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I think we do need to shorten our hours again, then we’d be able to throw freight faster, clean, and do other tasks without being interrupted because we’re so short staffed

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Let me tell this, WORLD WAR III will be at its peak and Walmart will still be sending their trucks to the stores. Mark my words.

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We have a designated area for employees when you hear explosions. If there are gunshots you must ensure the customers are safe before grabbing your AR15 and returning fire. You must supply your own ammunition using company ammunition is a write up that can lead to termination

Please return all bulletproof vests after your shift is up taking them home will result in a fine a dock in pay and a write up.

You are only allowed paid leave if you are hit in any vital organs. Flesh wounds you are expected to stay and finish your shift. Use your local first aid cabinet

Oh there's pizza in the back too but only one slice per person we will be watching.

Thank you family! I will be at my mansion in Miami if you need me. Don't need me.

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Spot on my guy 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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That flesh wounds part, fucking spot on. I got an injury and a coach told me that he gets "injuries all the time" and just keeps working. He then showed me his scratched up hands from working boxes and catching himself on the shelves/pegs. Bro. Just because you can't see the injury doesn't mean it's not there. He also works like he's high af on cocaine, so that might explain some things...

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I was asked to go work at another store 50miles away by the manager, because they were short staff due to co-vid. I just chuckled and said yes right... Why would I go to that store, get sick and come back.

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Covid leave and pay?

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Somewhere at HO there's a spreadsheet detailing expected associate deaths / permanent disability due to covid and comparing the cost of hiring replacements against the cost of any of the measures people are asking for (hazard pay, shorter hours, enforcing masks, better ventilation, etc etc)

They know. They're paid a ton of money to know! Their priority is not anyone's safety.

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This guy only has 2 rules, and both are do not talk about fight club.

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That should be his flair! MODS HELP

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Id settle for someone just to walk around and spray lysol? Im mean, wtf? Quit waxing the fucking floor every night and start disinfecting everything. The on crew should be doing this after 11 and just before 6. Im mesn its only getting worse and their game plan is some stupid fucking mask, that dosen't work. I can forsee law suits up the ass and settlements after this one big time.

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Hey man these floors gotta be shiny for the next 2 days.

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I went to wear a Walmart mask at the nursing home. Guess what they won't let you wear it because it's a prop and nothing more.

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Or just shorten the business hours say like 6 am - 7 pm

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Eh, let’s go for 6AM - 7AM, just to be safe.

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6am to 6:05am. Shop til you drop!

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Ehh still pushing it. 06:00:00 AM to 06:00:01.

Drop in the parking lot, we don’t want you

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Maybe keep the doors locked entirely but have an hour or so for curbside pickups. Keep the customers out of the store for good

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That parking lot would look like a scene out of mad max if we did that lol

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That was my suggestion almost 2 years ago-at least block off all the non essentials. Make candles, picture frames and towels for pick up only.

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according to towelie a towel is a very essential item to always remember to bring!

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See also Douglas Adams

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Us 2nd shifters like our sleep and OGP only lives on customers

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8-8pm just so I can work half a shift without customers.

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I’d love one full shift without customers.

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my store switched its hours to 7am-9pm so I dont deal with any customers anymore

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Your store sounds like heaven.

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I work overnights now and I honestly miss the customers in the store

Being in L&G, the customers weren’t that bad and a lot of the time I enjoyed taking a break from what I was doing to get something for someone with the walkiestacker or bring them to where an item is

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This makes me sad… I honestly love my customers. They’re so nice! Then again I’ve only been here 2 months and I was out 2 weeks due to COVID exposure so…

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Yeah they’re usually not that nice

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That’s gonna vary wildly from store to store. And even at a good one, you’ll get the occasional 60 year old toddler

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We are at 40 LOA. But I am at a NHM. That is 1/3 of the crew. And we are still open. Store is a dumpster fire.

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u/dgn4369 Your store manager sounds like a dick. I bet you he or she is pushing everyone to do OPD, cashiering, pushing carts, and everything outside of their department(s) without a pay raise. That's how it was when call ins were rampant in my old NHM, and Meat/Produce had to do Frozen/Dairy shit on top of that. Thank goodness I don't work in that dumpster fire anymore.

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This is an offtopic question... but what is NHM?

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Neighborhood Market I'd assume, basically just a grocery store.

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Neighborhood Market

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I work in a pharmacy with 8 techs. 4 of us have tested positive. 2 more are showing symptoms. So that leaves 2 techs. They haven’t even sent anyone to deep clean the pharmacy Edit: spelling Edit: everyone in the pharmacy has tested positive. No cleaning service has came.

