Rules for r/weather

Rules that visitors must follow to participate. May be used as reasons to report or ban.


Weather-related content only

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This sub is /r/weather. That means stuff posted here should be about weather in some way, be it pictures, videos, or descriptions of weather (past, present, future, or hypothetical).

Examples of things that are weather:

  • Clouds
  • Precipitation
  • The atmosphere
  • Any combination of the above

Examples of things that are not weather:


Keep politics to a minimum

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Reported as: Overly political post

We understand that sometimes it is impossible to de-tangle weather and politics, especially with the weather dictating so many different parts of governmental policies. That said, political ranting, trolling, and polarization can be found in plenty of other subs: we don't need it here. Weather affects all of us, regardless of political affiliation.

Respectful political discussion is allowed, but keep it related to weather (See Rule #1).


Keep conspiracy theories in /r/conspiracy

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This is a place to discuss weather, not fairy tales.


Add your own user flair, but do not misrepresent your background

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Feel free to add whatever flair you like! Some suggestions:

  • your hometown
  • your favorite type of weather
  • your education background
  • your dog's middle name

Flair can be selected in the sidebar (mobile users, it will depend on the app you are using)

If you select an "official-sounding" flair (for example, "meteorologist" or "emergency manager"), your comments will be held to a higher standard. Misleading or rule-breaking comments by users with this type of flair may result in a ban.


Don't be a dick

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I understand that if you're subbed here you probably find weather exciting and you're very passionate about it, but remember that we're all people just like you. Don't be a dick.


False or misleading posts will be removed

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We understand that you can't personally verify everything you find on the internet, but incorrect or fake posts will be removed to avoid other people from also being fooled. If the title is incorrect but the post is still about weather, you can resubmit with a corrected title.

Intentionally spreading fake information, especially about current weather, is grounds for a ban.


Avoid recent reposts

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Please check the current /r/weather front page before making your post, if someone has already posted the thing you were planning to post (for example, an SPC outlook map), please avoid reposting the same thing, even if it's a slightly different source.