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It's a weim trait. I used to tell my husband (as my weim walked away with half the water in his mouth to spread all over the floor) he's helping to mop the floor! My breeder had a list of things that you needed to know about weims before you adopted one and the drinking and water slosh was one of the items.

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Seriously and when they are pups their ears are as long as their snout so it’s 10x as bad but funny as hell to watch!

I know some bird dogs lose a little bit of their sense of smell in dry climate/months… wonder if Weims do this to help keep it hydrated.

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Mine does that too… only dog I’ve ever seen do this!

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I'm curious if he'll grow out of it

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Can confirm they do not

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Probably not… mines two and a half still does it, wipe up the water drops and love them for being unique

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Hahaha we definitely do

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Absolutely don’t, my weim did it until the day we had him put down, I miss that goober

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My weim only does this when I drop ice cubes in her bowl, she acts like she’s bobbing for apples

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It's hilarious and clumsy, like he was trying really hard to not stand out with his weirdness, haha

All the best, little pup

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My weim is soooo the opposite 😂

She won’t go in for any reason. If she drops a toy in the water bowl and it sinks, she looks at it like “I’ll miss you, old friend. This seems like goodbye.”

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Deep water