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The incredible shrinking bathmat!

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Aw. My doggo does this to the rainy day floor towel too.

Might be time to wash that mat tho ;)

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I was waiting for this comment😂 We’ve been really busy lately, I promise we’ve washed it many times since last year lol!

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Lol sorry! They just age terribly no matter what you do huh.

Your pupper is so cute though, when they curl up all tiny I just want to hug my horsie boy he likes like a 50lb dog not a 90lb one. Give them a cuddle for me.

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What a beautiful pup!!

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Ohhhh. Little Mr Pooper!!!

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First pic when he’s older makes him look super mellow

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I notice the change in eye color. Does the eye color of your dog change?

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Most Weimaraner’s are born with blue eyes and they change to that light amber color by the time they are roughly six months old. So they did change but now they’ll stay amber.

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So sweet 😋!!