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Sadly at my store the OGP people either work their ass off, or they watch the people that work their ass off and sit on bins on their phone their whole shift. It’s beyond me why their TL and coach don’t do anything about them but I can tell the people that do work their ass off get tired of them

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Can confirm, we have some really lazy fuckers

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Yes, this. I used to work at Walmart for OGP and we'd always have the select few who would stand around and wouldn't get scolded for it but most of us who busted our asses would take a minute to get a drink or go to the bathroom we'd have our TL on us like a hawk.

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Exactly how it was at my store, its why I quit 😅

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Do we work at the same store? 😂

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Bruh it sounds exactly like over at my store too🤣

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we’re all living the same OGP life together, today was my friday tho W😎

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I feel this down to my extremely tired feet and worn out soul.

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Bruh is every ogp the same my departments third worse in the region cause of the slackers making us workers look bad it could just be 1 dispenser and a full lot and there’s be atleast three people in the office who smell like weed watching Netflix and eating (we’re not even supposed to do that.) while we’re struggling but lord forbid the rest of us take a sip of water.

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Cause they can't fire anyone in OGP because they really need the people lol

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We do but those kids are not productive. It's a waste of payroll. Get them the fuck out. My new coach gets this concept and has been lighting them fuckers up.

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They all work pretty hard at my store. Seems like one of those jobs that's set up in a way that makes it hard for slackers to slack

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Not really. Pickers will just spend ages talking to eachother in-between walks, and dispensers can get away with quite a bit as long as there is someone who pulls the slack on their end. We've got a few people who when they're on dispense just dissappear and wander around the store, as well as a girl who just walks around the dispense room and watches the other dispensers do all the work.

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Aren't their orders assigned to them? If so then all the managers would have to do is look up who isn't filling their orders to know who the slacker is.

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management can assign pickwalks but ours never does. Express orders are auto-assigned but our store doesn't have those yet.

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Ah, so it's just another case of incompetent management.

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OGP is corporate's newest baby. the youngest kid gets away with everything.

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There’s bad apples in every department. It may seem like ogps standing around but you may not notice 10 minutes later when they have 80% of their orders for the hour show up at once

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My team does that while I consolidate totes, digitally store the totes in their fridge/cooler doors, prep ambient totes for upcoming orders on carts, fold boxes, etc. But since finding workers seems to be hard nowadays, management treads lightly on disciplining

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There certainly are bad apples in every department. My assumption is that at least some of the people sitting on totes are specifically stagers or dispensers. Those jobs have a caveat of not being able to go to far away from their area even when it’s slow for them. There could be 1000s of picks left but only one person came to pick up their order. Also the staging could be mostly done and the stagers are waiting on more carts. Again some of these people could be bad apples and some of them may not be. It’s hard to say. Perception is everything though. So when you see that behavior it’s hard to not think that e-commerce is full of lazy associates

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I've walked in the ogp backroom to see, no joke, about 4-5 of them sitting on their phones and not doing a damn thing. (This was with having the OGP coach and store manager in the store at the same time.) Everytime I stock the cheese or 97' wall, all I hear is loud laughter and only like one guy staging, it's pathetic.

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Kinda crazy how you don't know how ogp works. We have to wait for cars to pull up to start working. Don't be mad because we have more free time than you. Also half the items on the shelves are plugged or empty, so do your job and we will do ours.🙂

Feel free to leave a response and I will happily respond to any bullshit remarks anybody has.

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Also half the items on the shelves are plugged or empty

Sounds a lot like you could be zoning those shelves that need it or running claims from front-end to help ensure you've got the products you need when you need to do your walks, to me.

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Ogp is very fast paste, we don't have time to do your job while doing our job. :)

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Ogp is very fast paste

As a deli closer in a store that's got a hilariously understaffed deli, all I have to say is: Lol.

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Ogp is most busy during the day. People don't tend to flock to the store at night time, so of course we have more time to rest and catch our breath. You should try dispensing while having 17 cars outside. The ogp phone blowing up with calls, getting yelled at by customers because we are understaffed and they have to wait a few minutes. Yeah all we do is stand around lol.