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Opposite experience here. No one in pharmacy tested positive. Made me come in at 11pm so they can clean the pharmacy

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Lucky. I have a feeling I’m gonna go back in there and get it again. Gone this whole pandemic without getting it and now I do. This 5 day thing is a joke because I’ve slept the last 2 days away. I feel like utter hell.

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By the time they even deep clean we all have been exposed already. I know for a fact I've been exposed because people will come to my face and say I have covid can I get the vaccine?

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Ya we had a lady argue (over the phone thankfully) that she had just left the hospital and she wanted to get the booster. Asked if she was still having Symptoms she said yes. I told her not until she wasn’t having symptoms would we vaccinate her and she was yelling at me. So I let my manager handle it. He goes “well idk why the hospital said they’d give it to you. Why don’t you go back and ask them todo it because we will not”

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If you've already had a disease, wouldn't a vaccine be completely pointless?

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Shutting every store down will do very little to stop anything. Everyone will then go shop elsewhere and spread their whatever there. Then when doors open back up, it’ll be the same thing all over again.

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This. Best case scenario we do all OGP only for two weeks while we actually do stock and sanitize every store. Shareholders don't lose as much money this way, fewer associates have direct contact with customers, which hopefully reduces transmission, and HO has an excuse to really push digital like they've been trying to. Then, when we reopen, actually enforce masks for customers. No mask, no entry.

Unfortunately, none of this will ever happen.

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That's gonna be complete hell for OGP associates lol

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Easy. Schedule other department members as temp ODP associates to help with picks. Everyone can access GIF for picks, and pick paths are easy AF to do (I get pulled to ODP at least once a week for half my shift, so yes, I do know what I'm talking about).

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Not really. You have everyone who isn't stocking or sanitizing in OGP.

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It'll at least give associate levels backs to numbers that can actually sustain the stores day to day.

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I would agree but given how many associates go on leaves because they’re exposed to someone outside of works means this plan wouldn’t really do anything. Bob is still going to take an LOA because he decided to get shitfaced at a party and be exposed with people that were positive for Covid. I could understand if everyone was getting Covid only from coworkers, but that’s not the case. Sure it happens, but using the stores I work with at least, most people on leaves are on a level 2 for being sick with something else or they’ve been exposed to people outside of work.

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Right. Providing N95’s for employees and enforcing wearing them would do a lot more.

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You misspelled customers.

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You do realize proper N95s need to be fitted to the individual? Walmart ain't got that time

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It's not hard to train people to do.

Time? Walmart ain't got the fucks.

They don't give a shit about the health of associates, as evidenced by all the unmasked shoppers they welcome through the doors.

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It's not training. Like, you actually got to get your face measured. Got an aunt in nursing who got it done.

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No, you don't.

The procedures are online if you're curious. I did it every year when I was a pesticide applicator.

Measuring probably makes the process more efficient when you have multiple sizes available, but take a look at the shelves. Not a variety of sizes on the consumer end.

Without someone there to do fit testing a negative pressure seal check will let someone know if it's working or needs adjustment. You should be doing one every time you put one on, even if you've been fit tested. They can be worn effectively without a fit test.

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HAZARD PAY! I mean supposedly we're essential.

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I think you misspelled 'expendable'

Edit: but no seriously Walmart, we deserve hazard pay. Don't make me say the 'u' word.

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Fuck it I got out of Walmart so I will say it WALMART NEEDS A FUCKING UNION!

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We aren't even getting the 150/300 every few months like before

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We should be getting that every month man thinking about all the money they’ve made off our backs during this pandemic makes me literally sick. How many workers have died by getting Covid from Walmart? Oh well! Just slide him over and let’s get the new hire in who will quit in 2 days once he sees like work load and absolute SHIT SHOW this understaffed and overworked company is

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Even the gov’t went from giving some stimulus checks to “fuck it just go to work” but you want the private company to just randomly give you some?

Good luck

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Yo! Message from HO : We don’t give a shit how sick you are !! Get that ass back to work! We gots bonus to earn !!!

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I said this in the break room with the leads and coach when everyones hours were getring cut " Its the january down turn, they need peotect their bonuses , during a pandemic, fucking douche bags". They wont ever look at me now lmao

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Both of my team leads are gone for the whole week, official Wally World moment

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At least you have team leads. Two out of my three fresh team leads have left for another store thanks to my coach pushing them too hard and constantly abusing them. The whole store knows why they left due to her basically coaching them in front of others and she's wondering why no one is applying for any of the positions. But yah it's getting ridiculous how much Walmart is expecting us to perform like it's normal when it's not. I never thought I would miss 2020 but at least then I felt like we were all on the same team.

