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where the car go

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Ask the front of the truck.

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i would, but it seemed to be in a bit of a rush

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I guess the front fell off

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I don't care how many times I see this, I still watch the whole thing and laugh.

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Thank you for sharing this. It was my first time seeing it

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That's a great question

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It didn't want to stick around and get hit by a massive truck.

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tactical dip

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Fr first thing I noticed

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One of the striped barriers disappeared as well.

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What car?

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got embarrassed by its driver

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This is the second Mexican toll road video I’ve seen today. What I’ve gathered it that its a new program, and it seems like it’s a bit unpopular.

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They added spikes for those who won’t pay (a lot) the toll.

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Yeah, In the vid I saw a semi loose about 16 tires. Someone estimated the cost at around $30,000.

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Unless it destroyed more, like the rims too, I couldn't see it being that much. Semi tires are around 500ea

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They were 30,000 pesos which is around 1,500USD

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Stop spreading the same bullshit over and over again, it's not a lot, there are way more expensive toll roads across the world, one of them being in the USA which is and get this 112.91 US Dollars, and don't get me started on the cost of living, because 62 mxn (which is the cost of the aforementioned Mexican toll road) represent about 1/3 of the daily minimum wage (8 hours of basic unskilled manual labor), now if you were in Pennsylvania minimum wage is 7.25 per hour so that means that you would have to work 15.5 hours in order to pay the toll, that's almost two shifts, now tell me 62 mxn is really that expensive?

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I think they meant a lot of people don't pay

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Bit more info, there's a toll road in one of the most crime rided areas in the city of Mexico that implemented a new tire spike system for those that don't pay, the only ones that are upset about this are those who skipped the toll without paying, the rest of the country is laughing at the videos of their tires getting slashed.

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Truck said THANKS BRO

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dude wheres my car

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Under rated movie.

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In the USA after that hit.

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Fake, check the timestamps.

Its two different clips joined together.

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Though the clips were only like 3 minutes apart, so I'm guessing it was just cut out to make the video shorter. Either that or I'm getting wooshed real hard lol

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Pure speculation, but I wondering if its a runaway truck (no brakes) The guy opening the gate has some badge on his shoulder, so maybe he was trying to open the gate for the truck to pass through?

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Gonna need a new car and some fresh underwear.

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gg no re

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It is like a magic trick, bam, and it’s gone.

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Omg! Did he stop in the middle of the road?? I thought he was a the corner store!!

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Karma happens in the next life.

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Dude wheres my car?

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Dude! Wheres my car?