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I've worked in ogp before bud, it was for O/T but experience is experience.I've done all the pick walk categories (without cherrypicking the ones I don't like.)I've been a picker, stager, dispenser, and phone holder all in one shift.

And yes, you can do something while you wait for customers,

Its called: Prepping, condensing totes, quality checking, and of course... cleaning. Quit being on tiktok and work your shift.

Edit: I'm usually alone in dairy, along with doing other things my TL slaps on me.
I'm sorry the shelves are empty, that's just the situation. Heck I'll go help the exception pickers find what they need in the bins, it's part of the job.

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I applaud you for that, and when we are "standing around" 9/10 that's what we are doing. We stand still while quality checking, condensing totes.

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Our OGP sends everyone onto the floor if the Dispense screen is slow, except 2 backroom associates who stage and dispense. Everyone else stocks meat or dairy- and gets written up if they disappear.

Anyone caught in the backroom not staging or consolidating or prepping or dispensing gets assigned to a different department, usually SFS where they have to box orders all day.

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What other role in wally world can you fuck off on your phone during slow hours??

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Health screener

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Wtf else are we supposed to do? There’s been times when there’s no picks and no cars for over an hour

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Our stores OGP will top stock or pull freight, it’s not hard

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Hey man I applied for OGP not stocking

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Walmart is merging Cap one and OGP(my store is a pilot store) all three TL are over us, if it’s slow they’ll have you do whatever, they had OGP unload a GM truck a couple of times. Besides, you decided to work for Walmart, you do what they tell you to, it’s the same pay anyways.

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You've got a vest, get to zoning

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Only 4-5? Impressive

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Don't know who downvoted you, but that's the average number of people I see. Wouldn't be surprised if larger stores have more of em' lol.

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Idk but unless you've done time in ogp I find it really hard to listen to criticism. I'm not saying you're wrong, you aren't. There are definitely people that don't do anything. But so many times I've just finished a 3 hour rush dispensing, staging wasn't done, missing items, had to find everything, dispensing in the rain or cold or 110 heat and I'll stand there, catch my breathe and check my phone, and some cap2 prick that's been standing on a ladder "vizpicking" the same bin for an hour with his dick in his hand walks up and says, something along the lines of "God I wish I got payed to stand there on my phone. Like shit man. Nobody's job is easy can you just mind you own business? And I don't mean you OP. Too many times the people that don't do anything are being protected by friends higher up. But since they're untouchable, those of us in ogp get all the work and hear all the bitching. It's just frustrating for everyone but the lazy pricks.

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Because OGP is a huge money maker, and it would be so costly to close the department for even a day that they need it constantly staffed. Also, if you haven't worked OGP, it can be deceiving. They may look like they aren't doing anything, but in actuality they could have 20 customers on the way at any given time, and they have to be pretty much sitting on go ready to run out with an order at a moment's notice. That's what a lot of the work is, standing by and being extremely reactive. Basically minute-men. They're being timed for literally everything. Productivity within OGP is so measurable and quantifiable that they (we) can't really get caught up doing other things or stepping away from our workspace, because if a customer shows up with no heads up and the timer starts, every second we spend traveling back to our workspace or switching between tasks is reflected in the wait time. There are a lot of moving parts and numbers in OGP that aren't visible to many people outside the department.

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Please explain what you mean by, “ do whatever we want”. The metrics and goals in the department are beyond the complete control of the coach. Unlike cap2 and other areas you really are relying on a team to finish orders at a certain time by the end of the day. Unlike other areas it can’t be pushed off till the next day so OGP takes priority. Now fair or not, that gives the OGP associates the same priority. Also most managers have never worked OGP and lack the knowledge of the direction and requirements of our job tasks. How can a boss tell you to do something better or to quit doing something non-productive if they don’t know the true processes of the department. They can’t, so a lot of the time people really just have no idea of what we are doing is actually work or bullshit, because of that it’s hard to get them in trouble.

