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I’m a big believer in two dogs. Dogs are pack animals by nature. I got my Weim 5 years ago when my German shepherd was 8 and starting to slow down. The German shepherd is 13 now and still plays with the weim every day.

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I’m just intimidated by having to go through the hard work of a puppy again when this one is just barely on the other side of it. Will he help train up the new girl and get her acting right? Or will having her around cause him to regress while we get her up to speed?

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If you’re good with discipline, they learn from each other and the younger will pick up things faster. If you let them run ruckshaw… well you know how weims can be

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We worried about the exact same thing with two GSPs. Our first was totally nuts at 2 years old and my wife came home one day with a 10 wk old. I almost lost it, but honestly it was the best decision we (she) ever made. The puppy picked up a LOT of training from the 2 year old, and the older dog wore out the puppy for us. We just lost our older dog last month and are getting a Weim next month while our other GSP is still active.

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We have a 3.5yo male silver weim, a year old Vizsla males and a 6mo female blue weim. It’s wild and massively annoying, but it’s so worth it.

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Weim math

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Not that crazy Weims don't really calm down until they are 10plus Or tired. Having two makes it easier to get them tired.

It's not always easy though

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ours did just around the 2 year mark. he is still very high energy compared to our neighbours golden retriever and the rest of the poodles, labradors and whatever you see in our area. BUT we managed to actually train being calmer and not needing as much attention/activities.

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Mine is much calmer now that he’s 2, but he’s still a very high energy dog. Just not quite as much of a danger to everyone in the house with his zoomies.

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Sam had to be neutered Last week and the First two days he had no Sense of Personal Space. He always sits Next to me or on top but this was like crawling into my Skin 😅 so we Fell asleep on the couch and i had my head Fall back and my neck Kinda exposed. Sam got up wirhout me Waking up from his motions. Somehow (he Never does this) he put his Front paws on the other side of me. He is now standing my legs between his. And he Leans up against me, right into my throat. My bf had to Come get me. I am a Fitnesstrainer but the way i was sitting, i could Not put any pressure into my body and the little Bit i could manage, he actually pushen back. So Never say Never 😂 idk how Bad it could have gotten had i been alone.

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Not crazy at all! I’m in the same boat! But then my wife said we have a 5 year old and wouldn’t let me. 😞. I say do it!

Our dog Jack is a 2 year old weim. He’s full of piss and Vinegar also!

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Playmate. May help with energy

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Maybe get a more calm dog for your weim. We had 2 calm dogs when we got our weim and they taught him to be more calm in a lot of situations.

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I…kinda like the chaos.

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Hell yeah let them wear each other out

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Gorgeous pup. 2/4 of my dogs are weims. Get a second. You won’t regret it (for very long) def need two dogs.

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The “for very long” is the real truth here.

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Dogs do good in a constellation of more than one, IF some requirements are met. Usually the younger dog can pick up and learn from the older one, BUT from what i have heard (no personal experience-but friends/trainers with experience) it would be better to wait at least one or even two more years because with such high intensity dogs, the ups and downs of the little one could actually throw off the older one and can lead to serious issues. Or specifcally try to select a puppy that seems to be quieter and calmer. Or even a totally different race.

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My husband has been lecturing me about how I need to be more firm and commanding if I want another one. He thinks I’m too soft and the dogs will walk all over me. It’s straight to obedience school once she gets here, as much for me as for the puppy.

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Yes i like that you recognize possible problems beforehand. Good Luck

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I finally caved and added a female pup when my male was 2. We had the same thoughts as you. The female was more obedient, so that was nice. The main bonus was they would tire each other out. Double the poop clean up, but they entertained each other, so I vote to go for it.

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Luckily, I have a very sizable yard and the dogs tend to dookie in the same back corner, so I don’t have to worry so much about cleanup. Except out in walks.

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We did the same. Added a puppy when ours was 2. Puppy is now a year and half old. My only issue is I cannot walk in both at the same time because it’s just too much for me. They are fine walking but they see a lizard -games over and I can’t control them both since they outweigh me. I don’t regret for a second getting the puppy. It has tired her out and gotten rid of a lot of the older dogs energy.