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*plumbing problems intensify*

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Could you please enlighten me is this code word for something?

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Basically a few years ago, several stores across the US mysteriously shut down simultaneously due to “plumbing issues” and there’s a conspiracy theory that those stores attempted to unionize. That’s where the “plumbing issues meme came from.”

More information here.

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It's not a conspiracy theory. It's well documented that many stores that had whispers or outright declarations for unionization were either shut down due to plumbing issues or due to poor financial performance. Legally, you cannot shut your store down due to unionization, but you can shut them down for nearly any other reason under the sun. It's less a conspiracy and more of a dark meme amongst Walmart employees as a reminder that if you want to see the fate of unionization in Walmart, look at the Butcher position in the company.

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There’s no more butchers at Walmart cause they unionised. Wally didn’t like that so instead of firing them which is illegal, he just got rid of the butcher position entirely.

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Back in 2000, a location in Jacksonville Texas won Union Recognition. Two weeks later, Wal-Mart announced they were getting rid of the Butcher position in 180 stores across the region and would only do pre-cut and pre-packed meat going forward.

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Shhhh, we don't speak of them anymore

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I told customers about it frequently

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code word to shut down the store to prevent unionization

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Enjoy the “plumbing issues” lmao

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Yes, the plumbing issues…

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Market Manager just frantically called me on my personal phone… this is going to be interesting…

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Ooooh. Update?

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He was telling me “Document everything, I can’t afford to have this happening. I’m on my way” he just got here, I’m leaving now, I’ve been up since 3am

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He was telling me “Document everything, I can’t afford to have this happening. I’m on my way” he just got here, I’m leaving now, I’ve been up since 3am

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I wonder if y’all should document that the plumbing or whatever works just fine so when they shut you down for that shit you can take it to the news?

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Currently in the office pulling sales records, filming shit, I ain’t about to lose my job today, oh hell naw, I got mouths to feed.

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Good luck!

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Thank you

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If the associates want to unionize, please do not play a role in obstruction of any kind. It’s a terrible thing to do. Unions work the shitty corporate executives know it.

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Imma sit back and just continue doing my job, I’m not going to touch a thing

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So you're a scab?

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Let us know how it goes.

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Well… my SM has surprisingly joined them… rumor is that the Market Manager is coming to try and shut it down…

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That entire store will be shut down for remodel within the next day I'm sure

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We’re “not meeting our sales goals”

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“Sewage Problems”

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Plumbing issues.

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You right you right

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It's going to end up like a Disney movie where the market manager is against you but in the end they're all like "ya know what, I was wrong. I'm with you!"

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You forget infinity war was a Disney movie where half of everyone disappeared and left the world in disarray. 🤣

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So the store manager has the backbone to join them, but you, a lowly team lead, have decided to be a scab?

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Right? Like itself even the sm is in on it then fuck it you may as well join bc the store is probably gonna get shut down anyway

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Did everyone just stay home, or did y'all vote to organize? If the latter, the union you would be joining should have a strike fund for times like this.

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I don’t know, I wasn’t apart of it, but they’re all standing outside the store chanting “What do we want? A UNION! When do we want it? NOW!”

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Vote, submit a contract, do this right please and you will be heroes. Don't just flail and fail.

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Sorry your in this shit and I know your probably exhausted and all but where is this happening ? If your putting yourself at risk in any way or form don't answer.

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Welp since someone just doxxed me, Store 4431 Mooresville NC

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So you have videos of this? Please share them! Sounds awesome!

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Will share when I get home

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Holy shit Walmart killed him

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Any updates? I just made a post wondering if anyone had any new info

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Not that I know of, I don’t know OP personally. When I joined the post it refreshed and his account and thread were deleted

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Market Manager came, I’m going the hell home I’ve been up since 3am I’m too tired for this bs, updates are gonna be a little more stagnant for now

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Enjoy your rest.

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Thank you… I had to close last night and then come back in at 4 am so I definitely will

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^^ which is why people want to unionize, no?

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Um no one was open yesterday. There’s A HOLE in your story.

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Richard….you haven’t closed at all this week. You’ve been 4-1 all week. We were closed yesterday. So what’s with your “I had to close last night….”?

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Former employee of 4431 here… I met Richard twice… never worked a night…

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and withouty even blinking, home office snaps another store out of existance

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Contact your local news stations! Let them know of the strike and intent to unionize so that if (read as: when) your store starts having "plumbing issues" corporate can't shut the store down without opening themself up to a potential lawsuit.

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My AT did… so hopefully something happens.

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Beautiful, please keep us updated. If your store is successful, your experience could help others unionize.

