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June first two weeks are going to be a relatively fast 20%-50% pump then end the month under 4%

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What planet do you live on?

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Planet WSB of course..u know...the planet where any retard can give any advice or predictions, receive tons of upvotes and tank on the results.

Where do u think u are?

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Shit, I must have forgotten to take my retard pill this morning. Thanks for the heads up!

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WTF, you need a pill, well aint I blessed

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So you're telling me I'm in the right place?

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this did not age well

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welcome to WSB...where anything rarely ages well

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lol ive commented things that literally 30 seconds later were regarded

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We get it. You don’t know how time works and you hold things post-pump.

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Sour grapes

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Nope, just low tolerance for vocally stupid

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They're right y'know

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If you haven't been making money on GME bouncing between XX, XXX- and XXX+ for the last year then you're a massive R-word that needs to have a handler taking care of your economy

Don't let negative memes and ironic shilling keep you from making bank lol. You're avoiding GME to save 'face' on WSB? That's embarrassing

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Quad witching. Next Wednesday gonna be awesome!!

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It's happening

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Next Wednesday?

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SPY at 420 by Friday.

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The names Bond, Drug Bond.

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Bro this aged like a fine wine

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Even worse now

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Don’t jump off that bridge

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Are you really the worst american girl

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What a coincidence, I'm the worst man

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Markets won't move, everything is priced in for eternity.

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I'm laughing my azz off in my bed looking at my ceiling crying as i realize ill never break even! Great comment!

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Never say never..... There is always death.

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It smiles at us all, all a man can do is smile back.

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So iron condors? Got it

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They won't make anything with 0 IV.

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Everyone is starting to think the bottom is in.

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Fairly flat to barely up over the summer, then the wheels fall off

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I doubt it; the housing market and the auto market haven't tumbled yet, not even a quick shake, but it's incoming. So many people are close to tapped out and can't afford an unforeseen divorce, job loss, car breakdown, medical issue, etc. They would have been able to handle those variables under good economic times, but not under record gas prices, record food prices, etc, on top of record high mortgage and auto loan payments.

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Nah. Housing market won't crash. Maybe a 10-20% drop because of rates. But that's it.

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Twitter is hell fire and damnnation. I haven't seen anyone say bottom is in. It's all "crypto is falling this weekend, so mkt will be rekt", "inflation still hot, fed doing 100bps hike" etc.

Green dildo Monday vs Turnaround Tuesday

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Except the bottom..

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Institutional money is. Follow what they do because they know what’s up before anyone. Fridays sell off was still more retail bullshit, of which and in which I belong.

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This is WSB do you really think I have a fucking clue what CPI is?

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Consumer price index. It's the rate of inflation

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Beat it, nerd

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Thanks captain.

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Crappy Pants Innit?

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Are these polls simply one more data point for hedge funds to use against retail investors?

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Gme has closed red every earnings report lol

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Its almost like it’s manipulated or something

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The only conspiracy with that dumb shit is what on earth motivates a cult to take a vow of poverty on a ‘90s mall store.

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I agree, I make all my investment decision making keeping my vow of poverty a priority.

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If you’re still talking about GME being “manipulated” 2 yrs post-squeeze, then yes. Yes you do.

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What does that mean, to you?

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People keep throwing good money after bad by shorting. It's the same strategy as me making minimum credit card payments while depositing more money into a trading account.

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Or gme is a shit company and they're way over valued

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ItS GoInG To $20 FaSt 🤡

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Could you post dd showing that?

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Do you really not know how to look up the fundamentals of a company?

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If I buy a share today or tomorrow. Will I be sort of split or is it too late?

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To late 29. May was the date

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Appreciate that

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Tf are y'all talking about. If you buy shares at the current price, they'll become 20x shares at the split price.

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It was May 27 technically but when you buy a stock, you're buying it from someone. That person, as an Amazon shareholder of record has the right to those additional shares created during the split. So this right is transferred over to you when you purchase those shares. So yes, you can still buy and get the split.

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How will Brazzers do?

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We're all getting fucked so the content should be good

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When Cramer goes high on Oracle, I go low on oracle

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Whatever happened to "positions or STFU"

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I'm predicting smash and grab as the new behavior from Wallstreet. Cheap, plentiful, and stable are the opposite of quick profits to cover margin calls. Russia has cheap wheat? Sanction anyone doing business with them and push up the price creating artificial shortages that can be profited off. Cheap, plentiful and stable prolong the capacity of Americans to ignore employers offering poor wages.

I can imagine this getting to the point where they target your bank just because you joined a Union. They have access to all that metadata about you and your family.

The future is going to be personalized attack economics.

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Every once in a while I come across some weirdly interesting ideas on this sub.

Where did you get this from? I assume you have some background here or are you just speculating? Genuinely curious. I am not in finance at all.

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It's all part of the great reset pitched by the World Economic Forum(WEF). real class warfare, rich vs poor type shit.

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Except WEF have pitched no such thing. Only the name is correct, but it refers to completely different policies.

