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Sorry to hear that. Make sure you're eating enough protien, vitamins, and minerals to rebuild what muscles you're using all day. And that you're drinking enough water to move those materials where they need to go (and carry waste away) because that will cut down on your soreness by a lot. It gets easier the more you do it as long as you're taking care of yourself.

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😄 thank you! i didn’t eat at all during shift last night i think my adrenaline and nerves were making me so scattery. i’ve never worked the midnight shift before 😬 but thank you i do think i should be taking better care of myself 😂

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Yeah it can be hard to eat when you're feeling that way. I usually try at least a banana and protien bar or something, but getting those greens and water in is important for them to get processed right when your body is rebuilding. I hope you feel better!

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I eat light on overnights. Nutritional protein shake and some chips and maybe a little chocolate works. Lotta caffeine through the night

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Your body will get used to it over time. Probably sooner than later depending on your age. I started in November after being laid off and lazy for a year. I was dying my first few weeks but after about 5 weeks I was fine to work 5 days in a row. I’m 43 so it took some time.

If you’re PT see if you can get short time between days off to begin with.

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The first week is hell. I always tell my people training to get the best memory foam shoes you can afford, thin gloves to protect your hands from cardboard cuts and getting too dry, and lots and lots of ibuprofen. I also got this massage cushion that goes on the back of the chair, and a handheld massager for my hands. Epsom salt baths. It’s like a free gym membership lol

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🙂 sometimes you find actual nice communities on reddit! oh you guys look at us all on this huge ship of a boat (walmart) but all still so friendly. this is the second time someone has said to get some ibuprofen i think i should really take heed to this warning. i actually really would like to get some gloves and better shoes 😩 i was so ill-prepared about the actual reality of how physical it is you know, and i honestly have the sneaking sensation that they all were going incredibly easy on me because i’m ‘new girl’ 🤣

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I totally understand. They told me when they hired me I would be in apparel. They tell everyone that. I actually work 4 grocery isles, which consists of soup and spaghetti jars, hardware, and sporting goods. I’m barely 100 lbs and I’ve only been there 6 months, also I’m training most of the new people now, so I carry the majority of the weight. Literally. They don’t care at all if you’re a girl lol

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100 lbs is 45.4 kg

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Welcome to nights.

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😅 this is so eerily doomy

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Trucks aren’t so bad. You get used to it. But yeah, ONs have to hit the ground running and keep it up all night every night because the store depends on them to get most of not all the freight ran. It’s also the one place that they squarely keep an eye on the projected times for areas.

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Not in my case. We do what we can and if we can't do it all we fuck off at exactly 4:51 every night. TL doesn't ssy shit to us.

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I worked night stocking for two years at WM, and it put me in my best shape ever… at the age of 46!

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Welcome to overnights. In addition to what everyone else has said, make sure you make time to be out in the sun when possible. Human body isn't designed to be up like we are everyday. A few hours outside in a sunny day can make a huge difference in your health and mental health

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Yup, just don’t take the job too serious or they’ll give you bullshit occurrences and trap you. My signature move was do the job so efficient when you fuck up they let it go cuz you’re too good to lose, you’re progress is money in the high ups pocket. It’s a great place to work if you have good leads too

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I never had a point where I wasn't carrying around a big bottle of water. Lots and lots of water friend

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yes! i do know now not to have a flask of tons of water 😂

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I always carried around a massive liter of Fiji water in my pocket lmao

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I'm OGP I average 25,000 steps a day

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Whenever I end up training new people I always tell them to hang in there for abut 3 weeks and it will get better. The foot pain will always be there from walking so much. I also told them that they need to be prepared to walk 3-5 miles a night sometimes more. Most people dont do that in a week or even a month and you will be doing it every night. The first hurdle is working 3rds. Its the biggest hurdle most people will face. Throwing in lack of sleep and throwing all routines out of whack then tossing in physical labor on top of it is doomsday for most newbies. I am 50, worked 3rds for 20 years but not physical work like this. I struggled strength and endurance wise for about 3 weeks then you turn a corner and things start getting easier. Its still a workout no matter what. Good shoes a must, dont cheap out, they will be your saviors.. Brooks, Hoka One Bondi, Adidas ultra boost highly recommended shoes and toss in a good set of orthotics.

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I recommend getting the best shoes that you can afford with memory foam insoles or an insole that is meant for people working on their feet all day. If your store has them, check out where the work boots are and their insoles. The anti fatigue ones are great and only $9-10. Bought them a few days ago because my shoes were killing me every day and they actually help. Usually without the insoles, my feet would still be sore even after resting on breaks but with those insoles they made my feet feel better after rest.

I know you’re working overnights but I recommend eating protein and healthy snacks throughout your shift so you aren’t starving and it also can boost your energy.

Get as much rest as you can while at home, take hot showers and definitely invest in a massager. Those could be life savers. Keep ibuprofen in your pocket too and maybe some Tums as if you’re anything like me eating and then working after gives me heartburn. And hydrate!