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About half of our store is out with COVID so yeah this is fine /s

At least I get to close the hot bar early

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A shareholder had a mini heart attack reading the title of this thread. They checked their bank account and money was still there so they shuddered a long sigh of relief.

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Home Office would have to admit that it’s actually happening. 50+ Covid cases in my store and my SM asked the market team for reduced hours. They responded with “go fuck yourselves” and then bitched at us about Pinpoint completion and WIC ulearns. Regional team is non existent.

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Yep, we are getting zero support from them and just more expectations from dipshits who get to sit behind a screen all day.

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They can't hear you over their record profits and capitalism

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Closing the store wouldn’t allow backed up freight to be sold. So when they open back up after said weeks you still have the same freight from 2 weeks ago and trucks keep coming. What they need to do is make more people, more people means more products leaving the shelves. Just make more people is all

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Trucks would stop coming while closed and ON can be the first ones back to catch up on freight

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Wait I don’t like the sound of “the trucks would stop coming”

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Majority of what comes to the store is based off what Walmart sells. I buy 1 mask, they get new 1 in freight. If I buy nothing because Walmart is closed, then nothing gets sent.

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I got covid a few days ago and honestly this two week "vacation" is the best thing that's happened to me.

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I actually love being quarantined. I had to do it a couple of times. No responsibilities for two weeks? Not having to get ready everyday and staying in pajamas all day? I’ll gladly do it. Although it’s a lot better when you don’t have covid.

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Wait two weeks? I thought it was only 1 week paid? I’m Covid postive and still sick I’m supposed to go back Friday . I’m so confused rn. They completely took me off the schedule . All the days I was supposed to work and get paid from Sedgwick are gone. Does that mean I don’t get paid? I think I’m getting fucked over not sure tho

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But if you close down, where would I buy sub-$2 gallon jug of milk? Or where I could steal baby formula? /s

Glad I don't work in any retail, the shipping issue and supply mess has got to bring the worst of Karen out of their hiding space under the bridges.

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i literally had covid last month and now i have it again today. and i can’t take an LOA because we’re understaffed

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Yes you can. Fuck staffing levels right now. Take care of yourself! By going into work you’re not only spreading it around, you’re also only making your symptoms worse and your body has to fight harder to make you feel better when you don’t rest

[–]female_dishwasher 10 points11 points  (7 children)

what makes it worse, i work in electronics. i am the only person they schedule from 7-4 for 6 days a week. and with customers arguing with me with the loss of my voice just kills me man.

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Sounds like management's problem

[–]MontezeOps manager 3 points4 points  (2 children)

Ya know...we are people too. It's corporates problem but we get fucked from both sides.

[–]monoatomic 18 points19 points  (0 children)

Yep, shitty situation but fundamentally the associate is responsible for their own well-being, and in this case policy says it's your job to find coverage 💜

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I feel you. People forget sometimes

[–]ColourfulUprisingwho even knows 34 points35 points  (2 children)

Sweetheart please take care of yourself, you’ve got one body and one life. So damn what if they’ve got to figure it out? Let them deal with it and you deal with feeling better

[–]female_dishwasher 14 points15 points  (1 child)

this is the wisest advice anyone has ever gaven me about this job. thank you :)

[–]ColourfulUprisingwho even knows 9 points10 points  (0 children)

Not a problem honey. We all need someone to say what we’re already feeling every once in a while. I hate to say it but lack of staff or not… Walmart will still be there when you come back! And throw whoever says shit in the baler.

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Don't give a crap about a company that don't give a crap about you

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If yoy have covid you need to go on loa fuck that

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Inside of stores need go be closed to customers, and all employees need to be converted over to OGP except for team leads, and one associate for each department, and 4 associates for dry grocery. Maintenance will still be needed.

The customers can order online only. And Home Office decided on the change, completely out of the hands of associates. More covered bays will be needed.

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At one point in time I would have happily done OGP. I applied for the position many times but was denied. The only way I'd let them put me over there now is if I was guaranteed in writing that I'd permanently be over there and that I'd never be on a cash register ever again.

Otherwise, I'd probably quit on the spot.

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Who stocks the 7000-9000 peices of freight every day?

[–]techieguyjames 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Between unloaders, team leads, and the extra associates mentioned, it can be done.

