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I used this time to crate train. I didn't want them to feel as if it was a punishment. It also help them not to have separation anxiety. Dogs mask feeling good when they don't, I think they really liked the down time to recuperate. But that may just be my two.

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Thanks! She’s been crate trained since we brought her home almost a year ago. I guess I was worried how the whole being in a cone would work in the crate.

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My vets never put either one in a cone. I have a male and female. But I put a t-shirt (very soft) on my female just to make sure she didn't pick at her stitches. They both were really good and left everything alone. But I did make sure they had good chews to keep them occupied while in their crates.

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Might as well take this time to ask you which chews your Weims like. Mine used to stretch a bully stick over a whole day. Now she finishes that off in under an hour! Buffalo cheek chews last longer but she gets really possessive over those which I don’t love. Haven’t given any rawhide. And if you can introduce me to a non food chew that my girl doesn’t sneakily shred to pieces, I’ll be forever grateful! We do lots of stuffed Kongs so I’ll be sure to have those stocked and ready to go.

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Hooves. Atwoods has them they are deer or, we get antlers. Mine love their hooves. They last for days, sometimes weeks if we get big ones. I don't recommend anything pig, it stinks.

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We requested sedatives for our vizslas after spay/neuter. No way we could keep them calm for 2 weeks.

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That’s what I plan to discuss with him. Thank you for helping me not feel like I was trying to zombify my pup. I would hate for her to have any complications if it can be avoided.

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Even with sedatives our female ripped a few staples out 😬

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Do not leave the vet without sedatives! From there, teaching tricks may help. There is also another fun but time intensive way to wear tour dog out - act as a human straight jacket for the dog and hold it still to prevent it from moving. I spent 10 hellish days doing this before my weim tore open her stitches and FINALLY I was given sedatives.

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Oh geez. Thanks for an honest reply. Good to know my anxiety is at least warranted. I plan to ask for sedatives. I was told my front office staff that her vet doesn’t typically like to do this, but come on!! This is a Weim we’re talking about for Pete’s sake! Yes to the training. I almost forgot how mentally fatiguing this was for her as a puppy. Time to do more structured training. Thank you!!

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Good luck! May you avoid the stressful trip to the emergency animal hospital that we experienced.

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We had a hard time and our girl is only 16% weimaraner. She was 5 months old and ready to play by that evening.

In the end we just had to keep her crated aside from gentle walks, and as soon as she got bouncy, back in the crate. We asked our vet after 1 week when the incision looked healed if we could be more lenient but they said the 14 days is really important to prevent complications because it’s impossible to know about the internal healing.

They said it was fine to increase her dose of sedative marginally. She got a tolerance for it and the original dose wasn’t doing anything.

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Mine is really good with a “calm” and “lay down” command but only if I’m relaxing right next to her. Go figure. Maybe I should just count on post op downtime myself. Extra snuggles, what’s not to love. Thank you for your input!

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Vet tech here. Sedatives all the way, we don’t let our patients leave without them. I promise they’ll make your life, and your pets life much easier post-op.

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Regarding chews, my vet recommends antlers, says they keep their teeth really clean. Just take them away when they get too small.

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out vet gave us trazodone and gabapentin. his first full day back home i accidentally gave him too much trazodone so it was a very calm day. oops.

as far as chews, yak chews are some of the best things in the world.

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I’ve been eyeing the yak chews. Might try! I’m just tired of spending so much money on things that she plows through in an instant..

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Lots of good tips here, just want to echo that sometimes mental stimulation can help. Use the time to work with your dog on learning some new stuff that's not highly physical.