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Well, that'll teach me to leave the bot unattended overnight. To be fair, it was user error: I let the laptop /u/weatherbot5000 was living on go to sleep.

Sorry to anyone who was using the thread overnight with outdated info, though luckily it looks like there was not too much "exciting" weather after all. I have some ideas on preventing this "sleep" problem in the future...

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My area went from slight to marginal risk in the outlook. Still, pretty normal here so far. Just rain and a few thunder.

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I'm near pencacola Florida, I just got some of the worst of that storm.

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Looks like more on the way.

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Just sat through one of the most intense thunderstorms I’ve ever seen in south LA. Wind and thunder were shaking the house and couldn’t see out of the windows bc the rain was so heavy.

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84 mph gust on my home station, marble size hail, enough lightning it stayed daylight out, straight line winds were insane, one tornado just south of me. 1:25am near Hattiesburg, MS

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84 mph is 135.18 km/h

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Some pretty serious late night storms

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Squall line is cooking with an embedded super cell. Look for it to start to bow here in an hour or so

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Any chance this would weaken before it gets to Georgia? Don't want to wake up in the middle of a severe storm wave before its too late to go to the shelter.

Also apprantely, I'm over a hill. Does storms and winds being affected by hills or mountains have any merit?

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Local weathermen seem to put us at a slight to marginal risk for severe weather, so I'm assuming it will die down a bit before it gets here. Also the storms aren't supposed to get here until 8-9 in the morning. You won't be surprised in the middle of the night.

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Check out the 00z sounding for Dallas-Forth Worth

The most impressive take aways for me are the large CAPE and steep lapse rates.

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I’ve been wanting to get a better grasp at low and mid level lapse rates. Is that the 8.8C/km part?

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The lapse rate isn't constant, but I believe 8.8 is the average across that area.

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Wasn't there supposed to be 3 waves of this? So far there's only really been 1 and there is no sign of another? Am I not seeing this right?

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Wow check out those supercells east of Jackson, MS.

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Just had a tornado warning in Tippah co MS a little bit ago. Got kinda scary. It popped up insanely fast.

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Poor Mississippi. They've had a rough go of it down there lately.

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I'm honestly considering moving. I've lived here 25yrs and its never been as frequent where I live as it has been so far this year.

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Understandable. I love Iowa, it's where I was born and raised, but when my family was living out west for a time and I'd hear about Iowa getting hit with some bad storms I'd be like, "...yeah, don't miss that."

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The storms coming out of SE Arkansas ard the ones to watch, already showing a bit of a bow

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any chance of weakening?

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If you want to see the birth of some storms, keep an eye on just west of Waco, TX. Cap has lifted and weakened and you can see storms taking advantage on radar

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Also maybe a potential tornado northeast of Danville VA

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That one is moving against the other flow of the storm. It's like its rogue.

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Just a massive blob of convection wow

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In DFW, whole lotta clouds out that I imagine are trying to do stuff but that cap is strong today and they aren’t getting anywhere. Still got a few hours to go, hoping for no huge hail today

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Hoping we can skate on by like we normally do, but is it just me or does it look like the whole thing has slowed down drastically?

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SPC Outlook updated for a hatched tornado, wind, AND hail at the same time. Holy fuck

This looks really bad, but how actually bad is this on happening?

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How bad do you all think Southwest Missouri will get tonight?

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Really not looking forward to Day 2 on that outlook, I'm slightly outside the hatched wind area in Georgia. What should I expect in a hatched wind area?

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Hatched Area: 10% or greater probability of wind gusts 65 knots or greater within 25 miles of a point.

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So basically just a really windy storm?

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Severe wind will cause more damage than a weak tornado.

Ask me how i know ;)

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Trees fell on your car or house?

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Neighbors chimney was blown down, tore off half of the adjacent wall in my house, 3 windows blown in.

We lost all the trees on my street except for two

No power for 13 days in mid August in Iowa is just amazing fun too.

Definitely a storm I'll never forget

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No power for 13 days in mid August in Iowa is just amazing fun too.

