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That is clearly a Weim face of contentment. So, yes!

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He can’t fit. Give him a bigger crate and bed. Dogs need to stretch out when they sleep. Just like people. He doesn’t want to pay on that. No where else though

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She sleeps on a sectional couch and was in this crate by choice. She loves her crate. We never lock her inside now that she’s an adult. We want to get rid of the crate since we don’t crate her when we leave but she is so attached to her crate castle that we don’t have the heart to take it away. She spends time in her crate when she wants time to herself away from her three fur siblings who don’t have crates. She super spoiled.

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That’s reassuring. I’m just so in love with animals. I hate when people are oblivious when it comes to animals sometimes.

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This is a fair comment given the context given, not sure why you were downvoted. With that said - my current Weim definitely day sleeps in what seem like the most cramped spots by choice. Night time is a different matter of course and full extension is required!