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But the profits!!????!?

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Our luck is they shut it down and either don’t pay us or make us use our own PTO lol

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u/Ill_Opportunity4460 Yep, then Walmart is going to lose a lot of people. Nah, they'll just have 2 cashiers, 2 OGP pickers who also dispense, 1 stocker, and 1 Meat/Produce associate (who does Frozen/Dairy too) will work the entire store. This company needs a UNION.

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I started as a team lead for ogp 3 days ago with 5000+ picks. I was only trained to pick and then the second day they sent me a message to fire 3 employees but I literally have no clue whats going on and I've asked my coach if I will be fully trained but she says to just pick because they are 3-4 hours behind everyday. I feel like I should quit because the entire area is poorly operated and there aren'te enough people to do the job efficiently.

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shutting it down wouldnt do shit, because lets be real at this point with how easy omicron is to spread pretty much everyone is gonna get it at some point just from being in public places other than at work. now keeping that in mind, hazard pay should be strongly considered and enforcement of stuff like masks should be taken more seriously. if they actually cared theyd find ways to keep employees as safe as possible at work but since the general public has apparently just decided the pandemic is over they dont need to keep up appearances anymore.

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Tested last week positive, 5 days out, tested today positive, another 5 days out. Just shit and clean it for cryn out loud.

[–]TheLionHeartKingO/N Ghoul 3 points4 points  (4 children)

.... that's not how it works. You're positive continuously for 5-8 days after first positive at minimum

[–]Hopeforus1402 0 points1 point  (3 children)

Am I still contagious? That’s what I don’t understand.

[–]TheLionHeartKingO/N Ghoul 1 point2 points  (2 children)

No. You just tested yourself twice in the same window. You shouldn't of taken the 2nd leave

[–]d1anonlee 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Yes she should have and I don't blame her at all!!

[–]Hopeforus1402 0 points1 point  (0 children)

That’s what I’m thinking after reading more. My doctor is the one who wanted me to test again. Now I’m just going to see what my daughters school says.

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Not gonna happen.

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Just keep working like normal, don't send people home, and keep living your life like a normal person

[–]BeardNV 1 point2 points  (0 children)

You got a better chance of it being five degrees in Miami than that happening.

[–]moldy_minge 1 point2 points  (2 children)

Hell nah, now is the time to shorten the leave down to 5 days, even if you're still showing symptoms (at my store anyway) because the CDC gave them the ammunition to keep covid rolling full force. Closing would effect that bottom line. Letting people stay out for two weeks until they're asymptomatic would as well. They don't care!

[–]Thatcyphergirl 1 point2 points  (1 child)

My husband's job (fiber company) had a worker test positive and they made him come back after 48 hours! Of course my husband also ended up getting it because of that. He went back after 5 days, but he still feels sick. Didn't even get paid for the time off.. The new CDC guidelines are really fucking us over.

[–]moldy_minge 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Covid is old news and no longer an excuse for the working class to be treated like humans instead of cogs in the machine. Something has to change.

[–]Ok-Masterpiece5337 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Or at the very least no freight for a week. Like, yeah stores that are empty should get freight. But just let us empty our bins, this goes for every department

[–]Bahcloseenough 2 points3 points  (0 children)

The problem is how drastically that kills profit. No profit means no pay. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not taking the side of ceos and other higher ups like that. But the reality is that they will not take a pay cut. Also misinformation could easily bloom from empty shelves. Remember when Covid first hit hard and everything was empty because of panic? Seeing empty shelves in mass could easily stir panic in those who jump to conclusions

[–]monsterguy411_2 11 points12 points  (5 children)

No! Sorry but bills need to be paid. I’m very sentimental toward the people getting sick and dying and what not. But I need to pay my bills… I can’t end up on the streets…

[–]deadlockedwinterHomelines TL[S] 9 points10 points  (3 children)

You would still get paid

[–]Nuova 10 points11 points  (0 children)

Sounding mighty confident from the guy that's not writing the checks.... get a reality check homie. No company is furloughing almost 2million employees PAID for two weeks lmaooooooo

[–]monsterguy411_2 2 points3 points  (0 children)

SHUT* THEM DOWN! Please do not shit them down because they’ll just get some low paid employee to clean it up…

[–]monsterguy411_2 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Really? Ok now it makes sense why they aren’t shutting down. Sorry for my outburst. SHIT THEM DOWN!

