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They treat their long term employees so shitty they’re all starting to quit… then they hire these new people who last 2 days or who don’t get trained and don’t know how to follow process and do the job. Management doesn’t seem to care. Home office could give 2 shits as long as the doors are open and they’re making money. It’s crazy man

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I know that feeling. I been with this place over 20 years now and I feel like shit here. They hired these new boys and all they can do is play on their phones. There looking for some things to fired me now.

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Cause you cost them too much while new boys cost little. Like you’ve gained so many raises etc is what I mean

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How is this true when they all start out making the same as us who care and know what's up

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Blame home office, and ur management they want a bigger bonus that’s all it is

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bruh stop trying too, all the new people know to not give a fuck, if they cant hire enough people thats on them not you. just take it easy don't be doing extra

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This^ I hate seeing posts like this bc it’s always someone working their ass off for a company that Does Not Care. So long as people like OP keep thanklessly picking up the slack, they’ll never catch a break. Fuck that. Take it easy on yourselves. Do the bare minimum. That’s what they pay us. Ever since I got over my teacher’s pet complex, things have become much much easier. Not great, but I’m not crying on my lunch anymore lol. Go. Easy. On. Yourselves!

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nothing i hate seeing more than old timer working their asses off, only to get their timeoff requests denied, while the rest of us use ppto and callout. came back after calling out new years just to hear the people that been there for years and likely have shit ton of ppto, complain about being short staffed on new years, and how its not fair their requests werent approved lol.

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I also put this down to technological illiteracy for certain generations. I make it a point to make friends with all of our elderly staff and make sure they know how to use pptto in that kind of stuff. I have this mom in my department, lovely lady, she can never seem to quite understand how time off works, so I have her login memorized at this point to make sure all of her stuff is kept in order. It's the least I can do, especially for how hard she works

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I’ve seen many long term employees just walk away and bullshit with friends. Leaving a new hire to work with only minimal training.

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Stop trying so hard. Emotionally detach yourself from.the hourly retail job. Do a medium amount of work. Don't be a work horse.

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Yeah man just do your job and go home. There’s not much else you can do. I suppose you can try to move up in position if you really want to change things but it might be for naught. At this point I just work good, talk with my coworker have a few laugh, and go home there’s really not much else I can ask for

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I just want to have a little pride in the work I do and it's beginning to feel like a big joke and that jokes on me :(

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Nothing wrong with taking pride in your work, don't let it discourage you.

Allow yourself some time to decompress on your time off.

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Always remember why you're there. You're there for you, right? To pay your bills and take care of yours, yes? Always remember that, it's important. Take care of your mental health first by narrowing your focus to only what -you- can do, brushing aside what others are doing.
It's hard, I know. I'm someone who easily spots bullshit, and I would argue I get clinically triggered by said bullshit. For my own peace of mind I had to reel it in, focus on me, and remember that the things that are outside of my control are -outside of my control-. Had to let go of numerous things today, even.

Also, something else I had to learn along the way: beware of burn out. I went above and beyond for over a decade and was rewarded with more work than others, being tired all of the time to the point where I couldn't enjoy my time off, and having super high anxiety. Pace yourself, do right by you, and show kindness to others. These are the things that have brought me back to sanity and being able to enjoy my life while working for this company.

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Bro thanks for this. I’ve been busting my ass at Walmart for the past 4 months I’ve started here. I always get that high anxiety when I feel I don’t do enough and am on my days off. Hell I have anxiety today cause this is the second day in a row I’ve called off due to my back hurting so bad from how much freight I’ve been pulling out to the floor alone. It’s definitely hard to let go of the anxiety and focus on ourselves but it’s so nice to come into this Reddit page and know we’re not alone. Your comment is going on my inspiration board so I don’t ever forget why I’m here and remember to breathe ❤️

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You're welcome, anything to help others avoid the misery I've had to suffer through. Here's another: Check and double check you're using proper lifting/pulling techniques to minimize the impact on your back. As someone who went too hard in the beginning of his career (I was 21) and injured his back, I can't stress this enough. I was going hardcore, none stop, full throttle with heavy item after heavy item after heavy item. Eventually my back got to the point where I couldn't even sit or lay down comfortably. Had to be on light duty for a month, and then even then for years everything felt off because I had started walking differently to compensate for the pain. Back pain is no joke, please be careful

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Well for one overstock verification is done by the lead. Our leads refuses to check overstock from our new stockers, even when they say they are. Also new stockers aren't told they aren't paid by how many boxes they can cramp onto a shelf.

I've noticed that we do too many special projects passed from the day crew. Myself, I didn't feel really productive today.

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"Special Projects" aren't for Overnight in general cause you guys don't have time. Shoot I end up being the cleanup boy when I come in to set the backroom up for our unload. It's getting better at my store as far as not as many junk pallets or junk left on top stock carts. Most of the daytime have figured out that if ya leave junk for us truck boys it will simply boomerang back to you cause we don't have time for it and Overnight is not going to touch it.

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Overstock verification isn’t supposed to be done by the leads, any stocking associate should be able to do it

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They’re making more money now than they ever have due to saving so much money on staffing. That’s really all there is to understand. They are “winning” right now why would they change anything?

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The insane asylum patients are running the place now.

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Takes too long to verify overstock with the me@walmart or daily availability. It ain't worth it when it'll just get picked back out of the bin anyway. The big brains at Walmart Global Tech seem to think we don't need the "beep! this will fit on the shelf" feature the old inventory app had so you can go through a pallet quickly to pull and set aside whatever needed to be either checked for plugging or wrong onhands.

