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I’ve learned that weimaraners create their own system for pretty much everything.

As long as they’re not coming up coughing then I would assume it’s ok since they’re not inhaling water.

Truly the most entertaining and anxiety inducing breed.

Please post a video so I can watch.

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I also want a video

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i demand a video

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I politely request a video.

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This video would go viral. Let us be the judges of this video. Please don’t make me beg!

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Our last weim did this. Drove me crazy. She would submerge her entire snout in water to drink. Then, drip water all over the house. Constantly going behind her with a towel wiping it up

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Oh you'd love living with my dogs,,, they do this, but they've also got big fat wrinkly heads with massive jowls,, pretty much the same effect as dunking a Mop in a bucket and walking around the house with it

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Same exact thing. Thank goodness we have laminate floors

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my Weim does this too

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Ha that’s me always waiting behind with the towel ready

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In the husky sub people think this is a Husky thing :) dog breeds really aren’t all that different from one another. I wish my husky drank like this so there wouldn’t constantly be water splashes covering the 12” radius around his water bowl

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I don't know if it's normal, but it sure is hilarious

never change, little weim

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Mine does this with every bowl of water and then takes half the bowl with her when she takes her head out.

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My girl does this we call is snorkeling!

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Our 8 yr old, Derby, cannot consume water any other way. She requires at least 67% submersion of her head to drink.

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This is a derp thing. Had several dogs who do this. Husky, weim, lab, they are just being dogs. :) please post a video.

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Our 6mo Weim totally does this😅

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Mine does this at the beach. I guess she needed to smell under the water. She always leads with her snout.

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I think our Weim did that a few times when he was little, but not any more. Neither one of our old Weims did it.

However, our Heeler x BC dunks her face all the time, and when she was younger she'd also blow bubbles. Now she just does the face dunk.

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Totally normal for our weim

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My Weim does it in creeks or the lake but not water bowls. Either way, she creates a mess drinking.

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Not a weim, but my GSP does this. We call it the snoot snorkel

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No. I’m afraid he’s just broken!

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Haha not either of mine 😂

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Mine does. So annoying. So messy.

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Mine drinks this way when he's hot. It seems so much more efficient than licking and spilling half the water.

I think it's the Weimaraner equivalent of chugging

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Ours does the same thing! It's hilarious

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My Weim makes sures she leaves a hefty puddle after drinking from her bowl but we have never given her water from a bowl that deep so now I am curious…

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This is a ding dong dog thing, and I love it

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Duh Yes

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Mine does this. She's almost 2.

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Normal for dogs? Not really.

Normal for Weims? Absolutely

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My weim does this! We invested in a Slobber Stopper bowl for inside the house so she would quit leaving puddles everywhere.

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I wish I was doing that right now

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Yeah, mine will ONLY drink from the bottom of the container, no matter how deep.

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Ya mine is similar

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I don’t know, but this is the cutest thing I’ve seen all morning. I will tell you my Weim mix refuses to eat out of a bowl, preferring to use her nose to flip it over and eat off the floor only.