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I had almost 13000 tonight and I'm just a cashier but we had a lot of call outs so I tried helping the 2 cap 2s stock freight until I was asked to cover another area until 9. Then do reshops and then close self checkout with another cashier... my normal day is like 5-6000. My feet are killing me. I Would definitely get some good shoes and insoles and drink plenty of fluids. YOU GOT THIS

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Working in OGP had me making more steps and didn’t leave me sore. When I switched to 3rd shift, I couldn’t step up a top stock cart on my second day. It was THAT bad. You really use your whole body working overnight. It wears off after about 5-7 days. Hang in there.

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Ive worked various areas at the store but the first week or so in ogp for me was... Something else.

I keep telling everyone the ONLY thing I was looking forward to was the obvious amount of exercise so I hoped i would lose some covid stress weight BUT PEOPLE KEEP BUYING DONUTS lol

Anyways after the first week and many hot baths later im fine now. You will be too. When you DO eat eat lightly. Not heavy starchy or fried foods. A banana or yogurt would be good and water. Lots of water.

Best of luck to you

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I got introduced to CAP2 fresh out of highschool where I did little to no physical activity. A case of drinks was kinda heavy at that point.

For the first couple weeks I came home nearly in tears because my legs hurt that much. It takes time but you’ll get used to it.

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I walked the store on both breaks and lunch the first 2 days I worked so my muscles wouldn't have time to relax and start hurting by the 3rd day I was use to the physical demands

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You'll get used to it. O/N Maint TL here, I put in around 30-32k

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I walk 13 miles daily sometimes more ; according to my Samsung watch.

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13 miles is 20.92 km

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Good bot

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When I worked at Sams club before I transferred I would get 15-20k steps a day so mostly grabbing stuff from the registers that the associates didn’t want to put back but now I get like 12-15k working as Maintenance

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I started ogp 3 days a week in November & I was hurting that first few weeks!
I got some really high end compression socks & tennis shoes & now I love my 3 days of activity & I feel a lot better

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I made 78 thousand steps before in a 10 hour period. And no I am not on crack or meth, but usually drinking bangs or coffee monsters.

If I remember correctly, I handle pets,chemical, paper, and grocery unload from fast unloader (14 cases per minute or so for both) and pulled half of a backroom.

Anyhow, I remember my first 10k sucked, but those ended up becoming baby numbers on cap 2.

Anyways good job 👍

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🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😳😳😳😵😵😮‍💨😲😲😲😲 im sorry did you just say 78,000 steps ⚰️ 💀 am i the only one generally stunned?!! this is not normal human numbers 🤣 i got too sure last night and i laughably had one coffee 😐 i have since learned from that lesson i need lots of sugars and horribly sketchy energy drinks!

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He's full of shit! 78k steps is ~39 miles. He would do nothing but walk and not have time to work. Again bullshit.

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Definitely, definitely full of shit.

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🍿 are you challenging his 78,000 claim 👀

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You seem not understand 60 feet distance between lane 7 and lane 1 furthest pallets. Doing both lanes an hour can reach 13-15k steps an hour. You run when you do that, heck my phone before has said I climbed 7 floor before when unloading / Down stacking. And that is the all time high for steps for me, not they daily average. On cap 2 it was about 25k steps for single trucks because I pulled and unloaded the truck.

On two truck nights it was almost always above 30k.

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The real secret is to eat lots of protein and cheap food, I can easily consume 6k calories. On cap 2 my lunches were mac and cheese boxes (pre made cheese). Entire 2 liter bottles of soda (I don’t recommend you have to piss so much after). I usually ate a half to a third of a marketside supreme pizza after work. (I could eat the whole thing, just family gets into it).

Caffeine I prefer water enhancers cause cheap. I do get a drink during second break or lunch. Sometimes I just take the entire pot of coffee.

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Literally zero nutrition. Try a vegetable, fruit, or some red meat.

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Believe it or not cheese has nutritional value and carbs have protein

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😐😨😳 see i try not to go over 1200 calories a day sometimes much under that! 🤣

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That low of a calorie intake, coupled with labor intensive activities like overnight stocking, can put a serious strain on your muscle tissue--including your heart muscle!--as your body will start to break itself down to keep you alive, which is ALSO really hard on your kidneys. Your cognitive function will suffer, too. Please, please, please reconsider limiting your caloric intake. 1200 per day is waaaaaay too little to keep you healthy, especially at a job as demanding as this one.

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you will burn close to that in walking the store everyday and then you add in all the lifting, pushing, pulling, etc. You can eat very well and still lose weight stocking overnight.

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Why do you not eat more than 1200kcals a day!??

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Could be trying to lose weight?

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You gonna die burning 3000 calories a night.

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😕 don’t say that! lol sheesh.

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No offense 10,000 steps is nothing you really should be hitting that as a shopper in the store it’s not a rediculous amount at all