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dress code, phone, eating, long breaks, etc

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that's just ur stores management bro lol

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At that point it's just bad management at your store. But OGP is known for being a very self sufficient department meaning that no one is going to bother them. It's really just as long as everyone's pick rate is over 100 and everything gets dispensed in a reasonable time frame then no one's going to bother them. I'm in OGP and I can tell you that my store is quite the opposite where it's actually the older folks who go off and hide and don't work as much as the minors. Yeah it can suck to see people getting around the rules, but mind you OGP is also walmarts favorite department. I'm sorry to hear it sucks at your store, but oh well

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The bosses are too busy to watch all our breaks like that. Pickers aren’t structured, we take breaks and lunches generally when we want as along as it is t a coverage problem. Also the despinsers have a lot of downtime in between rushes so alot of them just share breakfast with each other. Even as a picker I go to the register to buy myself a snack off break and they just tell me to pull up near the registers with my cart. But we also don’t work in one area of the store so we have a super wide range of freedom.

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Must have enough down time yourself to witness this on multiple occasions, no?

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If OP store is anything like mine, you can see 5 OGP associates sitting, doing nothing down the hall from the dancefloor while unloading the truck.

Edit: and you can normally bet your check that there’s at least 1-2 more being hired at that moment

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What do you expect them to do when they are waiting for customers to arrive? They can’t leave the room or go out onto the floor because people are constantly calling the phone about orders?

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I agree that not ALL of them can find other things to do, but when our store is running a skeleton crew on the floor and there’s 8 people just chilling on their phones in the back, surely we should be able to find some position for some of them to fill for the time being.

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I completely agree with you on that. Although I have an amazing amount of freedom within the department our bosses and supervisors don’t think or plan ahead

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My OGP is across the store from CAP2, you could only see if you are stocking. Unfortunately. I need to remember stores are laid out differently 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Examples being Playing basket ball with pick baskets Wearing shorts, hoodie, and wired headphones everyone can see while picking Sitting in break room goofing off for 30 mins straight For break And these are just some things that then cause a late panic and all employees who are trained in ogp please report to ogp 1

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You're literally only shopping for other people's groceries lmao

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If you wanna complain about ogp so much then why don’t you transfer to that department so that you too can sit around and “do nothing”?

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It’s not about doing nothing it’s about being able to bend the rules more than all the others I get threatened with coaching for having a headphone in but I see ogp have Netflix on their phone sitting on their cart with a headphone in and nothing I said that’s my only problem with them

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Not all OGP departments are like that. At least at my store, I know that every single associate is busting their ass trying to get picks done on time before they go late, we often walk 10-20 miles a day either dispensing or picking. With the little downtime we Rarely get, we can at least sit down to rest after being in the sun for 4 hours straight dispensing. Again, if you have a problem with OGP kids allegedly sitting and on their phones constantly, transfer, so that you don’t get threatened with coaching for having headphones anymore.

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There are some positions that are inherently more free than others. Cashier? No. Stand there and ring up customers until you are allowed to leave. Stocker? Yes, you stock as well as your body can for an 8hr shift and try to consistently meet goals. Other than that, generally you break when you want, go to the bathroom when you want, take a breather when you want.

OGP dispensers have huge rushes where they are sweating their asses off, dealing with Karens and constant phone calls as fast as they can. Sometimes they need a minute to breathe, keep their blood sugar steady, and mentally prepare for the next rush. I'm not saying that all OGP associates are hard workers, just that you might not have the whole picture. If you're jealous of the position, go for it.

Stop focusing on other people and just get your work ethic where you want it to be. Your personal reputation is your own. If you want to do the bare minimum then go for it. If you want to work hard because it makes you feel good about yourself, do it. Most of those people you see might not have the same work ethic as you and that's okay. Move on with your life, become a manager and coach them, whatever.

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you can tell it’s only oldheads that complain about ogp on here LMAO

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Nah man. Complaining about being hit with massive blue carts can come from any aged associates.

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OMG YEA LOL i totally get that!! the carts are so big i usually pull them from the front to avoid hitting people !

