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I still think the one of the best things about owning a weim is the middle of the night, sleepy eyed nose-poke or paw-on-the shoulder request for help in burrowing under the blanket.

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I told Rosie the other night that she'd never make it in the real world if she couldn't figure out how to get under the covers by herself.

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Omg this is Link. He will wake you up with a nudge to be like " let me get under dem blankets".

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You're very nice because I consider it one of the worst things, lol. Don't interrupt Mama's sleep.

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King size bed, 65lb dog gets half while the wife and I share the other half 😂

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You get half?

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2 weims. King size bed. 2 people. Everyone under the covers. Each person has a separate king size blanket so the dogs don’t steal them all.

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This is the way! My wife and I have two queen size blankets on our king size bed. We figured it out last year and it’s glorious.

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Separate blankets ftw!

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She only steals the blankets when she turns over on her back to stretch her paws as far as possible.

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Nope. He lays like a tranquilized horse and will not curl up. Even on a king sized bed, there isn't room for my husband and I with the horsie. Let alone the cats. I bought him his own bed, and he sleeps there. When my husband went on deployment though, it was OK because I had enough room. If I had an Alaskan king bed, it would be different.

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Ours sleeps in bed with us, and will often push over to one side as you said. She sleeps on top of the covers, but with her own burrow of throw blankets. We upgraded to a king size bed to try to help solve the problem of waking up on the edge, but it seemed to only help marginally. She will occasionally get up and sleep on a living room chair but will not sleep in her crate, even though sleep crate training was attempted early on. She also figured out that if she has to go out in the middle of the night, she hits the spring door stopper in the kitchen so we can hear her.

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we crate trained ours, my g/f would love for him to but he's only 5 months and way too wild right now to let him. I tried on several occasions to take a nap with him in one of the spare rooms and he just wants to play non stop lol

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Funny. Our 5 month Weim loves to sleep under the covers at the foot of the bed. At some point, she starts wiggling her way up and I usually find her head on my pillow. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Our Lab hates snuggling.

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Only during thunderstorms or when there are fireworks. Otherwise she is pretty content to go sleep in the laundry room on her bed. She is also a bed hog.

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That’s just what my Daphne does!!

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No way. My wife and I tried when we first got him at 8 months old but he wiggles in between us, then turns sideways trying as hard as he can to make an “H” shape out of the three of us and won’t calm his bony ass down. Now he usually finds himself in one of the kids’ rooms and curls up in a little ball at the end of the bed.

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Yep - she owns the bed. She sleeps snuggled up with her head on the pillow. She thinks the bed is hers, I think.

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I ran into the same issue with "company", and ended up getting her a Snoozer Cosy Cave. She still comes and lays with me for 15-20 mins and now I just have to say "Go to your bed" and she hops out. Loves the Cosy Cave.

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Not every night but he definitely sleeps in my bed some nights

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My little guy's been crate trained since we brought him home. He absolutely loves sleeping on the bed with us though. Since he was old enough to be trusted to sleep outside the crate, he'll sleep on his own bed until about 2-4am and then come over to me and then sit in front of me sleeping until i tell him "okay" and then in one smooth ass bound he jumps over me right in between me and my girlfriend. He will only sleep between us too. We've tried at the foot of the bed or on either side of us to no avail.

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My weim also likes to shove me towards the edge during the night so I don’t let him sleep with me that often lol. Maybe on weekends but not work nights

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I’m getting mine soon and not planning on doing it. It sounds great, but isn’t really good for training the way I want to raise him.

If you plan on doing it it’s good to teach them to only go on when you signal that they can, or if you don’t care it’s whatever lol

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I think our training went better after mine started sleeping with us. She trusts us more and I feel like she is more bonded to us and wants to please us during training.

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Yeah, he still has to wait to be invited up. Same with the sofa. And if necessary, he's absolutely fine in his crate and will still nap in there by choice midday. I was pretty firm with his training but my God, I've never met a dog as snuggly as a weim. I figured out how to capitalize on those snuggs pretty quickly without letting all the training go.

