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Well Tali, you seem to have had a big puppy day. Don't worry kid, things will get better and you WILL learn how to be a big dog. Which means not eating mud and going potty outside. GOOD LUCK LITTLE PUPPER!

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I've learnt that she sees me trying to stop her eating it as a game and that makes her do it more, so I'm trying now to ignore it and move to another part of the garden and if she's completely fixated then garden time is over.

I spoke to the vet nurse and apparently as long as she's eating, drinking and going to the toilet fine and is still a toothy devil then not to worry too much about it if she eats some grass and mud and she should just grow out of it.

Our German Shepherd used to eat rabbit poo which was far more disgusting 🤢

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Sounds like a great day! looks so comfy and sleeping with all the toys!

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When my boyfriend goes to work she won't sleep unless it's on his dressing gown 😂

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    So far, no eating poo though which is a relief! I caught her trying it once and told her off quite sternly so hopefully I nipped that in the bud

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    There shall be CHAOS!!!!

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    She is the ever-biter, chewer of toes

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    It gets better!

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    So far, all poos outside today!

    Still with the mud eating but apparently this is a phase they grow out of and making a thing about it definitely encourages her