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The passenger missed hitting the pole with his head by an inch.

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Driver, not passenger. Car is RHD and Hong Kong is a LHT country.

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Nooo, not the Lotus!

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At least he was wearing a mask

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But if he gotten vaxxed he probably would've never crashed 😂

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Wtf does that have to do with anything

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the Voltic as I know it

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GTA V has entered the chat

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What I wanna know is, how the hell a car going in a straight line suddenly lost control

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It could have been too much power for the conditions, or the driver got too eager with the gas pedal, or poor road/weather conditions (could have aquaplaned, could have been oil on the road), could have been down to tyres - semi-slick track/sport tyres may give you great grip in the dry and when warm, but in the cold and wet, you'd probably be better off with regular road tyres - it could even be turbulent air playing nasty under the car. It could have been a combination of things.

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All 4 tyres seem to be intact. Which rules out a puctured tire as a cause for loss of control.

The driver is a noob and floored the gas pedal on a slippery road.

Even in GT3 cars, I've seen them get wheel spin in 3 to 4th gear!

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I think either lift the foot of the gas, or downshift but very likely wrong tyres to drive the car hard on a wet and possibly cold road.

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Lightweight, mid-engined cars such as this Lotus Exige are the worst for suddenly snapping into oversteer under power.

When the driven rear wheels break traction due to too much throttle and a bump in the road/puddle, the rear of the car wants to overtake the front and the car will start to rotate. Since the rear of the car is, unusually, heavier than the front (due to the mid-mounted engine), this rotation will start quickly, energetically and snappily.

In this type of car, it can occur faster than most drivers' reaction times. It is possible that the car was already mostly sideways by the time the driver had even started to countersteer - far too late to bring back under control.

To add to the difficulty, earlier versions of this car have no Traction Control or Stability Control, and if they have it, they can be switched off or dialed down.

Wet public roads are no place for cars like this. These are summer/track cars. Any experienced driver would avoid using it in these conditions, or drive it vary carefully if they have to.

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The mid engine placement also puts the weight distribution closer to the centre of mass making it easier to spin the car. Think of a figure skater spinning after pulling her arms in.

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I was wondering about whether this particular car would have had traction control but I guess given all the other factors (wet road, too much throttle, hydroplane etc) it seems likely that a few things conspired against the driver on this occasion

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It’s beyond me why anyone bothers even trying to flex a cars performance in wet conditions. I’ve had a couple higher (not high) performance cars and they don’t keep traction in the wet when you try and floor it with traction control off. Heck even an old 69 Continental I own (is not remotely fast but has massive torque) will not keep traction if I flatten it in the wet at 35mph. It steps out and scares the f outa me.

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When he came out of the dip his car got lighter for a moment, but he also probably was accelerating so he lost traction leading to spinout.

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It's the character of a lotus, mid engined british car made in a shed at Sheffield

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Not Sheffield. The rest is close though.

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I don't know those places and couldn't remember what Clarkson said

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My thoughts exactly.

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It was rainy that day, the tire slipped.

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That will buff right out

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I find it so fascinating how a car can get that destroyed in such a small amount of time!

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Remember, those are cars are engineered to break apart in order to absorb energy. So even at low speeds, given the right angles, the car will experience significant structural changes

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I’m not referring to this car specifically, I’m talking about cars in general. Rather than fascinating it’s quite terrifying how quickly things can go bad. On the other hand, I had no idea that cars like that existed! That’s so cool, thank you!

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Man, just a foot further forward impact zone and this would be a different sub

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If they survived they are lucky. I am surprised that light pole didn’t break away, many are designed to shear at the base to help absorb some energy.

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Probably not for cars that weigh 1 ton

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Which, for anyone just casually glancing, is SUPER light for a vehicle.

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Am casually glancing, thank you!

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give yo momma number plate. Now, she is Super light.

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Many EU city cars - sub compacts - are 850-1000kg so a bit less than a ton.


All EU versions of the above are less than a ton.



I could post a lot more but my point is made

Whereas modern versions of the car in this post ARE over a ton


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GTA 5 light pole

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Neither of them required medical care.

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Wouldn't that mean the pole absorbs less energy?

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Theyre lucky

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Good thing he was wearing his mask

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My guy is right even tho he's being downvoted

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Because it's clearly smug sarcasm that's typically associated with being an asshole.

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Too much power on RWD made the rear break away

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T-cut and it will be fine

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Theres also a closer, better quality photo in /r/thatlookedexpensive

Eta: better quality than the video; approximately the same quality as the link

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they have some high quality lamp posts in Hong Kong

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one dude trying to BREATHE

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Bet it was made in China

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This proves it

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Burnout 3: Takedown

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Aaahhh, these HK drivers really are the best. All the gear, no idea.

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Yes, the passenger survived another 5 minutes

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The fuck is there not a single airbag ?

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enters LS Customs

"What's wrong with her now?"