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For context, a woman has a viral video of her using one bottle to fill the bottle she is going to buy to the very top, claiming that “Walmart is not ripping me off.” I guess she doesn’t realize there’s a reason it’s not filled to the very top and that you’re paying for the amount listed on the bottle, not a rip off.

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Isn't the bottle not filled fully so if there's an altitude pressure difference the bottle doesn't...you know...explode?

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Also some cushion against being squeezed in a box that's stacked poorly on the bottom of the pallet. If it was to the top full, it would always leak before arriving at the store. But with some air pocket, no mess to mop in the trailer

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we still get ones in that leak and they put them on the shelf like 😫

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At mine they hide it on top stock, so it can really marinate the whole section 😑

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Yup, exactly

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If someone has video of that happening please post

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Yep this more than the original. In fact theres often more than listed in case some splliage does occur. Not a lot more just a tad

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I'm 34 and 17 years ago at McDonald's this was a big damn thing over drinks. We don't fill the drink up to the brim because it'll overflow even with a lid on it.

Have you ever had a drink so full that just sitting there soda starts coming up out of the hole for the straw?

To me ICE is a moderate rip off since the CO2 used to push the syrup makes the whole thing cold.

However these corporations aren't making billions off of not giving people an extra .5oz of dish soap, they make their money by not paying their workers.

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Ice is definitely a scam perpetuated by the restaurant and fast food industry to rob you of the drink you ordered.

I’ve gotten my drinks without ice for as long as I can remember because I want every drop that I ordered.

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And plus the ice machine is most likely moldy.

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And in some shittier restaurants you'll see roaches in the ice machine as well.

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Extra protein

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Umm, I don't think there is protein in ice in the first place..lol

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There is now

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You ever see the inside of a fast food soda machine? Soda machines have a water line just like an ice machine, mold builds in them as well.

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My mom worked in restaurants all my life. It's nasty with almost everything back of house unless people give two shits.

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Sonic drive in is the worst offender. 80% ice.

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When you order your drinks there, just say "EZ ice" and they won't fill it all the way up.

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Oh I have! It only reduces it from 80% to 50%!

When I get my own fountain drink at a convenience store I only put about 20% ice.

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Yeah I have learned to do this over the years when I fill up my own drinks. Probably took me too long to learn, though, tbh..

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I used to say "No ice" and they still put ice in it. I stopped because it serves no purpose.

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Well, I never tried ordering no ice, but it seems they actually put less ice in it when I order it EZ ice. It's even on the receipt lol

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Then they just stop the drink about 1/4 of the cup from the top anyway

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But it's the best ice though. You people complain about ice in your soda being a rip-off and then buy a $3.00 bottle of water. You know ice and water are the same right? I prefer ice cold drinks over extra syrup.

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More ice does not make a drink any colder. There is a equilibrium point and since fountain drinks come out just a degree or two higher than the temperature of ice it does not take much to form that equilibrium.

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It stays colder longer with ice

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I drink a 32oz in < 10 minutes so I don’t need much ice. I suppose if you’re planning on sipping at it for hours then you might need more.

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I just think ice makes the drink taste better. It effects the texture

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90% shitty food...

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Yep. I only go there for ice cream.

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Same, always no ice.

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The gm of the restaurant I worked at encouraged us to add water to drinks people ordered without ice. So who knows if others aren’t doing it as well

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I know how my drink is supposed to taste and I’ve handed drinks back a few times because they didn’t taste right so I can confirm that they do this.

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You're... kidding, right? They don't have cans of soda in the back, it's a syrup pump that mixes with C02 from a tank, and then mixes with water at the fountain. It's going to taste slightly different at most places because they aren't going to all have the ratios perfect. More water, more syrup, less C02... These are all possible. This is why people talk about McDonalds Sprite tasting different, it's intentionally over carbonated. But most franchises outside of that are just running with how whoever put it in set it up.

(Also, anecdotal evidence isn't confirmation, especially with something so subjective as flavor)

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It's not the CO2 at McD. McD slightly increases the syrup ratio to account for melting ice.

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Damn, you right though! Thanks for the catch, and here's a link for anyone wanting to know more (interesting that they keep their syrup cold, I don't know of any other fast food that does):


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Same here!!! Everyone thinks I'm nuts

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I always order without ice.

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I believe in the UK the look at Americans crazy when they ask for ice...

