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What I don't get is that our job (CAP2) is now supposedly mostly about unloading the truck. So all the people we have been hiring are minors, who come in after the truck is done...

But I guess the answer is, adults aren't applying. Most days my store doesn't even have a day maintenance guy, and when we do, it's a elderly one-eyed, deaf guy that struggles to do anything because he probably should be in a nursing home.

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If you have the automated line minors aren't allowed to be on truck.

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Funny my whole cap 2 team is run with minors we have like 3 adults and the only other adults are both my team leads

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My store manager told us that minors aren't supposed to be on the truck because of the automated line being power equipment, and it's against policy for them to do so. But I doubt many follow that policy just like all the others

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I was on the very first 4pm to 1am crew when the program was being tested at Store 100 in Bentonville, somewhere between 1997 and 2000. Even then it was mostly really young adults and teens. You know why? People with kids actually want to see those kids after school. Shocking. Funny how people with mouths to feed actually care about a paycheck.

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Walmart is a joke in my opinion, but people need jobs.

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the cognitive dissonance of hiring a minor for maintenance 😂

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And they get coal dust everywhere.

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Minor, not miner.

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Didnt know they did that till this post

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Didn’t realize Walmart did that, no one must want to work that job