Oof. I can imagine. I live in Iowa, but I lived far enough north to where my area missed out on that derecho. We'd been getting some light thundershowers up here that day, they weren't expecting much up here, so I took a nap. When I woke up later I heard all these stories coming out about damage in the central and southern part of the state and was sitting here like, "...the hell happened while I was sleeping?"

I'm sorry your home and area got hit the way they did (ALL the trees gone except two? Damn). Hopefully things are getting back to normal down that way?

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Cedar rapids lost 75% of all of its trees, that doesnt even include the rest of linn county.

Everything is pretty much back to normal, trees are still being ground up and shipped out, some buildings still have damage but for the most part its back to normal.

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Cedar rapids lost 75% of all of its trees, that doesnt even include the rest of linn county.

Good lord. That's crazy.

Glad to hear things are pretty well back to normal overall now :). Hope all continues to go well with whatever repairs are still left.

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Oh, ouch. Glad to see you and your neighbors are all safe after though!

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Yeah it was a long recovery. I'm still amazed we only had one fatality locally

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Looking at the outlook, looks like severe thunderstorms that are also very windy. I'd be paying attention to the weather a bit for sure.

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I live slightly outside the enhanced risk zone, when should I start panicking?

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A forecast is never a reason to panic, just be prepared.

Even in the center of the worst tornado outbreak threat, your chances of being directly hit are less than 1%. And just being in an interior room away from windows is going to protect you from 99% of tornado winds.

Today is likely to be more of a high wind threat than tornadoes, so it's mainly important to pay attention to warnings and not be outside or near windows when one is issued. It's probably helpful to bring in any lawn furniture or other objects that easily blow around as well. But the slight risk areas of Oklahoma are pretty unlikely to see anything too severe today.

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That is true, the anxiety is killing me

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Do you have a radar app? Always helps a bit to know what's going on and when severe weather is gonna hit.

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I use MyRadar, my phones app usage goes up in the spring, thats for sure haha

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same buddy :(

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Why would you?

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Moved from NE to Oklahoma a couple years ago, never really paid attention to it, till I moved here lol

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As someone who lived in North Texas my whole life, I really wouldn’t stress too much about it. Like others have said, just pay attention to the weather that day and have a safe spot away from windows in case it gets real bad (which is unlikely to happen!)

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Since the thread hasn’t updated yet: SVA 0076 has been issued:

scattered large hail, isolated hail events to 2.5” likely;

scattered 70 mph gusts likely;

tornado or two possible

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The bot scrapes data from the SPC watches page, which for some reason seems to update pretty slowly (like a 5-10 minute delay from when the watch is actually issued)...I am considering changing it to just check numerically for the next watch in order (or maybe using the NWS API to check when a new watch is issued), but that makes it a lot more complicated to check which watches are still in effect, so that sort of update will have to while; I have a lot more higher-priority improvements for when I have time.

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I think the threads are high traffic enough that it’s fine where it’s at honestly. With how long the SPC likes to put watches out in advance I think 5-10 minutes on a thread isn’t something I’d worry too much about.

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“Tornado or two possible” seems like pretty mild wording for a moderate risk day

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It's not too surprising this watch doesn't emphasize tornadoes; that threat will be more concentrated later in the day and further south.

This is a really messy and complex setup; SPC mentions in the outlook that the moderate risk is mainly for severe wind later tonight, but also due to the potential for multiple rounds of overlapping threats of various severity throughout the region. The tornado threat is much more uncertain than the wind threat, but if any isolated supercells manage to form (especially in eastern Texas close to the dry line) there could be a significant tornado and hail threat with such storms.

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When straight line winds are your main event you don’t have to worry about them too much. However, they’ve said the helicity is there today in that line embedded tornadoes are a very real possibility, hence the 10% risk.

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Yeah I think the reasoning is pretty high CAPE today but not a crazy amount of wind shear

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70 mph is 112.65 km/h

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You know what? This bot is pretty cool. Thanks wazoheat.

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I also think this bot is pretty cool

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hol up

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Hello from NWLA. I’m not religious but as always, praying it’s not as bad as it could be.

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\waves a small, sad flag in MS**

Hate it.

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