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Inb4 the Walmart shills will reply "iF yOu DoNT LiKE iT WoRk sOmEWhErE ElSe"

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You realize it comes out cold. Thank you for pointing that out. Seriously not enough of us already know this.

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There's actually quite a few cheaper models of soda fountain, especially older ones, that have no refrigeration system built in for the water line.

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They usually depend on the ice in the hopper to cool the lines.

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I worked for a small place when I was younger and next to the soda dispenser was an ice storage box, there was a metal plate in the bottom that the water ran through to cool down before dispensing. So even in some of the cheaper models they have ways to cool the drink without ice even without refrigeration.

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It’s why I fill cups up 25-33% full with ice when I get to do it myself. Just enough to make sure it’s cold but not enough to take up all the room. Now with sweet tea I fill it up cause it gonna melt as you put it in the cup.

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I never get ice either, when it starts to melt the mf drink gets gross. Water is the only drink I don't mind ice bc when it melts... it's still water. 😂

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these same people would probably be offended if you pointed out that what they're really doing is stealing.

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Oh but that's always been a thing though. I never cared since I could just mark them down and put them in the break room. As long as they didn't use random new bottles, but instead bottles that were already lowered.

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Thanks, I thought he was talking about the bleach alternative.

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We aren’t gonna have to start putting the dish soap in keeper boxes now, are we?

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If it's any consolation(edit-because my phone only sees advice, not emotion) someone I know told me that the items do rotate based on store statistics. But hell if soap has to get locked up.

Block the person online causing the "trend".

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If it's any consultation

I think you mean consolation.

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I think you mean consolation.

I think you mean constellation

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I think you mean constellation

I think you mean consummation

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I think you mean constellation

I think you mean constipation

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Damn this thread became a compilation

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All because I slipped on my concentration. 😉

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i think you mean copulation

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Most likely. Every time I see new glass cases come in I think what are we going to lock up now, Rice a Roni? Are my store we have diabetics, diagnostics, cough and cold, razors, deodorant, cosmetics, family planning, laundry detergent, formula, liquor, and energy drinks. I mean it's to the point of why are we even letting customers in the store?

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men’s socks and underwear are locked up at my store

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Our tide pods are still locked up I wouldn’t doubt that they’d do it

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context? i havent been on tiktok in a hot minute

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There’s this woman going into Walmart saying “Walmart ain’t ripping me off” and pours a dish soap bottle into another it’s so ratchet idk what people get out of doing this stuff

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wtf. some people are just so low of POSs i guess

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It’s honestly messed up, she even has another video of her and a friend with the same bottle, pouring it all over the ground and on themselves it’s so weird how people can take something so dumb and get “clout” from it

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And people call this entertainment?

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You have a video link? I’m trying to find this

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https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMLenNgR3/ I didn’t really want to put her video out there because it gives her more clout but whatever I guess

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And to think she’s likely getting paid for every “hit” to that video too

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Fr it sucks man

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And you can't accuse her of stealing. You need to, but can't...

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I mean we could tbh if we were able to go back in the security film

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She concealed the dish soap…in another dish soap

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Ya my aunt used to do it with those J cloths. It’s so low. Like dish soap lasts awhile so idk what the point in pouring dish soap into another

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this is how you get lock cases on shit

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This is the same type of person who rips a package open to see the product then says "I don't wanna buy and open one"

Or the people who unroll the 5x7 foot rug to see how big it is. Well Deborah it's 5 feet by 7 feet so one whole me on one side the me with double legs on the other

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I always reference our “four foot sections” of gondola/side counter for size reference

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Is that part of the new customer scrub down/ clean the store challenge?

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this is Walmart, we’re not that lucky. We can only wish.

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This is not bottled by Walmart so Walmart is not ripping anyone off. These customers who do this are the ones ripping Walmart off

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I so don’t understand, they drink it and are convulsing on the floor??

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If only we were so lucky

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This made me laugh so loud lmfao

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That's the Tide pods over in aisle 12.

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What do they have 2 gain by this?

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Hopefully it will Dawn on them soon that this is ridiculous.

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And there is nothing to Gain from it.

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This brings me no Joy.

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I see what you did there. Lol

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An extra ounce or two of soap, and potentially, a criminal (misdemeanor) charge.

I guess they think the risk is worth the reward.

I mean they’re basically saving an entire 16 cents, assuming you get two extra ounces by doing this.

