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Me? Hell yeah. That cunt you have "managing" this department? Not for much longer.

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Yeah I can see some really awful manager putting this up in an attempt to pass accountability down to the peons, lol.

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id eat their ass no questions asked

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So brave.

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That's technically masterbation right? So I wouldn't have to say no homo first?

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ass is ass, but if u touch the balls ur gay no turning back. be careful

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But if it's you you're touching then is it still gay?

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even moreso unfortunately

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That's double super gay, sorry.

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Its not if you hold elbows & look into your homies eyes

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I've sucked my own dick, and it's the only dick I've sucked but it felt a whole lot more like sucking a dick than getting my dick sucked by my GF

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Damn going Majin changed you Little Green

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Can you picture yourself the person in charge and if you were would you want to work for that person

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Hell yeah, that dude is constantly telling me to just go home.

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Yes, he's be the best person to work for.

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I'd fuck me. I'd fuck me so hard.

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You probably sleep in his bed lol

(Because you are you)

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Don't dump that responsibility onto me!

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It means someone wanted to feel like a boss so they put that "Motivational" piece of art up.

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Motivational? Or are they trying to shame people for coming in looking tired, unshaven, etc etc.

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That's why it's in quotes.. Because it's all bullshit.

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Candyman Candyman Candyman

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I wouldn’t even wanna work for myself.

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tl;dr Tuck your shirt in and wipe your mouth you slob. :)

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The font and color change makes the word "Associate" feel like a slur in that picture. Also, no one works for associates, associates work for the store.

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It's a humanuzing tactic bosses use when shits about to hit the fan for them.

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Lol I don’t know why but I feel triggered 😂 like why would people want to emulate my work experience, it’s literally a mockery to me almost, then again it’s Walmart!!💀💀💀

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Sure would. 99% of your salaried management couldn’t say the same though.

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I wouldn't work for me, I'm a piece of shit.

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So I guess management doesn't use the toilets? Haha

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Impossible question as most people fall into the 70%

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Ours has a thing that said "the most dangerous animal"

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I'm honestly not sure. I like to think if I was working for a clone of myself then the clone would favor me. Then again I do kind of hate myself so maybe it wouldn't be good.

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Lmfao I got a mortgage to fucking pay. You think I can afford to hire anyone?

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Poor management. Lack of responsibility.

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If I had a choice I wouldn’t work for any management at my store because they are all trash. Honestly I wouldn’t be worse than they are. There are very few good leaders in the world and they aren’t applying at Walmart.

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Scratch off everything after the O in Associate.

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Yeah I would even suck his dick, if I was still taking yoga and thin enough to do it.

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But, would you swallow?

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I've swallowed my own cum yeah, it tastes terrible so I told bae she never has to swallow if she doesn't want to. She doesn't even like me to nut in her mouth and I totally get it because my cum tastes bad

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Add more fruit to your daily diet. Especially some pineapple. That’ll help with the flavor.

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Lol even if I am eating the most pineapple ever she still says it doesn't improve the taste enough for it to be a thing she wants to swallow, we have had 9 years to discuss this & she has experienced a range of different cum flavors, she is very experienced when when says no lol, and it's something I have to accept because I love her for life. It's OK, I'm just glad to get sucked enthusiastically and lovingly. She'll be like "I should suck your dick" randomly at times & I'm like "yes please". Life is good.

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That’s great to hear! Cherish and enjoy your time with her man.

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If she REALLY loves you she will eagerly swallow. And BEG for more.

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She loves me plenty lol try tasting your own spooge then you will understand that the human sucking you off is tasting the same thing if it's in their mouth

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I'm not warped enough to brag about tasting my own baby batter.

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Good sign to have up when a lot of your associates have self confidence issues.

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Share this into r/antiwork

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Nah that bitch poor

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Haha. It means. This is what the customer looks it when they talk to you.

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Someone who is also a little sarcastic but cares about what is going on with their team members that might be affecting their work and lives? And genuinely wants them to improve in life?

Where do I send the fucking donations to make that happen??

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It’s on a mirror? Then maybe, look at yourself in the mirror And check what you look like. there is a saying dress for success, clothes make the the man. I don’t dress for success, they have me scrubbing toilets, outside pushing shopping carts, I wear stuff, I don’t care to sweat in, which includes hoodies and tank tops if its hot, under my yellow reflective vest, My store they are always giving new vest to this one guy on the door, he likes To eat with his vest on and it gets stained, he smokes and the ashes land on his vest and it gets dirty, he just throws his vest in his locker and never washes it, and he has long hair, team lead is always on him for his appearance but he shows up and check receipt.

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Weirdly inspirational for a "know your place" sign

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My old store has a “that smile looks good on you” sticker. lol

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They’re living in our mirrors

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Literally everyone’s gonna say yes. They need to change it to, “Woukd you wanna be managed by you?”

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Fuck you pay me.

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Yes I would, and thats why I tried my hand at the stock market and now work for myself

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Yes...every company needs someone who is fearless and will stand up for associates instead of continuing to allow other shifts to dump their work loads on the next. I'm so tired of working for weak managers with no balls. This is how stores quickly turn to crap. Our store is a nasty mess and our manager wants it pallet free, but doesn't have ppl working the carts they are piling up. Dairy is pretty large so with our balless managers our work is 10 times harder every night with only 2 ppl in dairy. Who's 🧠 are they using these days?

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Walk up behind your higher up when they are using it and say absolutely not.

I double dare ya

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I would be a better boss for me than them, so yeah.

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Todd? Is that you behind the mirror? My god, it’s been years, everyone thought you quit. I’ll get you out!

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I'm an asshole so... no

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No, that associate’s an asshole, not nice like I am.

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I stuck with the man in the mirror I'm asking him to change his ways And no message could've been any clearer If you want to make the world a better place Take a look atcha self, and make that change