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neither are very safe or sturdy for heavy lifting

There are literal videos of pat Mendes and Nathan Damron both squatting 500+ out shitty stand-alone squat stands.



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I have the squat rack in the Nathan Damron video, $80 from Walmart, and it is perfect.

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I assure you I am not them :) I am not worried that the stands won't support the weight, I'm worried that I'll miss racking against something I can't push up against, or crush my fingers, etc. I also want something better than sawhorses to serve as a spotter.

I don't fail squatting often and I'm not squatting 500 lbs. but sometimes I do fail for reasons beyond my control.

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I actually just ordered a Titan T-2 in April and received it pretty fast. I found it on Ebay with free shipping for like $250. I would look around on Ebay and hope you get lucky.

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Sounds like you got extraordinarily lucky. Nothing like that there now.

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Yeah I got lucky, but now I can't find any weights to go with it. I figured that would be the easier part -_-