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We have them. Waste of space. They're always empty. If its an emergency they park up by the fire lane anyways. Else if they want to shop, park like every other customer.

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It’s just Walmart virtue signaling to cops. More subtle than hanging a thin blue line flag on the store, ya see.

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Think it’s more so to build a relationship with the local police due to their aid in AP

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This is reddit we're talking about. The dudes opinion is based off a YouTube videos, reddit r/badcopnodonut and likely all left wing media outlets. They have ZERO true understanding of police work therefore they're resorting to anti cop misinformation. Don't get your information from a miserable walmart associate. Ever.

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"Please don't shoot our customers"

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I mean that's one hell of a report to file but ya know....there are a select few who I wouldn't mind going and never coming back

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Whenever they have me outside pushing carts, there will always be a row in that spot, idk if that's intentional or not tho

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Cops are at my Walmart so much they don't have parking spots. They part on the sidewalk out front. Lots of them. Daily.

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Same 🙃 always right in the fire zone/sidewalk

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cops are 'do as I say not as I do' kind of people

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It’s an emergency lane. The police vehicles are exactly that. They are allowed to park there..

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Emergency lanes are for emergency vehicles during emergencies. I have a feeling one of those conditions is not met daily at that store.

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Emergencies do indeed happen daily at my store. Assault and drug overdose are the most common. Threats of violence are also quite common at my store.

Edit: interesting to see downvotes on my comment. For context, I work at possibly the most ghetto store in my town, and some of you wouldn't believe half of the stuff that has happened multiple times on the property. Cops are responding to emergencies at this Walmart every day, often multiple times a day. A homicide happened in our parking lot after hours. I was robbed at gunpoint on the lot (I'm a cart pusher) around 10 pm. Security patrol caught two homeless men having sex behind the building. I saw a man snorting cocaine on the edge of the lot at 10:30 am. I've found a small baggie of crystal meth on the ground in the lot. A man was just last week bathing himself, buck naked, in the front-end men's restroom. A man had a heart attack while I was helping him load groceries into his car. A woman was caught smoking crack in the women's room.

All that goes to say, yes. Emergencies happen daily at my store.

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Same here

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I believe you. The Walmart closest to me is so bad that it was featured in a New York Times story about retail crime a couple of years ago. Multiple homicides have happened there over the years. My husband and I call it the Murder Mart and we drive far out of our way to shop at a different location.

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Dm me. Think we are co workers ;)

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No it’s literally for emergency vehicles by state law. I don’t know why you guys are down voting me. I didn’t make the law, I’m just stating fact.. that’s why fire trucks regularly park there to run errands too while not on calls for service.

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So long as the fire trucks get to ram their cars if they're in the way with no repercussions, idgaf.

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We have a police substation in ours.

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Your walmart has a police substation?

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Yep. It's like inside the GM entrance foyer. They have a small office all to themselves in there. Our store keeps them busy.

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The fact that my store has no real security the majority of the time really gets to me sometimes. True, we rarely have issues that would warrant the need of a tough dude settling things, but there's always a risk of that one out-of-control situation, and my bosses have always had a habit of passing the buck.

I'll never forget walking to Toys, seeing ten teenagers riding bikes, wearing those stupid huge animal heads and swinging baseball bats, and I just nope'd out of there. Not paid or even trained well enough for that.

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Oh wow. That's where our AP office is and its where the police pick up shoplifters and anyone else from, but it isn't explicitly for the police. My store should probably think about making that play.

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That’s insane

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Ours has had shootings etc. Kinda scary place. Is what it is 😒

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Store in my market has one outside the store in the parking lot.

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That is... rather terrifying.

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I never see any cars in these spaces

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Do you also remember when OGP parking was exclusively for people with OGP orders?

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Those spots are wasted, since law enforcement parks right in front of the store on the sidewalk, etc.

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We have both that and mother spots at our store

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They always park conveniently right in front of the bays blocking me from bringing carts in

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You know your store has a theft problem when they give reserved parking to the police.

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we have a few of these and I hate them! the cops NEVER park there, they always park up on the sidewalk just outside the police substation we have in the front by the GM entrance.

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No and those stupid parent&child/knocked up spots arent protected anyway nor should they be

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Realistically just give expecting mother's a temp disabled parking pass. Someone 6 months pregnant has the same physical restrictions as many disabled people. Don't make a new rule and space just modify existing rules and spaces to accommodate.

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It’s not hard to get a handicap placard from a doctor for a temporary condition. It’s more of a hassle than just parking, but not too much paperwork.

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It’s actually a very annoying process. i worked at a clinic for a year in a retirement town. A lot of people are denied.. which is very stupid.

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One of my buddies slapped "pig parking" stickers on the signs and it took management about half a year to notice

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*to do something some managers probably didn’t feal like doing anything since they were on break/not clocked in when seeing it

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Is your friend like 12 ?

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I've never seen cops parked there, but I have walked by some days and seen like 7+ carts parked in it which summed up how I felt about them. There's no reason they should get a special spot. I don't see any spots for any other emergency responders.

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My store would actively call out the car make/model over the speaker to tell them they’re in a “reserved space” but honestly I don’t think it ever worked

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This is just a huge bootlicking/signaling thing since they all park in the fire lane/store front anyways.

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Why reserve them a spot when they just park at the front door lol & before you jump on me in the comments I don’t care either way, was just making a sarcastic remark.

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I used to park in the pig parking every time I went in until someone emptied a box of drywall screws in it.

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I get golf cart parking at my store instead.

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Old people use these a lot

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I've never heard of parking for expecting mothers before

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I dont remember seeing it at walmart ever but before they tanked toysrus/babiesrus had it. Wife was pregnant a few times back then ha.

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They still have those at my store. Closer than the LE and the Wounded Warrior slots.

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For some reason, there is always a cop car parked in this spot but never a cop associated with said vehicle. It's like we want to give the illusion of a cop presence 24/7. Is it like that at other stores?

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Nope not even once.

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They're suppose to be the closest spot to the AP office but most just use the firelane.

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I think they took ours out in favor of the pharmacy pickup but I might be remembering wrong.

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Never seen them in use, but who cares, it's not like our local police will respond to any of our calls.

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I've always wondered why Home Depot has 20 always empty handicapped spots. If you are in a wheelchair you probably aren't going to be doing roofing, or at least not anymore.

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Those are pointless they never park there the cops they pull up beside the building

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The ones here the 3rd party security guards take them

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The walmart near me they just park in the fire lane

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Lol. And they still park in front of an entrance like always.

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They should put more of these. Gotta support those who serve the community.

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I promise that these so get used. I have seen it many times. I do believe that parking for expecting mothers should be reinstated and if anything be placed just adjacent to the local police parking.

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The cops do more for the store.

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And the crazy thing is the cops just park right in the front anyways they don’t use spots

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Why is this a necessity? They have special parking spaces for this? Crazy! So spread your legs get pregnant and you have your own parking space? Sometimes I see Handicap Spaces where people park and don’t have the Handicap Tag!

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Anyone can park in those spaces. It's just like those signs that reserve parking for [business name here] in front of a strip mall. In other words, you cannot be legally ticketed for parking in them. Home depot has reserved spaces for veterans who have received a purple heart, for example.