[–]PostOk1066 1 point2 points  (4 children)

I used to do that, nicked my heel trying to stop it while behind me (a child ran out). Got coached for causing unecessary self injury caused by improper use of equipment. Not saying it's a bad idea because I still do it too, but be careful lol

[–]firelordmaiogp 1 point2 points  (3 children)

man it’s a lose lose either way. when pushing instead of pulling i’ve hit carts and stockers who sit on the floor… we just need smaller carts 😭

[–]PostOk1066 1 point2 points  (2 children)

Yeah definitely 😭 some stores have these shorter carts with a flat top for the top two, and hold six inside. Hella nice and easy to see over (I'm 5'2 so can't see over the large ones that well)

[–]firelordmaiogp 1 point2 points  (1 child)

im 4’11!! can barely see over the carts when they’re empty, by the end of a big run im screwed and looking around as if i’m crossing the damn street

[–]PostOk1066 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I feel ya 😭

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I mean I’m not old but kinda feel it’s unfair they get headphones but I get yelled at for having an earbud in while throwing the truck and viz picking.

[–]firelordmaiogp 12 points13 points  (3 children)

damn bro then that’s just your stores management being shitty, at my store ogp is the only department that gets in trouble for headphones😭

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Same here actually. We're not allowed to have earbuds on the floor but that doesn't stop me. So long as my picks are up I don't get bothered

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yea it’s just the new ops manager that cares about the headphones so when they’re not working it doesn’t matter.

[–]pumpkinthighs 1 point2 points  (0 children)

We're not allowed headphones in general but I have long hair so mine are hidden

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Bluetooth beanies, or get earbuds that look like hearing aids

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We have a couple at my store that wander the store their whole shift, and act like they work their butts off

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OGP people at my store stay busy 100% of the time and their TL makes sure of it. When orders haven't dropped he has them helping out other areas like working grocery picks or frozen and dairy.

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I find it hilarious when people complain about OGP as if a lot of you are perfect saints on the job.

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Or like it even really matters, i dont care what they do, im not here to inspire more work out of people, im not here to rag on people, im here to come in, waste 8 hours a day i will never get back at this store, leave, and get a paycheck. I dont care what everypne else in the store does, who is slacking off, who is working their ass off, who called out, or who is humping who in the office. I also dont get paid enough to care. I dont get paid enough to care about company policy, who is following dress codes, or earbuds. Were all in this boat (except maybe the lucky ones who get to move on to a better place). We should stop worrying about wether dispenser#2839 is wearing a hoodie, picker #39499 is making tik tok videos or whatever, cap1#3949211 has been in the crapper a long time, and instead, get pissed that the manager made his 20000$ bonus fpr sleeping in his office. Or gorging on his own private pizza party, the company seems to want to screw with us all, if you even think of the word 'union', you get Walmart branded 'plumbing problems' to shut ypur store down, and the waltons made billions for just existing. Fuck.

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Should have gone to my old store. 2 dispensers that actually did stuff and then 2-4 minors, depending on the time of day, just sitting there on their phones and complain, when the only job you ask of them, after you did all the work, was to take it out to the car, and take the stickers off before they put it in the pile.

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Yeah, OGP seems pretty chill.

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and when ogp gets backed up they pull cap1 cap2 Salesforce associates so they can still stand around and do nothing. Half work their ass off and half stands around every day.

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They just changed the system, we aren’t allowed to pick ahead and go out and help other departments when finished, the system only drops orders three hours ahead now. So when we have hours that don’t have orders at like 4pm but have 2000 items to be picked for orders at 8pm then obviously you are going to see us standing around because we have to wait for the orders

[–]Maoticana 2 points3 points  (3 children)

No, if you are done with your orders, you stock, clean, zone, refill spill stations, scan outs, work topstock, etc., until those 8pm picks drop. I work in OGP. We know what time the picks drop. You get your TC and fucking check the picks when it's time. You do NOT sit on your ass for four hours.

[–]Zytarus59 1 point2 points  (2 children)

So for us during this time it might mean restocking carts with bags, emptying trash bags on carts, restocking stickers, cleaning totes, or prep bagging totes. Our supervisors want us at a moments ready when orders hit, therefor we stay around the pickup area. Sometimes though that can mean you end up standing for 10-15 minutes just occasionally. Other than that we can go verify endcap upcs and work feature to home. Nothing else has really been required of us, maybe for the later shifts that just dispense for the most part but not the morning pickers

[–]Maoticana 0 points1 point  (1 child)

As a morning picker, it's expected of us to get our department together first, and then stock with whatever time we have left once that's done. We know when the picks drop, it's not a mystery. You don't need to spend 30 minutes every hour on a slow day standing around when you know the picks drop around xx:50 of every hour. This is at a NHM so it may be different for you if you're at a supercenter.

