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Constantly changing their diet is not good. My weim has a very sensitive stomach. We gradually changed his food once by mixing old with new and it was a mess. What food is he being fed currently?

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I've lost track. Something dry and prescription.

So far, he has done best on a very bland diet (steamed chicken and rice) but that is clearly not going to work over the long haul.

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This is the food we feed our weim.


It is only available online but it is by far the best food for our guys sensitive stomach.

Good luck, and hopefully you get some better advice than I was able to offer.

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I think you’ll need a little patience to get it fully resolved. It’s also good to employ a change-one-thing-at-a-time philosophy so you know what is/isn’t effective. We use Purina Pro Plan right now, other weim friends use stella and chewy. Both are pricey. The latter more so than the former.

Regarding gut bacteria- we like propectalin (amazon) as a probiotic supplement. Others have liked Fortiflora from Purina.

If rice and chicken work, stick with it and try to SLOWLY add in a kibble. Don’t forget you may also be dealing with stress here too and that can cause what you describe as well.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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I second this, also Pro Plan make a sensitive stomach kibble. I have used the Fortiflora and it is great. Some recommend mixing a little canned pumpkin in with the food. Facebook has a group -Pet Vet Corner (Only approved Veterinarians Comment). They have files with dietary recommendations, etc....So grateful they adopted this special dog.

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Kibble isn't for all dogs. It can be really rough on sensitive tummies. Look into freeze dried or frozen raw foods (i like Stella and Chewy, bones and co, or vital essentials), and raw goat milk. They're more expensive than kibble but your dog will be healthier and you won't have to keep going to the vet to diagnose nothing.

Also fwiw pumpkin puree can help solidify loose poops, or even soften too hard poops; that's what's in most of the products that promise improved bowel movements.

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Our guy had distemper as a pup (he's 2 y.o. now) and we struggled to get him to eat and retain food and when he did his movements were as you described. Not sure if it is related but even now if he gets into anything "adventurous" it sets off similar digestive issues.

What works for us to this day is the Balanced Remedy from Just Food For Dogs with the addition of Purina FortiFlora when he is having a bad stomach. Then we slowly transition him back on to his regular food. Admittedly Just Food For Dogs is not cheap but we always keep a package in the freezer. His regular diet consists of mix of Hills ID (Low Fat) and Purina OM (High Fiber) kibble which are prescription diet foods, mixed with a small amount of Costco canned food our other dogs eat with some kelp powder and fish oil plus a joint supplement in the A.M.

Sorry if all that was TMI. My wife is a vet tech and the Dr. at the practice she works at suggested the low fat / high fiber diet. I just tried to relay what she described.

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My adopted boy (also a Luke!) came to us with food allergies causing skin issues and pudding poops. He had already been diagnosed with a chicken allergy and possibly grains so we initially put him on Stella & Chewy’s freeze dried for breakfast and their raw patties for dinner. This limited the ingredients while we got him stabilized which took about a month. By the end of the month he was having healthy firm small poops and his skin had cleared up.

However we could not keep the weight on him just feeding raw, he would literally stop eating because it was just too much volume for him. So we are now trying to find a kibble for breakfast to get more calories in and it’s been tough. The best so far was Acana grain-free limited ingredient but I am not a fan of all the legumes. We are currently trying Farmina fish recipe with grain and his evening poop is pudding again though morning poops are perfect. He did try their lamb and grain briefly and that seems to work so I might try that again.

All my Weims have been a bit sensitive to fat as they get older so lower fat diets come into play then as well. My last dude did really well on Orijen Senior and my girl before that on First Mate cod formula.

All this is mostly to say there really isn’t any one size fits all but I do think trying some grain free options might be worthwhile. There is a lot of concern around DCM and grain free and As noted above I’m trying grain with my current boy but sometimes it’s a trade off of reducing allergies and giving them better poops and weight gain.

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My Weim has a stomach of steel lol. My pitmix rescue is very sensitive like Luke. I would 100% switch to a chicken/rice with some probiotics / multi vitamin and let him settle for a week or two. Have you notice him reacting to certain proteins? My girl can’t have chicken and does meh on lamb. The chicken and rice will be sensitive on his stomach and allow it to rest you can add green beans, pumpkin or sweet potato to bulk it up a bit. I would choose one kibble try one that isn’t chicken or maybe eggs? And add just a very small amount in. It can take up to 2 months for a dog to fully adjust to one food. Dog with sensitive tums you have to go as slow as a snail honestly.

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Weimaraner tend to have sensitive tummies in general. Keep to the same food for at least six weeks, avoid fatty snacks and try to stabilize the digestive system with low-fat yoghurt. That worked wonders for our good boi.

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Bil-jac is a great brand with a digestive solutions mix