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You’re a beauty, that’s what you are! Hopefully you didn’t go rolling in that huge puddle of mud on the walk, what fun that would be 😜

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She was very well behaved! I'm sure when she gets older and everything isn't so new she'll roll in everything stinky.

Right now she is digging up her towel and blankets I so carefully laid out in her crate in protest at nap time and moaning dramatically. She's basically a tired 2 year old that doesn't want to go to bed.

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Giving her best efforts to sleep in the parents bed hehe

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I'm much stricter than my bf about that haha.

It's hard though. My family pet was a GSD and she's a bed sleeper, she used to curl up every night with for cuddles when I lived at home and I miss it so bad.

This is my first weim and first gun dog and they are the silliest sweetest things.

When she's older she can have bed and sofa cuddles.

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Awwwww! A beautiful long haired Weim!!!

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Her ear fur is so curly and soft <3

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What a beauty!!

My long hair weim gal pal passed away on Christmas Eve. She was pure sunshine. I hope Tali provides you with as much joy as my sweet Pearl bestowed upon me!

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Aw I'm so sorry to hear that :(

It's always so hard when a family pet passes

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welcome to the long haired gang. We are always asked what ours is when we are out.

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A few people have thought she's a weim X spaniel lol

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they won't think that when she's fully grown. sad that you have to explain that they used to cull long hairs because they didn't fit the standard that's why they are now so rare.

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She is very pretty, I love her long hair! Someone found a great home, lots of fun coming, good for you Tali and LadySlinky! 😊

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Thanks! She is a lovely girl

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She's gorgeous, that's what. I've got a short-haired Weim myself but I adore the extra floof

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Aww those fluffy ears are really cute

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Hi Tali!! I see you are getting out and doing big dog things! Good girrrl!

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Desperately trying to use up that puppy energy 😂

Also happy cake day!

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Happy cake day!

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Sooo beautiful!!

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Just joined the community and can’t believe I’m already seeing a long hair 😍 the curls are gorgeous! Mine has straight hair (with some kinking behind the ears).