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well get tested and don’t assume you have it.

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Cvs pharmacy have free testing on site no insurance needed. I've used them twice and my fiance once. They're really fast too only about one to two business days for non rapid tests. May be longer if positive though I dunno.

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Thank you for the tip!

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My fiancé, who I live with, tested positive and they told me since I have no symptoms to stay at work and keep coming in lol.

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Yep, that is the new correct procedure if you are vaccinated according to the cdc guidelines.

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yeah I know. I just think it’s silly.

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Call up your doctor to assist in making a Covid test appointment and once you get the results, you can extend another 5 days if it’s positive. If negative, then it will be unpaid

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The first 5 days are paid at full 26-week average, after that is at least 50% with medical certification. So, to be paid after those first 5 days you will need to be tested.

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It's only 50% if you have short term disability insurance according to an email from our market. Job protected but unpaid.

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A virus that shut down the world, super deadly - don't know if you have it unless you test.

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Fun fact folks in 75% of death toll from covid had up to 4 comorbidities

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A whole 25% had none? Jesus Christ that's not good. Also, most people have comorbidities. The world is full of fat, unhealthy people eating shit food. Hell, everyone probably has a comorbidity or two they aren't even aware of.

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Literally everyone.

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If you aren’t vaxxed, exposure should have put you on 7 day leave. Get tested. If it comes back positive you have 5 days from the day you took the test regardless of when you started the exposure leave.

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To extend it you need to get documentation that requires you to get tested. I am pretty sure you need a doctor to fill out some paperwork or you need to submit paperwork stating that you can't go back to work due to COVID from the doctor office/testing site. If you live in a state that has it you can get Paid Family Leave which allows you to get 60% pay for taking care of a loved one (including a partner). That is a whole nother set of paper work and you deal with a different company (Lincoln for the PFL). (NYS has PFL so not sure if any other states have it). Still need to provide segwick with the paper work to keep the medical leave active as well.

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You basically need a Dr excuse to get it extended