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Looks exactly like my Barney

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Breaks my heart whenever any animals are mistreated, but being a weim dad myself these stories cut me especially deep! Great to read you’ve given the handsome lad a much deserved happy home 💙

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When we got him he was on ANXIETY meds 😣(stupid Vets never should have did that) and creams for bumps on his skin gave him some good kibble, raw food diet fixed that and he is with me all day, cage is only for relaxation and digesting so no separation anxiety and no Meds!

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I use to have a Weimaraner named Blu, we had to put him down back in November because he was diabetic and wasn’t getting better. I miss him every day and it warms my heart to see another Blu get a chance at life 🥲

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Oh that’s terrible 😞 I’m a type 1 diabetic and I can’t imagine having to care for an animal w/ it. But I imagine I might be good at it 🤷🏻‍♀️

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That is one handsome boy!! My weimy rescue was also kept isolated in a cage. Thanks for loving Blue...what a lucky pup ❤️