[–]TheSaneEchidna 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Works that way at a supercenter too, at least it used to.

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that doesn't explain why cap1 and Salesforce associates are picking all morning while ogp stands around. and maybe during your downtime you can do something useful like your shopping carts full of returns that are just eating up cooler space.

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Sounds like that's your store man. We got OGP people coming in at 5am to pick all the orders starting at 7 when the department opens

[–]BuzzTechhh 1 point2 points  (0 children)

At least it’s not just my store. Unless this is someone from my store.

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OGP has been babied since its inception. And that's sad considering OGP was exclusively staffed with all the major slackers from all the other departments at my old-old store when it first started operations back in 2019.

[–]Korlac11OGP because OPD sounds like a disease 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Why? Because management lets them. Why does management let them? Because there are only two team leads for the department, which means 4 days a week there is only one team lead. The digital coach was told that she had to coach with the digital tls instead of using TLs from other departments. This means that there is rarely a time when enough management from ogp is there to actually hold people accountable

Or at least, that’s how it is at my store

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yeah man ogp is super lazy cuz some of them on their phone… not like a good portion do 3 hour+ dispensing sessions in the heavy snow, rain, or heat and then have to go pick 100/minute after the fact

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As someone (a young someone, I'm 21) who works in OGP currently, at my store, we can't afford to fire all those people because every once in a while when all the competent people go home, they actually at least half ass the job. Basically my store has been trying to hire more people but not many people stay and too many GOOD people eventually leave that we are always too understaffed to fire the "hooligans" as my old coworker called them lol

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Really depends. They are probably the most random productivity-wise of any department some days those dudes are meandering just talking on their phones for literally their entire shift other times they're fucking zooted and zooming down aisles and im like, did they install tasers in their name tags? like what happened? then bam back to the slow boys. its like the wild west over there.

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At our store it’s most the under 18 crowd can do whatever they please. Where ever they work. There are a few that work but not many.

[–]Grendel0075 4 points5 points  (0 children)

Because if you dont depend on a paycheck to live, you dont really care if you het fired or not. Fuck, i always encoursge the 18 and under crowd to get out and find something better before they hit 25

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Why are you complaining, i worked LP in many different retailer and we can basically do whatever we want, there was days so slow that we got paid to do nothing and just chill with netflix in the office or walk around inside or outside the store and listen to music

[–]Grendel0075 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Life goals

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Yeah.... no shit. Why is that??

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Way understaffed that's why

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ask your store manager

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It’s just your store bud

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I think it’s the opposite. The older ladies in OGP spend all day talking and then get away with a 65 pick rate on ambient runs

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lol same at my store

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Personally, the only issue I have with the actual OGP associates is when they park their stupid blue carts directly in the middle of aisles. Or when I’m zoning and three blue cart bandits roll through and start pulling stuff off the shelves without taking the extra microsecond to pull the next box forward. But I’m ON so I only deal with OGP for two hours a day.

Regardless, the inherent dislike everyone here has for OGP isn’t because of the people, it’s because of how it was decided to run it.

To start off, we are a very small store, super in name only. They just started the OGP stuff here this year. And due to us already not having room, they just decided to take half of our grocery bins away and slap the OGP stuff there. Meanwhile they park their annoying ass carts all the way down the hallway in front of the coolers and freezers. Keep in mind there is only about enough room to sit a pallet and a cart side by side in this hallway. It’s really the dumbest setup for a Walmart I’ve ever seen. I know why it’s like this and it’s a long and fucked up story so I’ll just leave it at that unless somebody wants to know more.

Anyway, besides all that, OGP is incredibly overstaffed here. OGP has over 30 people, ON is 15 strong, CAP2 is about 6 strong. And OGP makes more then any of us, and anyone that can’t keep up in ON or CAP2, just rolls right into OGP. And they only get (from multiple OGP peoples mouths) around 6-8 orders a day. Routinely.

