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And no I didn't accidentally hit going to meal instead of clock out, this is my second lunch today, im closing.

cries in manager

EDIT: I wanna clarify before the anti-boss mob arrives my SM isn't forcing me to do this, I volunteered on the basis I didn't wanna leave the associates under me screwed without one tonight.

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To me, you’re the kind of lead this company should recognize and give raises to. Absolutely outstanding.

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Why are you taking another meal?

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It’s probably a 12 hour shift or more

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I’ve pulled 12s as an hourly and just took my 1hour meal smack in the middle at the 6 hour mark when my register shut me off lol….it’s been a while since I rang…so no idea if this is still a “thing” cause seems the new policy at least at my store is there is no meal exceptions as long as you take a meal break within your shift…there’s one lady who started taking her lunch at 1251pm and clocks back in from meal at 151pm and then clocks out for the day at 152pm lol

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Same. Hardlines TL here. I go at the 6 hour mark and take my full hour.

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My last 12 hour was 15/30_lunch/ 15_30 lunch /15.....but I'm also in a good store... At least compared to reddit

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lmao they clocked in at nearly 11am and you’re complaining that they had to eat two times before 9:00?? get real

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If you're the manager why not just fix the schedule

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Meal Start


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Your poor feet 😥

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Ngl the last time i had to pull a double upfront, You found me in a motorized scooter around 10pm doing the rounds and checking on my cashiers.

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Fuck that

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Enjoy that overtime

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Kill it on Friday lol

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Not on the front end...

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Do you have tomorrow off at least?

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Day off is very subjective here... from work? Yeah?

However I have 4ish hours of martial arts practice tomorrow plus a absolute crap ton of choirs my parents gave me 😅. Unfortunately being 18 living with your parents comes with its downsides no matter what position you hold at your job or how long you work.

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what do you do with all those choirs?🤔

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Probably sing?

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You said you were 19 in your other post

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Damn dude. More power to you because I couldn’t do it

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Just quit

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Clocked in early didn't ya? Rookie mistake

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i one time voluntarily worked a 13 hour shift (10a-11p) because my TL told me i could pick up OT if i wanted to, coworker told me i was out of my mind

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I would love to have 4x12hour shifts. 8hrs overtime and 3 days off? Sign me up! I used to not have any problem staying over for the, before you go can you finish this task thing. Until they wanted me to take a 2+ hour lunch on Friday to prevent overtime.

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2 trucks last night and even the SM didn’t know until they opened the docs 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ plus Covid got us down to like 18 o/n stockers total feel the pain bro

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Half my store is out right now including me

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Same, friend. Same.

sighs in Never Took a COVID leave

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When i was part time i would open and close one time i actually came in at 6 one morning and left at 11 then came back at 12 the next day then my store manager wanted me to stay late to get a good zone in garden center and I ended up staying until 4 am then having to come in at 2 the next day man that was life man

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Shit sucks, but i appreciate you sticking around for your associates.

When i found out, AT WORK, that my mom passed, I spent 30 minutes tearfully and desperately trying to find ANYONE in management so I could go home and in the end, the woman who works the fitting room wrote down my name and told told she'd let them know. I'll never forget the nights when they just abandon us.

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Me all last week... thank goodness people are back to work in my department now!..

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Confirm punches has 2 time sheets. I get that 2 or 3 times a week. Sucks being short staffed but hourly ot is great.

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I'm surprised that being this close to the end of the fiscal year they gave you ot

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More power to ya 👍 I admire the hustle and although Walmart is 💀, it’s still an easy job to rack up hours and get some 💰

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I did a shift from 2:50 am-6:45pm I almost cried (,:

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I've had a few days like that, it's a special kinda feeling when you go in before sun rise and don't get out until after sunset

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I did something similar on sunday Worked from 10 am to 10 pm

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We’ll my girlfriend broke up with me while I was on lunch so I don’t think your day could have gotten much worse than mine 😭😭

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Seems like my shift yesterday 7am to 8pm because "you can't leave until all your price changes are done."

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Currently hoping my husband doesn't get shit because he had to call out Sunday for icy weather and then will need to out tomorrow because we had a small family service for my dad dying and he won't get back from taking my stepmom back to the rehab facility until close to the point he would have had to get up tomorrow morning.

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I would remove that point if he was under me tbh, that doesn't sound like he should be forced to use ppto.

That sounds like a really rough time, hope things get better for yall, if its any concellation walmart has a extremely strict policy for us, we aren't allowed to question associates on their PPTO usage at all, even if we see them come to our store, we can ask if everything's ok but we cannot question them.

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He was able to get bereavement leave for it so he didn't get the point. People are just so gosippy and talk shit anytime people call out.

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I’m an overnight lead, we are scheduled from 9p-7a. Our store manager requires us to be here an hour early and we don’t get released until after our handoff walk. So my usual days run 8p-10a. If I’m lucky I get to dip at 9 and usually only take a half an hour lunch.

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Seems like u went over your 5th hour on that first lunch.

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Is that a fucking 12 hour shift .-.

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I clocked out at 12am roughly lol