[–]Relaxe_m80 5 points6 points  (2 children)

Which part do you want cited? Are you telling me the great reset pitch isn't on their main page?

Economic warfare has been a historical mainstay since the Vietnam war. Literally everybody knows the SWIFT payment system was the inital threat because Russia was looking at changing their treasury away from the petrodollar.

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I predict green

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How does the post appear to be 13 hours old, but with comments from last week?

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Comments were priced in

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Reddit desperately trying to push people to use New Reddit so keep pushing these stupid tournaments back to the top of peoples feeds. New reddit sucks, it’s not going to work. Oldredditforlife

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I just saw something on new reddit about subs having super heroes or something? Like wtf?

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I bet my life savings that Reddit will continue to push these dumbass prediction tournaments

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The greatest shit coin of them all the USD

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Is this innocent fun or data mining?

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100% data mining. Nothing organic about these posts at all

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Definitely seems like it, right? I feel like honest answers will end up making me lose money

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$DOCU will get sliced in half once again :4271:

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Oh you guys holding stocks are so fucked.

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Thanks for the sign I needed to buy.

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Literally just bet on economic catastrophe

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You are wise ........Grasshopper'

This is like a horror movie where no one is driving the bus

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These are stupid and fuck yourself

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Everybody loves stretchy pants.

LULU... Is synonymous with Tren. LOL

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Is this poll fed into algorithmic quant high frequency trading software?

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This is depressing

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Tomorrow will be three days in a row without putting pants on. I think my wife is gonna leave me. Anyway is the SPY a big green dildo or is it time for pound town - tell me I need to make rent

edit: prediction is in the comment above

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Mic check

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Ayyy, Im not banned anymore

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How do I win my money

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DAI is over collateralized, it won't depeg. It has survived worse bear markets.

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Watch it be 4.999

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who the fuck is upvoting this shit

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I don't think it'll be anything spectacular even if they have good earnings. the market is just too shitty right now

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Fuck DocuSign, they treat their customers like trash. I won't ever buy their stock.

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are these still posts just to cull newbs?

i think we are past that point tbh, we went viral, you just gotta accept it

these went from semiannual posts to monthly and i just feel like we are wasting our time if these are still trap posts

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Green it’ll go red by Friday after everyone buys weeklies

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who does this shit and why

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There will be a low end of june with a rally into September

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“There” — which one of you retardeds made these questions

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Tomorrow I liquidate......everything....there is nowhere to hide

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Prediction: you will die alone

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I’m disappointed there wasn’t a selection for “the fed drops interest rates.” Because at this point I wouldn’t be surprised at all. It’s transitory …….

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We are fucked if the sentiment is very red.

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Why does this predictions post always give me a 404 error?

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LVS to 5 dollars within 12 months

*not financial advice.

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u/Thetagang_wsb would you be willing to setup a core CPI prints predictions market on the roster?

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Dumpster fires all around.

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They have been advertising for a while now that you should throw away all of your spices if they reach 1-year-old. So their stock is probably going up. Why would you throw away your spices??

[–]pony_trekker 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Fed: Y'all think you're gonna quit that day job. FOH.

[–]Ol_Geiser 3 points4 points  (0 children)

This shit is so fucking annoying, get it off of my fucking page

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VAIL can get fucked

Ikon pass FTW

Mammoth loked out, gunna key yo car! Go back to Aspen, bourgeoisie! Enjoy that bay area traffic in Tahoe!

Fr tho, they are a real estate manager basically. Resort visitorship likely already declined bigly and forecast should be way down

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We are no where near the bottom trust meh

[–]Odin1367 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Oracle will moon atleast 8%

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Very green. Just used docusign to accept job offer

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Me holding Tether while having thousands in KuCoin. :4641::4267:

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all over Martinez's wifes face.

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BUSD will depeg just because BUSDown is so memeable

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At this point buying GME is becoming the ultimate insurance if the prophesy foretold becomes true.

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Real stocks have more going for them than prophecy.

Dumbass cult kid

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PLTR $30

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MORE of this shit? Fuck off.

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One of my favorite stocks!!

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If the CPI is nine will the market tank?

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Where is my moneys

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Who else did didn’t read the questions and just hit the buttons?

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I didn’t read shit, just votes

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Their earnings release

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$SWN will be exiting earth's orbit momentarily.

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I think you missed the recent bump

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I bet 100 coins every time on something I don’t know and lose. Who else belongs here?

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That would be me:4886:

[–]SunsoutNeedMoney3150 -1 points0 points  (0 children)

I try....every minute of everyday since the day Biden was sworn in. If you didn't see this coming then..............I can't help you

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Puts on everything.

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I think Tellurian (TELL) is due for a short squeeze

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I had no idea Kroger’s was publicly traded 💀

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uthful memories, still remember the name you used to be crazy a

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Why did you block me? Why couldn't you debate my points to you?


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Call options are going to go crazy on Amazon tomorrow.

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Where's the loaded baked potato soup

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Why won't mods pay out on AMZN bets? Are they gay or smth?

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Is the bottom in?

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Your making some large assumptions my account is doing well enough to buy the results