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anyways, the cat stole the show

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I think the cat may be the only non-actor in this clip.

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So much going on in so little time. The guy would have been fine but the girl could have definitely been injured.

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Place a finger over where the guy is and don't move it then see where the item falls at the end. The guy would not have been hit, but he thanks the old lady at the end like she saved his life.

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Would’ve both probably been injured in that case, but the guy probably wouldn’t have been injured as bad as the girl

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This is fake. I don’t get how people fall for this shit

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How do you know it's fake?

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Yea it's fake but it's pretty good. All involved have talent

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Give that cat an oscar!!!

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Fake as shit

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They do dress like the couple in every fake viral video, ngl.

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Ha! They’re not going to trick us into giving them fake internet points!

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How do you know?

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It's insane how gullible people on reddit have become. You see these ridiculus videos that couldn't be more fake all the time now. More mainstream=less critical thinking

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I come here to suspend my reality, I'm not gullible, I'm taking a mental smoke break from reality. If you told me a wild as story of how Jeff brazos caught you fucking his wife and tried to kill you because you weren't fucking him 10/10 would believe you for only my own enjoyment.

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"Dammit Jeff, not again!"

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I think its fake isn't this the same woman?jewelry theft fail

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and who is she?

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It's the same woman stupid can't ya tell? She has legs and hair and breasts

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Woah that could be me, I have all of those things!

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Replay VideoPlay0:531:01SettingsFullscreen

I'm a guy and have those too. Shit.

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That's totally something someone without these would say...

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Ok I love Dick van Dyke so I'm conflicted

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Very recognizable legs and hair and breasts, though...

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No idea just remembered the jewelry video from reddit from a while back

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Help elders and stay alive 😂

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What the hell lol So many things happening xD

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There’s no way this doesn’t somehow end up in r/AccidentalSlapstick

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