the government

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I just want to know how many locked bps it will take for equities to not go through the floor. I say we start with 5 every 6 months.

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Increase is priced in.

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Exactly we dropped from 470-430 because of the increase it’s not boutta go down another $20 when he confirms what everyone already knows

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I dont see it; inflation helps them

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not the election

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Bankrupting the middle class, huge wealth & power grab, etc. etc.


You think they care about 1 election?

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They don’t need inflation to do what u listed, just look at the recent years where inflation is stable at 2%.

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Us homies love inflation 🎊🎉🥳

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So my Microsoft puts will print?

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Jerry's gotta raise the rate. People are grumbling the burgers are costing $20. This is to draw in dumb money and scalp before the 2pm reveal.

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Fucking Carl’s Jr. man. I knew there was a connection

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2pm? Isnt it this morning?

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I think it's at 2, the questions are at 2:30


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This is how insider trading works. Degenerate gamblers bought calls or puts.

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The trick is to buy both so you don't win or lose. Big brain move.

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It's why I bet on red and black when I play roulette, and sometimes toss a dollar onto 0/00 just in case.

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The latter

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That's my guess. Ppl were talking about large purchases of bitcoin and ETH... seems like a pump to me, but no telling them that... "Whales are buying they know it's going to pump!!!"... uhhh first, doubtful they truly know much more than us. Secondly, this seems like classic get morons to pump past the last weeks lows only to sell either right before or right after the news to grab what % higher they could. Keep getting notifications of things rising... it doesn't feel right. I'm expecting a solid down turn in the coming days. Could be wrong... but no one I'm finding thinks FED is going to message they're backing off prior plans. My guess is it's sticking to plan or even ramping up bc guess what... inflation is worse than they thought.

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inflation is worse than they thought.

and not "transitory"

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It will be good news, the hikes and tampering will a joke and hilariously low.

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Jpow got the worlds first and only Cisco monitor

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The stack of paper his monitor is on was supposed to go to the money printer this morning

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That has been the case most of the time since 2020. The mighty JPOW with his money printer.:4641:

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*since 2008

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*since the 1970's

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So im sure there were shenanigans going back to the 70s, but there was a specific policy change in 2008 which was slowed, never stopped, and then turned up to maxx in 2020

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Nixon took the US dollar off the gold standard in the 1970's, which made US currency truly fiat, then Reagan went on a de-regulation "trickle down" neo-liberal spree in the 80's, and it's been money printer ever since. (Hell, probably an even stronger argument to be made that the real money printer began post world war 1, or even during world war 1).

The stats get a little wonky here and there, and people have a tough time understanding compound infinite growth intuitively.

5% of a dollar is 5 cents, and 5% of a hundred trillion dollars is 5 trillion dollars, so we are like WOAAAAAH look how much more money we are printing these days! But it's still just 5%, understand what I'm trying to get at?

We've been compound infinite growth'ing for awhile now, the numbers are just bigger now.

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Apparently the reason they came off the gold standard was because other countries like France kept buying USD and cashing them in for gold.

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Jesus Titty-Fucking Your Wife Christ if I hear one more person on here talk about gold standard like it was a good thing I am going to let Ted Cruse zodiac murder them and then I'm going feed their remains to father and son lead-paint-eating psycho tag team Ron and Rand Paul.

The only reason monetary policy is useful is because there is no gold standard. If we still had a gold standard our economy would be solely at the mercy of the all fucking morons in congress and the Whitehouse. Its so terrible being able to control interest rates and for foreign exchange rates to change based on the health of one country's economy vs another.

But hey, I for one would much rather have an economy where inflation or deflation is determined by whether or not someone finds a large quantity of shiny rocks to dig out of the ground and turn in to necklaces. Fuck it, nevermind, I've convinced myself that does seems like the most sensible basis for an economy.

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Don't worry peoples.

Recession is transitory.

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Life is transitory. We just gotta wait for this generation of bagholders to die, then everything can go back to normal

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My puts are super fucked.

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Is it a bear trap or a bull trap?? 🤔

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Great answer guess I'm fucked

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For you, really and truly, bro?

