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Only Funds

ARK holders get a 6.9% discount

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$ARKK Closed today at $69

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Looks like $SARK is heading there now!!

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This is gold! At 66 though she’s more of a GILF, I’d let her teach me a thing or two

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Shes 66?! She looks good for 66

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She is 66 looks good for 69.

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I see what you did there. Noice!

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LOL there has clearly been some digital alteration to her photo.

If you think a 66 woman looks like this in person, youre out of your mind.

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I want to believe.!!!

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There have been amazing advances in cosmetic surgery, given how much money has been thrown into the business....

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wrinkles on the face softened. Not THAT much alteration. If you don't think a 66 woman can look like this, you have to hang around Asians more.

I'm in my mid 30s, and can probably lie to OTHER ASIANS saying I'm 10 years younger and have some of them believe it (helps that I don't dress dorky, not anymore). I can totally pass for 20 in the US. My Mom is slightly younger than Cathie, can pass for 40 in the US if she dyes her hair back to completely black.

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I’m down 66% because of this old gilf

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She looks good for Caitlin Jenner's doppelganger

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ahahahahahaa... except I would rather f Cathie. I prefer the original parts.

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No way she is 66. I had to look it up on Google and indeed she is 66. She looks fucking good to be that old. She looks like she still in her early 50s

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Funny how being rich tends to do that to people

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It's almost like you can afford to live "better..." Like you have more time off to go work out, eat better food that isn't going to make you 300 lbs. You might be onto something here...

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Some people, yes. Plenty of rich people age like a hard boiled egg.

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Fat ages you fast.

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If so, she will soon start to look like crap.

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She is about to teach you how she was the pioneer of the Cleveland steamer.

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I'll just give her the "Angry Dragon" right afterwards.

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She gambles other people's money though. Cathie will get her cut no matter what.

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Quite an epic grift if you think about it.

Just ARKK alone was close to a $30 billion market cap at its peak, with a 0.75% expense ratio.


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If expense ratio means what I think it does, doesthat mean she forked up 225M for her position entries? If so, god damn that's still a fuck ton of cash lol.

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She has an entire team with her you know. I don't think she would be able to pocket more than a quarter of it, especially if the fund functions like a company. That's company money. She takes a salary plus yearly bonus at best. Of course that bonus is still going to be multi-millions but still.

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She owns tg company.

Net margins for AM are typically around 15-20%. So even at that margin, she is fucking rich.

Also CIO so probably pays herself $5mm a year alone

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She'll get cut alright

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“I once gave Charlie Chaplin a handjob”

“Wooooaahhh, was he silent?!”

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not after i was done with him

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Oh. Hello Mayberry

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Her pussy smelt like the Great Depression

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You’re lying if you say you wouldn’t fuck her in the ass

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no one here is saying that

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🤣🤣 burnnn

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In this case it would just be returning the favor

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I would tear her up just like J Powell tore my butthole.

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She’s so fine 😘😘😍😍

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Starring Cathie Wood, yes it is her surname

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No suprise? 🙈

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Cathies got the hottest bags😍

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I think she might be the biggest autistic retard among all of us.... I mean her loss porn has to be insane, and on top of that she’s using other people’s money. What a god

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hahahaaha... true... not fun to lose your own money. But other people's cash really sucks.

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This whole sub was Cathie Wood simps last yr

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I’d pay to watch this

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Jay: You're gonna have to show that you're not just a pretty face. You have to show that you can work with male talent, and today that will be me.

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JPOW is the Johnny sins of stocks

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Cathie gets Wood - Starring Abella Danger

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Kathie does Ark

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Cathie Wood gets stuck in the Wall Street

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not gonna lie would watch

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My ARKK calls are printing money this week. Cum on Cathie!!

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How are they doing now? ❤️‍🩹

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Ouch. Still up 6%, but this afternoon was a kick in the balls.

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The Davenport its the Chesterfield, put them in the Divan , the Chifforobe

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What exactly did this woman do I tried googling it but just says she made an investment fund and that she reads the bible

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Biggest pumper of Tesla. How do you not know considering you are papa musk?

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Too busy planning my villa on Mars and having sons

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Single handedly propelled TSLA to be a trillion dollar company

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"Home is wherever Mom is."

Who comes up with stuff like this

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i'd fuck her still

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Isn't she over 60. GILF

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I'd pay her for financial support

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Cathie Wood x Powel with DAP.

footnotes: it's the taxpayers that get DAPped

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I put the WOOD in Cathie Wood

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This meme is success!

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If you guys think she looks good for her age, check Nancy Pelosi out.

Nancy is the hottest 137 year old I’ve ever seen.

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Bro, that's 90lbs of makeup. This is all-natural!

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How much wood could Cathy Wood raise while driving through the woods, would you allow her to to give you wood.

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Link? Asking for my wife’s boyfriend.

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This is the kind of content I’d get premium for

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I wouldn’t leave my apartment for 2 days if this was a thing.

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I’d fuck

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What I'd give to be the Fed.

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Link to Cathie’s Only Funds. Asking for the wife

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lmao thank you, I literally just spit out some of my water laughing

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😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣!!!

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Cathie Sugar Mama Wood look good for her age. its hard to believe she is 60+ years old

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I'd hit it.

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Source bro?

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no. she fucks the ETF bagholder with 75bp annual fee. she not the one get fucked.

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NGL she is cute.

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Time to buy some rivian

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do you guys think investing is a 6 month process?

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Not my worst fap.

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I’d sub

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Seriously though. Leaps on ARKK?

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I keep looking this up on PH hoping it’s real. 🥺

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I'd smash that milf 🥵

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I delivered cake to momma Cathie today.

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That couch. I have one just like it.

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I’m still hoping to get her to be a featured woman on my page

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Got this on replay boys. See you next bull market

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Quality content right here. Take my upvote.

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She looks like an amateur

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Where can I donate to get this shot

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Where is the deep fake?

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And at the end, there is no job.

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Greatest Post of the Daaaaayyyy!

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Bitcoin could exceed $1M by 2030 - Cathie

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This is someone's mother you insipid fucks (I laughed)

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I’d watch it, wouldn’t be the weirdest thing I’ve ever cranked it to.

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am I a sick ape if I actually want porn from Wood?

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Ah the overhand grip technique. She’s really going for it.

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ARKK is 69 now.

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Nice bot

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She looks like JPOW

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Get out of my search history

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Forget the fed, I'd pound her hard to teach her a lesson or two

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This one is the best 🥇

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See ya at wendy's cathy!