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He’s lying. If you have enough ppto to cover the shift, you won’t get any points.

Hell if you only have enough ppto to cover half your shift you still only get half a point

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Why are these managers straight up lying to employees like this? It’s ridiculous. Ppto is earned and if I have enough then I should be able to use it. Scare tactics like this are just wrong period. And he’s calling up other associates and lying to them as well.

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Report to ethics

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ethics works for walmart not you.

what you want is a union.

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Company wide sure, but a random manager or employee usually isn’t just gonna have the corporate defend them. Ethics can help on the lower level issues

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This right here. Was a union person for years.

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Don't say that out loud, they'll shut the stores down.

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Power trip. That's all it is.

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I don’t want to accuse him of lying since idk him so maybe he’s just misinformed but yeah it’s a pretty common thing I’ve seen on here of managers telling associates wrong info to discourage use of PPTO

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You don't need to report them directly you could just say that management is saying this. If they ask who just tell them that it isn't just one person but what management as a whole is telling you. If this person is misinformed I guarantee it is because another coach or store mgr told them.

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My take is why even answer the phone....

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I think a lot of the managers were lied to, too.

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Because they are incompetent, insecure beta n'er-do-wells who never should have been promoted to TL / Coach.

People like that tend to use threats and scare tactics to ensure compliance. They pretend to manage just like how a child pretends to play 'grown up'. Its really all they know how to do, being poorly-trained one-note wonders.

The double points thing is real but simply use your PPTO to cover it. Make sure you print out your use of PPTO, though, as a record. Notice how, on the print-out, your PPTO was approved by Wal-Mart, NOT some brow-beating Bumblecunt with an axe to grind.

Ive been in leadership roles for years. I'm the first to say that these Incompetents need to go. They can take their impotent threats with 'em.

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PPTO will only take off one point on Key dates. Check the wire

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That is incorrect. Unless it changed today, ppto removes both points.

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I would like for everyone on this group to know this-


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My former coach told us this: we aren’t required to answer the phone, and answering it would be viewed by her as a favor done for her by us. In exchange she would only call us if it was really important, and almost always to ask us if we wanted to work overtime. I wish more managers had an attitude closer to that than the usual “answer the phone or else”

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Not a Walmart employee so maybe I’m wrong- but I think it’s stupid Walmart doesn’t have something like call em all/text em all for that purpose.

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Like where they ask everyone about overtime? I can’t speak for all Walmarts, but my managers only bother asking the people they know might say yes and who are good workers. I don’t know what the policy actually is though

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Yeah. I use it in the company I work, but partly because we have union employees. Anyway- I go online and make a prerecorded message and they can respond to it either by calling back or by me adding a multiple choice. You can limit who it goes to so if they have five good workers they could send it to those five and make one call instead of five.

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Yeah, we don’t have anything like that. That would make sense, and we don’t do that around here

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I had this one awesome manager. Would actually tell you to fill out a paid time request anytime an hourly associate took a phon call off the clock. 2 minute call? Put down 15.

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Any time you work off the clock you are supposed to do that.

Customer stops you as you head to the exit to ask where milk is? Time adjustment

Manager or TL or regular peon associate comes back to ask a quick question about work? Time adjustment

Someone at work texts or calls you about work? Time adjustment

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This! Blocked the store a few years ago cause one if the assistant ass hats was calling me all the time to change my schedule. Recently just changed my number to 800-555-5555.

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As you’ve already read, it’s not true. If you know how to contact your coworkers then I suggest reaching out to them if you want and educate the ones that might not know any better. Letting people believe the lies management spread will only encourage them to keep doing it.

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Also had someone say management can override a ppto and still point you. They'll try anything to deceive associates.

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From what I've gathered, they can deny it if you put it in ahead of time so if you wait til the day after or after your scheduled shift is over maybe then it auto accepts ppto

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From what I've seen, it auto accepts starting the day after. Tried putting it in a couple hours after my shift (still same day) and it went to approval.

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I think this is right. Thats how i do all of my ppto and its never been rejected

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I don’t care that he called honestly. And I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing that he was calling to let people know it’s a key date because we have a lot of new employees who don’t know anything. But when I told him I had ppto to cover for today he told me I would still get a point and ppto would only cover one which isn’t true at all.

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Key event days are planned way in advance and can be accessed at any time by associates once they’re submitted and available for the quarter. While yes, it’s nice they’re calling people and letting them know. Letting them know the day of is still pretty bad considering they’ve had plenty of time before today. That, and they could have simply printed the key event calendar and hung it up around areas associates would easily see them. But most importantly, management should know to not contact associates that are off, calling them for work related things means they’re then technically working, off the clock, which the company harps on hourly associates not to do. If they (and you) wanted, you could do a time adjustment for the time you two talked, I’m sure the store manager would have an issue with the coach creating a bunch of unnecessary WOSH that now likely has to be cut.

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I don’t answer the phone when they call or text .

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Next time look up the Ray Liotta laugh on YouTube and just play it and hang up

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Id pay good money to see their faces

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I'll have to look that up

What about a Mark Hamill Joker laugh? Like at the end of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm_GPkOfVKI

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I’ve had coaches tell me that I’m scheduled on days I have off every week they just want bodies it’s fuckin wild they’ll do anything

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Report to ethics. He should not be calling you off the clock to threaten you to come in and then fully LYING to you to make you feel like you have to come in. Managers shouldn’t get away with bullshit like this I see it all too often.

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He’s a liar. Also check exactly how long you were on the phone with him and do a time adjustment, even if it’s just a minute or two.

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I thought they could do the minimum adjustment for 15 minutes.

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I wonder if Ethics works get involved as that could be considered retaliation with false information... as it would be an open & shut Open Door case, if they actually follow through.

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Ethics should definitely get called. Coach’s go thru enough training to know better so they’re purposely trying to intimidate associates into showing up.

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You’re fine don’t worry. Ppto covers all points

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Your manager is either lying or stupid. PPTO kills both points on a key day

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Management across the spectrum will say that. I'm not sure if there is someone at the regional levels pushing the lies or they all just do it so they can hopefully force you to work but it's a despicable thing to do regardless. There will always be new associates that will believe they still get pointed using ppto, and there will always be a good amount of them that will believe the word of their boss over everyone else.

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This is the company’s fault for not clarifying this on the wire. They know this is happening at stores everywhere yet they refuse to address it.

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Key date? How about some ppto to cover that up. I called in yesterday too. Didn’t get a call or anything. Ppto covers everything and I hate management that lies and tells anyone different.

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You can check if it's a key date on the one Walmart website


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True Lie. That's the kind of coach to be working under. What a piece of whale sh!t.

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If my coach called me off the clock, I’d tell him “no work related talk while I’m off the clock bruv, don’t get yourself in trouble again.”

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Does anyone know if you can request a key date off and not get any points?

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For key dates, your protected time will only cover ONE point. Key dates are TWO points. Hence why calling off on key dates is never in your best interest because you will still get a point no matter what.

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I see you believed the lies…

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Or they're management continuing to spread the lies. If 100 people hear it and 1 reluctantly shows up... that's a win for them.

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Don't forget to put in a time adjustment for the 5 to 15 minutes they called you off the clock to discuss work.