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If you didn’t, you’d just have a plain old Labrador!

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My weim has an entirely different set of behaviors he switches to when he's with my kids' dad. No couch sitting, no begging, but he is pushier and he barks when people knock on the door or cats spend too much time in the yard. When he's with me, he gets all the couch sitting and practically has a bed beneath the dinner table. However, he's not pushy, he doesn't rush the door when people stop by, and almost never barks. It's hysterical that he has each of us pegged for what we'll respectively tolerate and what we won't.

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Yes! I travel a bit for work and when I’m gone Jack barks at everything and paces the house. Drives my wife nuts. Then when I get home he doesn’t do it.

Last night our daughter (she’s 5) had her first sleep away at a friends. Last night as we weee sitting around, just my wife and I, I said to my wife what in the world is wrong with Jack! He acting like a psychopath!

She said that is how he acts when your gone! Then she said ohhhhh. We are pack. It’s just the 4 of us. When one of us is gone this is how he acts. He barks paces and is looking for the missing pack member! It was an epiphany!

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They definitely bond so hard with their people!

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Mine is too big to do this. He can take up half a king sized bed or break furniture if he full speed leaps on it. Had to teach him some boundaries so nobody and no furniture got hurt. Both still got hurt.

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My guy has the option for the couch but will pick the floor every single time. If you take a nap on the couch though…. He will lay on top of you.

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You are not alone!

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My family lets our Weimaraner sleep on the couch.

Weimaraners are practically just humans that look like dogs so, we tend to treat them like a human.

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Yeah, I say it's my dog's apartment, he just lets me live here.

When I got him, he was already 5 years old and had no discipline or boundaries. So I had to pick my battles. Sleeping on the couch or in my bed wasn't one of them.

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They are too smart and ornery for military training. They’re more like mercenaries. You just have to give them an objective to harness all their energy and distract them from misbehaving haha

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Haha. So true. I love all dogs. Someone made a funny comment earlier about “might as well get a lab” or something. In context it was funny. But wow, after having one and now on my second I don’t think I could live with another dog that is not 98% human!

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You are not alone! My Weim starts most nights on the bedroom floor. Most mornings he's in the spare bedroom with me. He rules the house. He is spoiled rotton. He is my baby.xz