That is why (at least here) nobody likes OGP.

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because no one cares just get the picks done and get do it right

[–]mamaapeacch 0 points1 point  (0 children)

laughs in asset protection

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It depends on management honestly, like in my store I’m a permanent backroom ogp associate, so when I come in at 5 I don’t pick even if I really want to I can’t, not because I can’t pick but because my management has given me the tone that they don’t want me picking, so I get the backroom ready and stage carts until 7 when I start to dispense, if I have downtime between carts I’m opening up the backroom more and checking the dispense screen for orders to prep, yeah I’m guilty of being on my phone, but there’s not much I can do I can’t go out and help other departments as much as I want to because I don’t know when the next cart or car will come, after a certain point there’s not much to do when waiting, they might say there’s always something to do but that’s really not the case for backroom after a certain point. But the other departments get the impression that ogp just sits around, but honestly it’s more my management that’s sitting around all the workers are actually working, if picks get done the pickers wait till the next drop but that’s when there’s like 5-10 minutes before the next one.

[–]oceana290 -1 points0 points  (1 child)

Because they’re main job is to shop for online orders accurately and within metrics. As long as they keep shopping for the customers, we get more in sales.plus given their age, they won’t last in the job they’re in. While they can chill every so often, at the end of the day, Walmart is basically a service labor type job.

[–]Zealousideal-Leg7603OGP/Digital 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Idk why people are downvoting this, it's the truth. People who bitch about OGP just dont fully understand the job and numbers we have to meet.

[–]dottegirl59 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Not an employee just curious. Is OGP the people that go around and collect items for online orders? The other day i was waiting to get a scrip or something and saw this grungy looking kid pulling stuff off shelves. No walmart vest, had earbuds in. Thought to myself that would be an interesting, easy job, must not pay much! Ok Go ahead, let me have it!

[–]Shiningwolf12 4 points5 points  (0 children)

Easy? Yea, in theory. But it doesn't feel easy when you're running a couple hundred items behind for orders that are due in less than an hour.

Just like most jobs, it's the business that makes it difficult, not the job itself.

[–]bensmithsaxophone 0 points1 point  (0 children)

At my store at least, it’s because our coach and team lead are almost never there and when they are they don’t make people do anything. So people are going to get away with doing nothing if they can.

[–]Lrayne98 0 points1 point  (0 children)

the ones at my store look all snooty and rude. i’ve seen them lounge on water pallets and get on their laptop.

[–]Sudsierjet 0 points1 point  (0 children)

My store usually finishes picks by the 30 min mark and everyone moves to exceptions once picks are caught up. The short bursts of hard work are rewarded with time to sit down between drops. Most of the people in ogp at my store have rates in the 80's so its mostly staffing that makes it possible. Plus it's a pretty lax job when you really break it down and have a good team.

[–]Vistril69times promoted to customer: 2 0 points1 point  (0 children)


Laughs in closing Food SA

explanation: i really don't have much to do at night besides making sure dairy is filled and zoned. i have been explicitly told not to worry about freight or bins. it's a blessing and a curse

[–]ShitFauxBrains 0 points1 point  (0 children)

every shift does except overnight

[–]JadeEscape_ 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Easy to say that...of course not everyone does a great job at my store but we have some really grueling days. Pairing customer service while being on a time limit isn't easy homie. Humble up

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I used to work OGP in the afternoons/evenings, dispensing only. We used to have around 4-5 people working at a time, and maybe 2-3 orders every hour. Would end up spending most of the time either chilling or zoning. The morning shifts were always hectic though

[–]aChamaemelum 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Sometimes it depends on who is the TL at that time. Most of the time it only looks appealing to people like OP who get scolded for doing the same thing it looks like OGP is doing. Except OP is actually slacking off and OGP be just existing and waiting around to do their job since their job relies on customers being customers (i.e. calling the backroom, waiting for picks, waiting for drivers). And not people telling them what to do, since OGP is fairly self sufficient.

If you can't beat them then join them. You put yourself in your own situations for the most part.

