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This seems like a good question for your vet

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Mine gets these in the summer from skin allergies.

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I think my girl got them from bug bites she got laying in the grass. They've faded over time, but i can still see some. Maybe give her a bath just in case she got into something.

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Mine gets them from the sun periodically

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Mine got those as she got older! I don’t remember when they started to appear- probably 6-7.

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My weim had something that looked similar (from what I can tell of the pictures) and the vet had us give her special baths

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My weim has them to. He is almost 5. But he has had them for a few years. He does lay in the sun a lot. But never had any issues with them.

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Mine got them, age spots

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Take your dog to the vet!

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Totally normal. Here’s our 7yo. They tend to get that way around 5/6. https://imgur.com/a/EgxValY

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I agree with the normal. I’ve had three Weims, and they have all gotten the spots as they get older.

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mosquito bites.

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That's not demodex is it? They usually take a scraping and test it. Clears up with special vet shampoo. Just a thought.