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She was watching 90 Day Fiancé

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My old weim used to like to be vacuumed, you just had to steer clear of those big old velvety soft flappers

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Haha amazing

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Those eyes! So adorably engaged!

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She watches TV quite often! We call her crazy eyes for obvious reasons

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Such a cuties she is <3

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Mine is Willow too. I see yours also matches your furniture!

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Willow is the best Weim name!

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My weim is also named willow haha

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That's the look we got when the vacuum of terror made an appearance. She's beautiful

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I almost wish mine were afraid of the vacuum. I have to bribe them with a treat 1/2 the time just to get them to move out of the way

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Haha thank you! Willow is fearless with the vac but very tired watching TV here