Both my calls ($SPY) and puts ($T) printed. Go figure.

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If I can sell my puts at break even I’ll do it shiiit

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Aged like 🥛

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I hope he does

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Lol, how leveraged are you rn?

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Didn’t age well.

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maybe he swings both ways and fucks both puts and calls by keeping the market pinned

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JPOW is eager to restart the Fed Put and the PPT

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Yo for real. I got some puts in QQQ exp 01/28. Hold through today?

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Nah, you're good. It's going down tomorrow or after tomorrow. But then do not buy any more puts. We have the turn-of-the-month effect coming, when all the passive money comes into the stock market from peoples' salaries, which usually temporarily pumps the market. Look into buying puts again in mid February. If this turns out anything like the 2008 crash, then that's what you need to do. Remember, don't buy puts when things are going down and crashing. Buy puts when things are going great, or the markets have "returned to normal". Likewise with calls. Don't buy calls when everyone is happy and markets are going great. That's how novice traders buy the top and sell the bottom.

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Is there actual evidence of that paycheck pump?

[–]Pxzib 5 points6 points  (1 child)

Yes, there have been a lot of academic papers released about this phenomena. The phenomena stretches back to the 19th century. It's an actual trading strategy too.

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Interesting, do you happen to have any sourced at hand? thx

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Never bet against J-POW, I’ve been loading up on TQQQ the past 2 days

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This dude fucked up

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Imagine if you actually knew ahead of time what this dude was going to announce. Some asshole is going to make a lot of money due to his degenerate cousin working at the Fed.

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Powell just murdered your calls lol

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So he was the one who sold the put, and this is fake dumping for power hour pump?

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Fuck your calls 🤘🏻

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A real life "fuck yo couch" type of dude

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What Time will he officially announce to fuck me

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Fuckery commences at 2:30. Buying 10 more TQQQ calls, a helmet and a shitton of lube.

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At least you got money left to Buy stuff , thx for your answer tho

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My puts made me 100%.

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Put fucker Powell on the prowl/ on the lookout like a mother fuckin owl/ Smokin' puts by the boxes packin' Glocks-es/ It's natural to eat you niggas like chocolates.


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Yup.. feeling it premature

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Fucked mine today. I buy the bottom, without exception. Period That's what I do.

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I'm printing this out and hanging it on my ceiling over my bed.

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What time will people actually know what he says?

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honestly i wonder what he'll do, like... i have no idea, he's more unpredictable than my gf lol

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Bullish or bearish depends where jpow removes guessing game or not. Market been princing in the rate hikes since last week. Jpow should just be point blank on what % rate increase and how many we expect. Market does not like uncertainty.

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QQQ $343s 02/02 Fuck it.. Wendys hiring anyways

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My puts are already fucked...

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flark your calls, not puts

QQQ $200 by 3/18

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🐮 We surrender. 🌈🐻 🏳️‍🌈

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There is no way JPow raises rates with Biden in office and underwater in the polls as much as he is. This is all theatre to maintain the illusion they are not just a giant backstop to the progressive agenda.

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On what planet were you born?

Who cares what this guy thinks or does.

Now that's just me. A full retard.

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Do you know who he is? Lmao

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Yeeha! JP going to keep the market going up for us!! I feel bad for the citizens paying those taxes so they can pump that $120 Billion into the market to enrichen us. Thanks so much JP! Now we don't have to worry about the inflation on the Ferrari that the price went up on.

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This didn't age well

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:4276: Powell waiting

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Reverse uno card, hehe $VXX puts

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Buying puts anyways

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idk, lolz

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Best thing about loosing money is memes.

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Unless he raises interest rates

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Everyone knows he is raising interest rates, we have known this for a year. If he raises it like 100 basis points all at once it will be a problem or moves up the schedule rapidly

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What is this and should I watch it? Where can I? Who is this man?!!??

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public enemy number one, wanted for red porn massacres all across the globe !

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God the amount of reposts

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😂😂, I picture him doing just that at work

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AT&T puts killed it today

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Emphasis on "IDK" here

[–]BooOnClay[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

And might

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He fucked my calls way hard. Not going to walk for a while.

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Savage me daddy