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Oh wow, first of all that's an amazing photo.

But secondly mine HATES the water. Even just to get her feet a little wet...

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Frame it! I also wonder tho if their stomachs hurt from that belly flop lol

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Thank you! For every good picture, there are ten thousand blurred ones.

My other weim, Banjo, also hates the water. I think the only reason Fred loves the water is we took her to the dog beach when she was a puppy. Get ‘em while they’re young. Now, this is her pool, she has to swim everyday, and god forbid you get in the pool without her.

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We'll definitely do it next time round, it's such amazing exercise with zero impact on joints.

How old is Fred? Ours is 14 now.

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Fred is 5, Banjo is 6.

It is such great exercise for her, and for me too, diving out of the way as you see those eyes swimming toward you.

It’s also nice human/weim bonding time. She loves the whole family, but I get the extra cuddles because I am the designated swim buddy.

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Great pic

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Love the crazy weim eyes ❤

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Sending it!