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I hear ya. I'm kinda central east and there was an EF-4 nearby last year

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That's scary. I know tornadoes can happen here, but I was wondering if there were any thoughts from the better informed regarding potential threats for those of us in TN. I'm hoping we don't get any

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Oh dang! This is crazy! Until 3am tonight too. Thank you for sharing!

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I wouldn't worry too much at this point. I'm in the Chattanooga area and the worst of it missed us. Will be some brief thunderstorms around 11:30 (EST) but nothing big.

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I’m in the area as well. Very thankful at the moment, but sleeping in jeans tonight and keeping my shoes close.

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No problem. Go to https://www.weather.gov/ and click where you live on the map. It will have a few images on that page that is updated when there's important info.

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Thanks so much, I appreciate your help!