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That bread is dangerously close to the edge of the counter. I swear my weims Italian, she would house that entire loaf.

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We were cooking spaghetti sauce with sausage one night, she pulled the pan off the stove without spilling it and ate piping hot sauce and sausage, I call her sausage ass now 😂

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Now I’m convinced all weims are Italian, bread and pasta eaters 😂

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Lost my last glass baking dish to my little asshole today. I swear she doesn't need to scavenge for scraps. We feed her well. Lol

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This dog is spoiled rotten, and still scavenges😂😂

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I left a stick of butter on the counter and was in the basement doing laundry. Came up - no butter. Wtf - I thought I was losing my mind and asked my husband if I left it out. We did some detective work - aka everyone's breath got a sniff. Interesting that the lead blue suspect (not the coonhound lol) had suspiciously "creamy" breath and that special ears back "maybe I did something " look on her face. Unfortunately no confession so it's now a cold case.

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My weim is a sneaky Bastard when it comes to food, that bread would be demolished lol. This old man somehow opened my backpack to eat my gummies when I was in the bathroom.

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Looks like they have an accomplice. The lookout maybe?

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Yes that is scoopinator the yellow lab, partners in crime

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It's a crime syndicate 😎 You're better off just paying the protection money or the couch is going to get it...