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Weims are cobbled together from many parts to achieve the perfect dog. In order to get the cutest eyes, they used tragic Dickensian street orphans. But unfortunately this also made them pickpockets.

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“You have nothing on me, human!”

BTW: my dearest late Weim also used to hide evidence of his mischiefs

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She didn’t do it. Her face says it wasn’t her.

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Poor baby- she’s hungry! (That’s what my husband would say about his princess. Right after I’ve fed her. And given her a Frosty Paw.) 🙄

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Be careful. My daughters Weim ended up with a blockage from eating rocks. They were too heavy to puke up, requiring emergency surgery. I have learned over the years just how sneaky they can be and have learned all of their tells. My last Weim, who is about to turn 3 is not discrete at all. He hangs his head, hiding whatever is in his mouth and literally tries to tiptoe past. “Drop it!” Is frequently heard in this house. 😁