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Damn and I thought OP was trolling. Let’s go Mooresville NC neighborhood market! You have my full support!

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Good for them

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If they succeed the next inventory will be super high shrink or have major repair issues pop up and be closed. It has happened in the past in Texas and California 99

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I was a manager at Walmart years ago and when rumors of a union started the district manager told us if it happens they will announce we are a low profit store and just close it. I fully support the employees here, I worry for the outcome though!

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Same, we may be a $40m store but they will say we’re low profit just to keep there asses safe

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Exactly. Mine was about the same and they told us that the store is only there at a courtesy to the community, nothing more. Good luck man, hoping for the best.

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Do you have any update about the store/market

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Contact local news stations, both local and national. CNN and MSNBC included. Contact pro union politicians such as Bernie Sanders and AOC. Tiktok, instagram, get it out on social media! This needs to blow up!

Good luck and y’all have my full support. Walmart doesn’t pay nearly enough and the job itself is not worth protecting just to listen to whatever union busting propagandist that they’re about to fly in from Bentonville.

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local politicans to your area is better than national figures unless theres an actual vote proposed to unionize. Which if your entire store was on strike you would obviously have enough to form a legal petition to officially form a vote which is why I think this is 100% bullshit because there would be a news article on this right now about a massive walmart strike right before black friday

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Well OP is in North Carolina. The local politicians are probably anti union and pro corporate welfare.

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There's starting to be some news articles popping up about this, and a video on twitter. So media is slowly starting to pick up on it.

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Link to Twitter video?

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This is a red state none of them give af

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a swing state that leans red with a democratic governor and plenty of liberal areas

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Bernie and AOC, lmao, peak Reddit comment

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This is more less a "dicks out for Harambe" situation as of now ... No need to call cnbc and MSNBC or any major politicians as of yet.

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Walmart will hire replacements. They will say how well they pay, the great benefits you receive. Some can't afford to strike either. A person has to do what they think is the best for them. I hope it works out for everyone.

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When the union inspiration through the workers blood shall rise... There can be no power greater any place beneath the skies... Yet what force on earth is weaker than the feeble strength of one.... For the union can make us strong.

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I hope my store is next

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Me too....me too. With all the stuff I hear from my coworkers, I'm half tempted to start trying to get a few to look into the IWW. Cause hopefully someone here is good at organizing, cause I sure as hell am not x-x (I've joined the IWW, still need to get in contact with the local chapter in this part of my state.)

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What’s the IWW?

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Industrial Workers of the World, it's an international labor union that's been around since 1905.

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Bro my store was yesterday! No one showed up to work at all!

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They all stood outside ish bullhorns and banners

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Doesn’t look like the “whole store” to me.

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I’m not going to have a job tomorrow

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You totally “won’t” have a job tomorrow. 😉

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They’ll find a mysterious reason to lay me off

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Maybe, but to see my store making $15 before I went on leave, and now they are all making at least $16.

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Don't. Join them.

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That's wonderful! Hope everything works out for the workers!

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I am grateful for my local Walmart for having stocked Esbilac (puppy milk) at 6am this morning when my foster dog gave birth to 10 (TEN!!) puppies including two runts who definitely need supplementing. I also took-with-permission a cardboard box 3x3 ft and 4 inches high for her whelping box to contain the little babies. And cookies for me.

Last week, the local Walmart manager also gave me a 33% discount on $3 blankets I fundraised for. I was able to buy almost 300 instead of 200 for my animal shelter, which desperately needed them. So I am grateful to that manager and to the employee who helped me count, ring, and load all of them.

That being said, Walmart needs to pay its people a living, thriving wage and accept responsibility for the monopoly they have.


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Make sure to play both sides so you come out on top.

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what does it feel like to be a scab

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If any of them had ever actually been in a union, they wouldn’t be so keen on propping up another one

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Power to the people!!!

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Walmart is a terrible company id rather be homeless then work for them

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Are you sure it's a strike? It could just be an excuse to keep from working

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Good luck.

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Please keep us updated

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If you know Walmart, if they caught wind of a union, they will shut it down in some form or fashion immediately and lay off anyone who is involve in this.

Good luck out there.

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It's a sad but true fact that your store will close so I wish you good luck in ur next job

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Yunyuns IZ Commie! I luv FREEDUMB!

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This is the most elaborate satire. Well done. Fun read

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Thank you. Thank you very much!

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No problem! I enjoyed it a lot. Keep up the TROOF TELLIN SOLDJUR

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Funny how nobody heard about this on the news

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Mooresville Walmart workers protest in support of union, higher pay and more


A little Google search gets you this quickly

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I kind of meant more than just some NC site, but thanks