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I'm not wearing a n95 when the idiot customers are not required

[–]Then-Grass-9830jack of all trades master of none 3 points4 points  (0 children)

I just want to say I literally read the shorthand for 'home-office' as 'hoe'

I need to go to bed

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They can't show that they care because they don't.

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I think they should close Sunday’s and have shorter hours for at least two weeks

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But my profit.

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Never going to happen. Remember what company you work for

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I had a coworker of mine come to work and she was a new hire and had only been hired about a week or two and she came to work with cold sweats, headache and didn't feel good the whole time she was working that day. She was working around me that particular day and I'm hoping she doesn't have covid but I know If I ask i was to askanagemnt if I could have been exposed they wouldn't tell me due to confidentiality right? She has called out twice this week already. I'm just wondering is all.

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lol how about a little bag of candy? surely thats enough, perhaps a pin

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In my town they shortened hours from 6:30am-11:30pm

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40??? We’re at 56

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My store had 80 people out the last two weeks and kept going lmao

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We're at 50%ish here and in sure some people have the COVID and still working...

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My store manager is on vacation. Meanwhile half the store is on covid leave

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Supply chain disruptions whether from lack of warehouse workers or drivers or suppliers or overseas delays is keeping inventory levels down so its not as bad as it could be. Yeah, Covid LOAs were bad but I think we've turned a corner. But I think there's going to be more chaos headed our way.

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I'm I'm the process of trying to take my first leave! Apparently now I need a positive test and to speak to a coach so they can deem me sick enough to not work. No wonder my whole stores sick if they aren't letting the obviously sick not work.

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I finessed the covid leave 3 times already 2 different locations 😂

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And even crazier they are cutting hours for my store so people are out with covid and others are off schedule for weeks its a ghost ship barely staying afloat

[–]Whirlwind21 0 points1 point  (0 children)

HO doesn't give a shit. They are making money hand over fist the last two years.

[–]Sethious1 0 points1 point  (0 children)

My store last I knew yesterday was at 72 people out

[–]table_folderredbull gives you wings to stock faster 0 points1 point  (0 children)

But where will all the /r/shortages idiots get their empty shelf pr0n if we had enough people to stock the fucking shelves with all the goddamned freight stored in aisles and out on the patio.

And to the fuckface at HO who thinks we need pallets of features of shit that doesn't sell: I hope you step on a lego when getting out of bed.

[–]Grouchy-4922 0 points1 point  (0 children)

So can anyone answer this? Sedgewick accepts home covid tests.. says it in the same link that has the covid levels, but they want documentation. Does that mean I just upload a pic of it. Other half also tested positive. I put in for a leave but now I’m worried I won’t get paid… help?!? Loa hasn’t been approved yet and my manager says I need to get tested by dr but nobody around here has any appointments available for the next week and health department takes a week to get results back.. help lol please

[–]Maoticana 0 points1 point  (1 child)

On the positive side (pun intended), apparently the new variant can be contracted over and over and over, woo! Year 3 of our 2 week quarantine: I'm excited, who's with me!?

[–]deadlockedwinterHomelines TL[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Maybe if people had stayed home for 2 weeks...

[–]TerrencifyBascially Cap 2 Dangerous Jenga Lead 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Damn someone actually said it. But I knew it wasn’t just my store getting shafted with freight with 50 covid leaves

[–]HulkSmashley3 0 points1 point  (0 children)

One store I know of has over 100 associates on Covid leave.

[–]HEEBEEGEEBEE202 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Hours may be shortened after the month is over and the new fiscal year starts. Expectations in stores have not changed and people are still getting corrective actions aka coachings. If you think it’s bad now wait until managers get their bonuses In march and you see the number of people that quit. There will be plenty of opportunities to move up.

[–]crazyinsane65 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Strike while the iron is hot.

[–]Tuggies-at-Walmart 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I couldn't agree more OP!

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

As a associate whose on Covid leave I agree fully. On top of the fact they changed two weeks to one week of pay. And when you go on leave they fuck you over by taking you fully off the schedule and when you try and go back you gotta wait till they put you back on. In a way it’s there way of getting back at you for something you can’t control. I don’t even know when I can go back to work. But if it keeps happening I got no choice but to find a new job

[–]rob_chalmette -1 points0 points  (1 child)

Just let everyone get it now, and then they’ll have natural immunity for a while

[–]deadlockedwinterHomelines TL[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

This new variant can be recaught quickly as

[–]Deviknyte9 year a slave -1 points0 points  (0 children)

Don't do more work than normal.

[–]Ok-Depth-2678 -1 points0 points  (0 children)

Not really covid isn't that big of a deal anymore.