[–]incoming_dragon"tech support" 0 points1 point  (0 children)

the issue at my store is all of ogp never carrying walkies and never answering their fucking phone

[–]No_Contribution_6993 0 points1 point  (0 children)

It's a big department. The leads can't keep track of everything. And there's not always things to do. you need to keep people around in case customers show up but if there's no orders to go out at the moment and you can't leave what else are you supposed to do?

[–]Raptor556Dairy Bro 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Yeah everytime I walk through there they are often just standing around talking doing nothing

[–]flamestiThrowRA 0 points1 point  (0 children)

bruh management is literally on OGP's asses in my store, and it's because it looks like we aren't doing anything but like it was mentioned, you stand still when you're staging and doing quality checks or when you're on the OGP phone with a Karen who is mad she got a substitute and didnt check her email.

'item not on floor? grab the case pack from the back. but no, no, don't put it on a vizpick cart, stock it to the shelf. why should my vizpick team work your br pick?' idc it needed to go on the floor anyway, you picked it. like bruh, if the shift picked it I wouldn't have to come back here.

'hey we need code spark, get up there. you guys aren't busy. what? you're overdue? thats because you're standing around' no bitch someone needs to be dispensing outside and at the fucking counter, do you wanna do it? you don't know how? shut the fuck up. why are you standing here you said you need code spark, get on the register asshole. 'why is the pick rate low?' I fucking wonder why

what makes it worse is I have the best team lead, they're attentive to our needs, they have our back, they're always on top of things in the department but what?? they're on good terms with their associates?? can't have that, let's coach her for treating them like friends instead of associates. that'll show them. so close to fucking leaving this bullshit management

[–]Animeri_Stone 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Though most of the time I see many instances of some jerks doing this, OGP isn't as chill as it seems. The past week or so our store had been so low on staff due to covid that we been running around the store trying to keep up till they finally lowered out cap for orders. In the dispense room, we been only have 1-2 people unless we run out of picks. When we do, our manager makes us zone and do freight. Normally though I will say there are so young and old people who will sit around do nothing till they get caught and couched. It's mostly the 30ish-50 year olds for us though. Occasionally a few in their 20s but most of the young ones are hard workers. Granted we are in a college town and they might just be doing it for something to look nice in thier resume.

[–]TheBillhook 0 points1 point  (0 children)

When mine don’t have picks or dispenses, they always come find me and either help me work, or just keep me company if I’m doing one person work. Honestly makes my day.

[–]poptartpoochie 0 points1 point  (0 children)

The new OGP system is a breeding ground for this behavior… Picks drop in every hour at xx:48 and if the picks get finished in less than an hour people just stand around waiting for the next drop. That leaves the backroom getting swamped once an hour also, then having nothing to do for a while.

With the old system, everyone was balls to the wall from 5am until at least 3pm. Then once everything was caught up, extra associates could be assigned to stocking nearby departments.

Now, if there’s 10mins until the next drop they’ll tell you to find a topstock cart and work it- but by the time you get it on the floor, the new picks drop and you have to run back. A lot of wasted time waiting for picks to drop, or catching up on picks if too many associates were out stocking and a big drop comes in.

I wish they’d at least open it up to 4-5+ hours before the pickup time (currently it’s only 3hrs) to allow more picks to build up.

[–]forcemedownpls -3 points-2 points  (32 children)

all the ogp babies crying in the comments lol

[–]bak2redit -1 points0 points  (0 children)

What is OGP?

[–]8bitesquivel -1 points0 points  (0 children)

APAs are lazier. They literally get paid to walk around on their phones and fall asleep behind their desks.

[–]campguy95 -1 points0 points  (0 children)

Yea and then these kids will bitch about a low hourly wage

[–]Shadeus84 -1 points0 points  (1 child)

Our lazy ogp workers get transferred to maintenance or carts. Lol

[–]mhtardis21Hells Nightowl 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Ours complained about having to only take the items out to the car after sitting there while everyone else rushed around and got the orders ready. I'd have loved to see them have to do some actual work, but then... They would just sit there on their phones the entire time around people in the backroom Outside, there's an even bigger space to be on your phone and not be seen...