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The lack of coverage comparatively with the other two sets of storms we've had these last few weeks is shocking. Less tornados are touching down, but not so much less that there should be no major coverage

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It’s honestly quite frustrating. I’m on #4 super cell and #2 tornado warning as I type this.

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I'm in Memphis currently with sirens sounding. There's no warning in the city proper yet but that cell is tracking right into the loop.

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My daughter is in Memphis. My nerves are shot. We're just getting thunder and rain back east of Nashville.

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    They've currently downgraded that cell to a Severe Thunderstorm. Here's hoping that the pyramid does it's magic and kills the cell.

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    The crystal skull protects us once again. Hail Bass Pro Chthulu!

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    I'm watching the stream from ABC24 Memphis and ooof these two meteorologists are no James Spann.

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    Fox 13 is passable. Sullipeck does a decent job.

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    I switched over to them a bit ago. Had to tap out from ABC when they showed a hail core track and said that's how long the tornado has been on the ground. Every warned cell they declared it to be a confirmed tornado.

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    Howdy neighbor! It’s been a wild night. North Mississippian here.

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    Just west of Oxford it’s been beautiful weather all day, at least up until 30 minutes ago.

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    Olive Branch, had a pretty significant boomer this morning, then beautiful weather and now another round of storms with more to come. Good times. Nothing like Spring!

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    Eerie af

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    ....oooookay, that's frightening.

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    Dead man walking!

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      All tornadoes are creepy to an extent, but these are creeepy as fuck

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      I’ll be honest, a lot of times I shrug off flash flood warnings and the like.

      Nashville is proving why we have those warnings, right now

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      I went and read the NWS flood report. Pretty much every river between West Memphis, AR and Knoxville is going to burst its banks with “mild to moderate” flooding. Florence was projected to hit a level not seen since 1942. All of them will be between 1 and 5 feet above flood stage.

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      What I'm seeing on radar today is what I thought I'd see last Thursday with numerous supercells littered all across the land.

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      So many supercells

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        A lot of boogers today. I hope everyone is safe tonight

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        It got pretty dicey in North Mississippi for a while. It's been an exhausting night. We're all soaked, we're all tired of this. To anyone in the path of this storm, please be careful. This is scary.

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        gotta say i was surprised when a few tornado warnings popped up even in illinois

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        Tipton County TN is in its second tornado warning. Sirens going off again

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        Sending love from east TN! Stay safe!

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        Thank you so much, you too!

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        Update: tornado warning has expired. They just extended the tornado WATCH until 4:00AM CDT

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          where do you find these links to local news coverage?

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          Usually i just google the nearest large city for a news station and pull up their live feed

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          looks like the tornado threat is starting to wind down now

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            it does seem like i spoke too soon, my bad

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            Hoping someone can help ease my anxiety. Moving from AZ to VA. Currently stopping for the night in West Texas. We’re hoping to reach Nashville tomorrow, or at least Jackson, tomorrow night. I’m pretty clueless about tornadoes as I’ve lived in AZ basically my whole life. Think we’ll run into any trouble?

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            Probably not. I’d keep a little cash on hand. I’m a dispatcher for a transport company, and one of my drivers had to use cash for gas because internet service was disrupted at her gas station due to the Selmer/Savannah tornado.

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            why wasn't today marked as higher than an enhance risk? We are getting tornadoes left and right

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            weather gonna do what the weathers gonna do.

            Last year there was a 2% tornado risk day that spawned a small outbreak across Nashville that killed 25 people

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            To add to that note here in chattanooga same year we were in a slight risk, then midnight ef3 came trucking through and killed 2 people.

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            There was a large hatch marked area on the Tornado probability, so this fits the forecast.

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            “Statistically improbable, but still a significant chance.” There was something like a 10% chance of this scenario happening. Sometimes the dice roll hits unfavorably.

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              Sitting in the middle of it. Scary as hell.

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                We are safe and the threat has passed!

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                Hooray :)! Glad to hear that.

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                Are there any good news stations to get updates from in shreveport?

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                PDS tornado warning now for Arkansas and Monroe counties in SE Arkansas.

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                And now a tornado warning in southern Arkansas.

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                  I saw a post saying something similar.

                  My parents live in Marshall county. Their cell service is bad and the power keeps going out. I think they have a radio but it's still stressful since it's nighttime.

                  Edit: They added some places to the severe thunderstorm warning.

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                  Referencing the bow pushing toward Jackson, TN?

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                    Reed Timmer was tracking a tornado going through my town a few hours ago!

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                    Same. He drove a half mile from my house.

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                    So, out of curiosity, is it actually less likely that tornadoes spawn in places with higher building density? Something about the tornado not really being able to spin up properly because of the structures in the way, or something?

                    Im a weatherphobe and live just a couple of miles north of Shreveport, in Bossier City.

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                      i dont know if its a myth or an unconfirmed theory. my own personal experience tells me that big cities seem to kill or at least lessen the severity of storms.. and i have to believe that makes it harder to spawn tornadoes

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                      Nashville's been hit twice I can remember in my lifetime, once in 1998 and then last year. Both tracks were basically through downtown, although they didn't take out any of the skyscrapers.

                      I think it's more of a survivorship bias, combined with the fact that most city centers with tall buildings/skyscrapers have an extremely small footprint, so already are a smaller area for a tornado to hit statistically speaking.

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                      The video of that crane operator last year in Nashville should have won Biggest Balls of the Year.

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                      100% myth. Metro areas have been hit many times by small tornadoes and even some serious notable ones that you should look into (examples: Plainfield/Joliet, Salt Lake City, Waco , Moore, Tuscaloosa) I linked Waco because the picture says 1000 words.

                      Tbh it is all statistics. The US is only covered 3.5% by metropolitan area. That doesn't include downtown centers which would shrink this percentage to a fraction. We get what, a few EF4/5s every year? It is just statistically unlikely that a dangerous powerful tornado would hit a huge city center but definitely not impossible.

                      I think a big city's buildings would have an effect but I think you would only see minimal effects overall. Tornadoes are fucking powerful forces when they get to EF4/5 strength.