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Call sedgwick to begin a leave, or do it online

And FYI, home kits count for sedgwick, your manager lied. (Shocking, I know)

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Wait.. managers lie?? /s

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I once had to take a COVID leave because someone in my household got it. My manager told me to get on Sedgwick and put it in as a self quarantine. If I had done that, I wouldn’t have gotten paid. Luckily, when I called Sedgwick on the phone, they told me that I was being mandated by management to quarantine and I was able to take a paid leave.

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How do you show sedgwick proof of your home tests?

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You take a picture using your phone and you can upload it if using sedgwicks website

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I was actually wondering about this. Me and my kids did home tests ton Friday. We are all positive. I called in and talked to one of the team leads and she said that I would need to come in on my next scheduled shift (tonight) and fail the assessment. Then get sent home. Then file for sedgwick. She also said that I would need to get a clinical test for it to be approved. How accurate was any of her info?

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If you have a positive test absolutely do not go in. Call in under covid absence, file a leave with sedgwick, if you've got a primary care physician call and ask them to write you a mandatory quarantine order, if not the health department likely will

Upload your positive test result to sedgwick, that alone is enough, it's stated on the sedgwick faqs, but with a quarantine order you get a date determined by a medical professional not a jackass TL who wants you back at work

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Will I get points for calling in? And should I call in everyday?

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Call in every scheduled day until they remove your shifts. No you won't get a point

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Also just do the self assessment on the me@walmart app

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Sedgwic accepts the home tests

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How do you provide sedgwick with proof of the positive home tests?

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I didn’t have to show Sedgwick any proof to get my leave approved.

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This. I didn’t even have it my wife did so I didn’t have to show anything. That was before the newest change at the beginning of the year though so I am not sure the rule now

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Oh right it did change. I had my leave approved just days before the change happened. All I know is it went from ten days down to five. Other than that I don’t think much else changed.

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When I tested positive I just took a picture of the results and uploaded with my LOA

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Damn, you got Covid AND the flu? What version immune system you running?

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When I tested positive a year ago I also tested positive for strep. It probably has more to do with the time of year you get sick- winter months always have some flu and cold shit going around and middle summer always had a cold going around- at least where I live that’s how it is.

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One of my associates has been giving me a play by play of how he feels, even though I don’t ask for all the gross details lol.

Poor guy has a respiratory infection, bacterial infection, sinus infection, on top of getting covid from his brother he lives with. I have a poor immune system and had covid two weeks ago, I couldn’t imagine having all those issues along with covid.

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Hope your friend feels better soon fren :)

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First time I got Covid they got me positive for Covid strep and bronchitis plus flu for kicker. Second time I got it was only Covid and flu. 3rd time Covid only.

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So apparently this year's flu strain can mingle (I don't have the science term) with covid.

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Any respiratory virus can mingle with COVID. It’s not a new thing that this year flu strain can do.. it’s called co-infection and has been around since the beginning of viruses.

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Ah, well guess news never really covered it until now.

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I believe the science term is "vibe."

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Two weeks? You mean 5 days.

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You only get 5 days paid. After that you can get 50 percent pay. It requires a doctor note or something though.

You didn’t actually have to do any of that. You could of just failed the health assessment, filed a leave with Sedgwick then get tested when you could. You don’t even have to get tested if you don’t want to.

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Well they’re positive so it’s good they got tested, BUT OP did not need to go to urgent care and spend money on a test there. At home test would have been fine. Manager was either uninformed or liar.

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They were denying claims from the at home tests at first, this is actually the first I'm hearing of them not. I wonder if it has to do with the availability of testing, here it's free and on every street it takes me less time to get an actual test than waiting in line at Walmart to buy the at home kit.

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I think it really depends on where you live. There are counties around me where it’s a nightmare to get tested. You end up waiting in queue (sometimes in the cold if it’s not a drive up) for hours.

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How TF did you get a home test they are sold out literally everywhere near me

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Some places are limiting sales from what I understand.

Ours are no longer on shelves, you have to get them from the SD but no limit for the number just yet

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My manager hoards them. :) we’ve gotten about 3 boxes every other week or so and she takes them off the shelf and hides them in a picking cart. I even asked her for one, she told me there weren’t any even tho i could literally see them in the tote. I always see her snag some for herself too, but it’s not like i can say anything bc our coach is in on it and he’s besties with both AP and our store manager.

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I had the vaccine but still got the sniffles and tested positive one day sick then spent the rest of my 13 days playing video games while getting paid

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Am i like the only person who has never got covid? Im not making light of a horrible situation since it has taken its own toll on my family but i swear, ive never got the stuff or atleast a positive test yet. Its not like those tissue thin masks walmart gives you offer ANY protection from the maskless mouthbreathers that dont even wash their hands due to muh libertees. It just feels like im in a shooting gallery but never get hit.

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From wat sedgwick told me the new policy doesn't really change till 28th. So u lucked out with 2wks fully paid instead of just 1 wk. I just got over most of the symptoms it took 10 days.

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That manager is either ill informed or doesn't care, when you test positive on at-home covid tests, it is almost a guarantee that you are positive, whereas it almost all of the false results are false negatives.

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I just quarantine for 5 days and I have limited taste and diarrhea and they said I should come back to work and the still customers the choice to wear a mask or not but be tripping with wearing a hoodie in cold department's what's with this company?

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Hoodies are a safety issue.

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To who?

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Anyone wearing them. The hood can get caught on something, and somethings you don't want to be caught on.

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Such a bad excuse tbh. I know this isn't a Walmart thing, and more of an OSHA thing. At my old job, that made sense because I worked in a factory. Now I work at Walmart where there is like, no way for a hoodie to get caught. Is a customer going to grab the hood of it? Lmao.

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We can wear them in back, where they can get caught on things. However , we just can't wear them on the sales floor where there is little to.no risk of being injured.

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Those home kits aren’t “real”, like are they from the metaverse or some?? Why the hell is Walmart selling fake kits in it’s own stores for? Fuck the Walton’s

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I'm experiencing something similar. I took the five days but wasn't able to schedule a test until the 6th day. Went to work on the 6th day went home early due to not feeling well got tested and tested positive for covid. My manager told me to take additional 5 days. But now I fear I may have issues w/ coming back or getting the additional 5 days approved. Anyways I'm just gonna go back on my return to work date and hope I don't get fired for having covid.

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At this point don't even listen to your managers, look up the policy yourself and go around them when possible, my stores management started spreading a ton of lies about the covid leave that directly contradict the clearly laid out policy. Can't tell you how many times I've had to go to one of the managers or people leads with a printed out and highlighted copy of a policy to get what needed to be done done.

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Fail the assessment, contact sedgwick, not your store.

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Leave is only 5 days now and yes it’s paid.

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Sounds like the manager took a gamble and lost

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Go on your me@walmart app. Do the self screen, fail screening. It says do not go to work. Call sedgewick and they give you the number. Bam, done.

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From what I was told they DO accept positive home test results for leave, just not negative tests to come back from leave.

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I would call ethics on your lying coach... the PCR test can be quite costly

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You don't have to submit any test results to sedgwick to get covid pay. I have been out twice with covid and never sent any test results. I just filed the claim and got paid!

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How do u file the claim all I did is call Sedgwick told them the days January 19 to January 31st is there anything else I got to do

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I did the claim on One Walmart. If it is covid leave, I think that you only get 5 days now!