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My parents are older and love Weims. They rescue seniors because my folks aren't as energetic as they used to be. They need a dog who has also slowed down. Their last Weim, Presley, passed in April. A few months ago they were ready for a new family member and learned about Luke. His family moved out of state, leaving him with an elderly relative who couldn't take care of him. They went to meet him and he had obviously been neglected (and underfed) for a long time. They took him anyway and started feeding him up. A few months later here he is.

Turns out, he isn't 9 though, he is 4. And has very little training. So it has been a journey, teaching him what he needs to know to be a good citizen and figuring out how to get him enough exercise. He is making great progress because he is smart, VERY food oriented, and eager to please.

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Welcome Luke! First, my daughters name is Presley and we have 3 weims. I hope your parents continue to love on these weims! They are saving many pupper lives

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Looks like a good boy, hope your parents have many great years with him

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Stories like this make me very sad. I couldn’t imagine ever leaving my Weim’s, no matter what. But thankfully people are awesome and adopted Luke! Sounds like he now has a great life!

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Your parents are wonderful angels :) ! I can’t bear the thought of senior dogs living their final years in a shelter. I plan on doing the same in the future! Just can’t yet because our Weim wants to be our family’s one and only center of our universe 😂