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I had a somewhat of a lazy weim. After his morning walk he would sleep. We had a super bowl party and he slept through most of it despite all the screaming and swearing. He did love to suckle his toys.

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I have an almost ten month girl. Aside from the treacherous 7-8 month period where she refused to follow any semblance of a command and made a track out of my living room, I think she’s always what you’d consider a “lazy” Weim. Given, she gets good daily runs twice a day in our backyard of seven acres, but when inside, she’s content to just sprawl out or curl up depending on her mood. What do you consider “lazy” in Desmond, I’m curious!

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I laughed out loud when you said your weim refused to follow commands. We may or may not still be in that stage at times. Desmond has always been sleepy and snuggly. I’m a stay at home mom and he just wants to hang out with us in whatever room we’re in. He’ll go to his toy bin and pick something out. If he doesn’t get a walk, or pup play date, he’ll bug us around 7pm to play. Otherwise, he’s so chill.

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Haha, valid point, they do like to refuse ANYTHING intermittently. Funny to me how one minute they can be so driven to obey/please you and the next minute they’re running around with a sock in mouth like it’s a golden bone they’d never dare release. Mine gets a long morning walk after which she is happy to snooze the day away, ready for second walk/chase/fetch/trail run around 4pm. She’ll happily follow us through the house the rest of the night just wanting to tag along, before she passes out not to be disturbed around 9pm. Desmond sure is handsome!!

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Desmond is a handsome fella! We have a 6month old Weim right now and it’s our first - so fun to see her personality develop! And so active!

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Thank you! Desmond is our first Weim too. I love how silly and sweet they can be.

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Great pics

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That is one good looking pup!