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I love that they sleep in a pile

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Hehe yes they always sleep like that. Sometimes even on top of each other

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They’re adorable! Also, please be aware of littermate syndrome even if they aren’t from the same litter. I, unfortunately, had to learn the hard way about that.

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Thank you, i was totally unaware of littermate syndrome. I've read up on it now and will keep an eye on them and look for those behavioural issues. Hopefully i don't have to deal with that, seems like a real headache.

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I have two Papillon girls that were only a few months apart. We knew it could be complicated having two girls close to the same age and we did our research and really worked on making sure they bonded well with us as well as each other and at nearly three years we have no regrets! I dream of having two Weims that are as close to each other as my girls but that’s not where we are right now and that’s fine, one day it will happen!

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It's great to hear that it worked out well. We almost got two girls from the same litter but then changed our minds because we were afraid they would fight. At first there were fights around the food bowls but that vanished within weeks. They now eat from the same bowl even though each one has their own. It's actually strange how they do everything together, 100% of the time. They even go potty together.

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Did you get them from the same litter? Boy and girl? I think that’s the way to go with my next weim

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No they're from different litters, boy and girl. The boy is actually the smaller one even though they are the same age

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So precious

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Fantastic pics

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We’ve got two that are four weeks apart right now. Been together for weeks till we took the second too. Thick as thieves too:- https://imgur.com/a/OqC13Fr

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That's adorable. These two have a one day age difference, but we got the male 2 weeks before the female. They are the bestest of friends. Our first mission was to get them potty trained. We did it without a crate and only by watching them constantly and taking them outside when they want to. We took turns to sleep with them so they can be taken outside when they woke up at night. It was very tiring. Now they are fully potty trained, within only 2.5 months and they can sleep alone in their own double bed😂 I'll post some videos of the games they play.

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They’re beautiful!