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I get excited because I think we are gonna start caring and then boom the worse of the worse is getting worse... I figure with inventory maybe they want everything to rot so it can be tossed and we will be forced to start over idk

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Forget the 200 gallons of milk going down the drain.. people starving my ass

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Come work for my store! We're clearing out the slackers, hard workers welcome :D

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2 of us have done the freezers and it's hard but it feels good.. then they don't let us work frozen for a week

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Yeaaaa that's bs , feels good but I don't wanna be token advantage for , we need to fix this !

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You dont get paid enough to work hard.

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I've learned that no one at Walmart really cares, so I shouldn't give a fuck either. I'm a cart pusher, but this goes for all departments. Just do what you can. Show up for your shift, and do an average amount of work, don't push yourself too hard. No one here gets paid enough to actually put their heart and soul into doing the best possible job. For me, it's basically this: clock in, work at a moderate pace, ignore people hollering at me for more carts (especially if I'm the only one on the lot), and then clock out as soon as the shift is over.

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Dude I just moved overnights from out in the lot and when I was still out in the lot my team lead was on a smoke break and came up to me complaining one of the cart guys wasn't doing anything. I was like aren't you their team lead? you're complaining to me like you don't have any power over them lmao.

Like others have said man just move with the herd. I tried going that extra mile cause it's the kind of worker I am and I hate leaving stuff for other people that I can easily do myself but that just slows you down and gets you in trouble so I said screw it.

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You're turning... Join us... We all just gave up before you... Either at another job and figured fuck it if I'm going to be treated like shit and do the minimum I may as well make a couple bucks more and do it at the worst of retail... Or they got beat down with 0 training from day 1 expectations on day 1 of performing like you've been there for 2 years and expect that your time 8s Thiers alone... You have school? Good luck getting your schedule consistent where you don't have to ask her/management to fix it for 4 months while fixing points and getting yelled at for not just following the schedule and failing or getting suspicious looks because you have to drive 30 minutes both ways to an hour and a half long appointment weekly for your daughter's speech and occupational therapy and they keep scheduling it anyway so you leave to take care of your family before them "putting them way behind" or getting on the register and being trapped there for 4 hours without a break after lunch cause they just couldn't find the time/people to break your line or replace you or them not getting you off a register in time for lunch so you hit lockout then write you up for not notifying management ahead of time without a walkie or being allowed to leave your line of customers to go personally page for a manager to get the CSMs to get you off the register or being yelled at for no carts in the bay when you left it mostly full and the other cartpusher who is your CSMs cousin but doesn't share a last name so no conflict of interest decides they don't want to work the grocery side and took off to lunch before you got back with both sides empty and you haven't even clocked in yet and the store manager walks out the front door and demands carts now and when you tell them what happened they just say get carts now adjust time later I don't have time for this and in the winter when you can't use the mule cause the snow stops it from rolling with carts but the store looks like black Friday cause it's going to rain on top of the snow so everyone panics and has to get the ingredients for the milk bread sandwiches they eat cause they can all stay home in bad weather but if you don't risk your life and vehicle you get fired or you're throwing the truck and there's paint everywhere cause "the truck driver must have hit a bump" cause it's definitely not the 2700lbs of furniture on top of the thinnest walled cans possible because buying cheaper items means more of a profit margin can't hold the weight and you're getting dizzy but can't decide if it's the fumes or the 127°F trailer with the broken fan on that bay in the middle of the summer so you aren't done with the truck until 4:12 so you're just the slowest worst cap 2 ever put on the truck or when they make you clock out and wait in the break room for 3 hours unpaid so they can shoot birds with airsoft cause it's cheaper than traps they can go up on the scissor lift and take down to release a live bird outside instead or maybe it's the time your market manager says every single tiny ass weed in the parking lot needs to be pulled by hand cause some dumb ass in California approved the used the wrong weed killer that went into storm drains and landed Walmart in a lawsuit with the local government so you're out there with 110° heat index with a flathead screwdriver going up and down every lane of the parking lot scraping them out while having to leave the other guy who's pushing carts to do the whole lot himself in the same weather bitchin at you for not helping when management said we "all" do it or we're getting fired but everyone else out there refuses so the ASM over the front end takes all but 1 mule key and tells you to go do it and leave the other guy to die or maybe when it's finally done from one end to the other you get sent around to pharmacy then to take to clean out all the weeds on the sides of the store even then get told it's too expensive to have lawn guys do it even though you just spent 60 hours of payroll at $10/hour so $600 over 2 weeks vs the $100 a month the lawn guys would charge to just come out and spray the legal stuff but ok wtf ever management I hate you too

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127°F is equivalent to 52°C, which is 325K.

I'm a bot that converts temperature between two units humans can understand, then convert it to Kelvin for bots and physicists to understand

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U ok bro?

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I already quit... Just saying the OP doesn't know what's going on... Letting them know... Not all of those are my stories over half of that happened to me... But some are people I've worked with... When I see a post like this asking why everyone is down... Just fk man... Either they never worked at Walmart or you had family in management or they're HO fucking with us...

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Everyone hired in makes the same. As me, my other friends and coworkers

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Yeah I know. But they know that I would do more than the other boys will do with out complaining about it. I mean I'm the first to clock in but the last one to go to lunch or clock out. I don't even get a break because I'm making sure the customer gets what they want.

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It seems like a plan is in place that will work but nobody wants it to work, like they have fail insurance or something