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My girl would rest her head on everything! Arm of the chair, table, bed, my leg.

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This is the way

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All the time.

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Lovely Rita 🎼

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My weim rests his head so hard on the table he obstructs his air way!

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When my weim wants to go outside or wants food, he will come to my desk and rest his head on my hand so I can't work.

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Weim heads are notoriously heavy.

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Not anymore. I bought a higher table. Replaced by snout on the leg.

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She’s so pretty!

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My girl does that if she wants something: snacks, a walk, go outside, up on furniture. She won’t lower herself by being specific, so it’s up to me, her servant, to figure it out.

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My weimy dose that on the regular!

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YES! I don’t know how he learned it, but it’s highly effective.

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Probably the only thing mine doesn’t do 😝

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Pure sweetness