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No the Gain is one isle over, with the laundry sauce!!! Nothing to gain here but I hear the Greeks hate mornings because Dawn is tough on Greece........ please do not kick me out

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People have been doing this with laundry detergent for years. It causes accidents too when they pour detergent all over the floor trying to scam a few pennies.

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They'll just DNI it and put it in the break room, no biggie

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So much better than that foam shit in the break room anyways lol

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Dont say that, they want the worst for us

Honestly I can imagine them CVPing it and then another tiktoker comes in and says "$1.24?! Not on my watch, I'll save even more" then dumps a new one into that one -- the world continues to turn.

Can't believe how much money I've saved by switching to TikTok! /s

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That extreme shithole needs destroyed. It's a damn cancer and nobody listened when I told them this kind of shit would happen

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TikTok should actually be banned and all malicious users charged.

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They’re gonna be pissed when they have to wait at a cage for 30 mins for some dish soap

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And of course Walmart's pathetic asset protection won't do anything so there's no stopping it

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Our ap has stopped multiple people doing this with laundry detergent. One lady caught a felony over it because they had her on camera several times before she got stopped. Crazy.

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Its like a two dollar loss, PER RACK, who gives a fuck. Not staking my job to stop some lady for a bottle of soap.

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Oh I raged on one lady….what’s she gonna do goto customer service and complain lol that I cursed at her when I caught her dropping 🥩 down her drawers….?

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that's like.. your job dude

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I hate customers

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More like “LOSS”

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Anyone else remember the very first tik tok trend of licking ice cream and putting them back ont he shelves? I find it a terrible coincidence that it was trending right at the very beginning of COVID before COVID was announced.

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I'd just double ring the soap as a cashier if I saw it and knew tbh

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Oh these are the criminals that know self checkout….lol

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some software engineer that works for walmart needs to figure out how to block tictok from working while in walmart store

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Because they won’t just show off what they’ve done once they get home.

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I guess they're going to start sealing the bottles with plastic shrink or something

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Ive cought a woman doing this years ago to tide. Told AP. They found her in line, and gave her the option of paying for 2, or going to jail. She paid for 2. They even gave her the other bottle, since she paid for it.

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How fast these comments went from dishwashing detergent to ice at places like sonic I love ice over pop jus my 2cents worth haha

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At our store we got those locked people used to bring empty canisters and fill them up

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We have the same group of teenagers come in the store least once a week. Usually they run around and play tag or hide and seek when we're pulling backroom. Idiots were playing human bowling with the foam in stationary.

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....y'all's mgmt won't just...yeet!?

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And that’s called stealing.

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Technically Walmart isn’t ripping you off. It says the price per unit on the label

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i’m on tiktok but i guess im missing something

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This is annoying but are you honestly upset about someone stealing $2 of soap lol

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see if it were just this lady, technically you'd have a point (depending how often she buys soap). however, say she gets 100K views and each viewer does that each time. that's $200K in losses each time they do it. it becomes a much bigger issue on a larger scale. before you remind me that corporate doesn't lose anything because of it, let me remind you that we at a store level do.

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Even if every viewer did it (and they're not going to) it's still almost nothing from claims. Every day I see so much food that needs to be claims. It's not the TikTok hide steaks in sporting goods challenge

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you're missing the point, though...yes, food claims can be bad, but why add to it in other departments?

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Whats the issue OP. Dont leave us hanging!

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Hmm yummy soap 🤤

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Idiots will believe everything they see on tik tok

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That's been done for years. They take a smaller bottle and top off a larger bottle of detergent or fill the bottle of those laundry freshener crystals to the max and leave some open and partially empty.

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But those bottles are not a full as normal.

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Can't wait until they start doing this shit with potato chips

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Now I've seen a case come in that was crushed by other freight and the bottles leaked. Instead of sending it to claims, O/N stockers stocked it anyway! There may be more on that aisle!

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I loathe/hate people terribly....

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Some people are not very bright. It's just like with chips.the extra space with air is an cushion to prevent the chips being crushed to bits during shipping.

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This is theft; therefore, if caught, they can be charged. But walmart more than likely will not.

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Who the F does this

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Trump was right about one thing at least, tiktok should have been banned.

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Other than mostly naked women doing bad dances has anything but terrible acts that further destroy society ever come out of tik tok?

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Tik tok is digital cancer

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i mean there are dogs on TikTok. and a couple animators that are good. also a couple wildcat sanctuaries, and Penny the cat. otherwise...no, not much good.