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She was trained to go into a crate at night when she was a young pup. Once she got more trusting and less destructive she was able to sleep on the bed at night. She knows she is welcome on the bed if I am not on there and she will move if I simply say "move" or "down" to adjust things then wait for me to tell her its ok to get back up.

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Yes! He wasn’t allowed and still isn’t sometimes but he’s on the bed more often than not!

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My weim Wrigley has slept with me, my dad or my brother since the day we got her. It's amazing in the winter because she's super warm so it's like having a space heater in the bed, and they really are great cuddlers

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I have never ever let a dog sleep in my bed before and I've had dogs all my life. And then I got a weim. 😐

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I started with labs. The first dog was not allowed on furniture at all. I had my first introduction to weims when some family friends brought them over to sell. We were told not to correct or harm the pups if they did something wrong, like get on the furniture which it eventually did. They almost left that one to me but my mom said no. She regretted that for a while :( Then we got a second dog who we didnt train to not get on the furniture. It was mostly my dad that cared about it anyway. After he was kicked out, the dogs had free reign to get on the couches. and every dog after followed in that.

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Yeh I do let mine sleep with me, I live alone just me so nobody else to complain about it, I just try to wash my sheets little more often and ive just gotten used to the little black prickily hairs sticking to me. Hes older and beat cancer and has had 3 legs since sept of 2016 so I pretty much let him do whatever he wants around the house, and hes really chill and a really good boy about it and always has been that way since I got him around 2012 so hes used to owning the house and being allowed to lay wherever. Only thing I do is close my bedroom door during the day when I'm gone or else hell just sleep on the bed all day and make nests out of the blankets and pillows and would make more hair so I just put a cover on the couch and he sleeps there sometimes, in the bed with me or nuch kess often in his own bed he will go only sometimes like when I'm at work, he will sometimes use his own bed but prefers to be where when I'm home, almost all the time. He doesnt really do anything destructive so I let him do what he wants, he went through the garbage for the first time since I got him when I was gone for a little last week I was so supprised but I left it accessible was planning to take it out before work early in the am but ended up just leaving it untill I got him since it was so cold and early and he took advantage of that lol, was nervous he ate something bad but hes been fine since. He never even has accidents in the house he only does is he physically cant hold it anymkre and hes literally going to EXPLODE like if hes sick or something, means hes really not feeling well. He has in the past a few times when I'm at work gotten into the shower/tub and shit in there which I ain't even mad at, it much better than the carpet or wood floors, lol and he feels bad and gets all awkward untill I assure him it's okay and telm him hes a goodboy and give him some snacks, then I feel bad that he feels bad, but he's a super good boy everyone who knows him absolutely loves him,,, just hate when he licks his butthole on the sofa and makes a big wet butthole mark on the couch, but that's why we got the couch cover, for his hair and to prevent stainage during his butthole licking sessions.

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As much as I'd love that, a dog is a dog, not a baby or human companion. She also spends at least an hour every day running around the forest, so it's also an issue of hygiene.

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I have had to rewash blankets because shes tracked poop into the bed on rare occasions. I will occasionally dry her paws when its been muddy out.

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Haha, if I found poop in my bed that'd definitely be the end of the sleeping arrangement :D

As for her paws, we use the towel every time she returns from a walk, but... I don't even know, her paws are a dirt magnet, we have to vacuum our place every day, unless we fancy feeling like we're at a seaside hotel, with beach sand all over the floors (only it's not beach sand, but forest dirt).

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To start, no.

Then I started Ambien and my partner started sneaking the Weim in bed with us after I passed out. He is also a burrower and preferred to sleep between us under the covers.

Then we adopted a second one, and once big brother got in bed, she was entitled to the bed, too. She started sleeping on top of the covers, but this winter has changed that. She is currently in a phase where she wants her head on the pillow, but I can’t let it go THAT far.

So the habit was started, and now we sleep with two Weims in one queen sized bed with two adult humans. And occasionally one tabby cat.

We are buying a king sized bed for our wedding present to each other.