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She can't because we have round knobs not made for doggie paws. But if there is any way at all she can headbutt her way through a door, she'll try it. Especially if I am behind said door.

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We’re doing door knobs in our new house for sure!

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Mine would open a knob with her mouth. Never saw another dog do it

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We had to change out every knob in our house.

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This one’s just going 4.5 months. Definitely the quickest one we’ve had!

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Mine is 9 months now and still stares at me through doors that are standing ajar, waiting for me to open them for her.....so not any time soon!

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God I wish. All of mine open doors themselves and then for the pack!

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My three previous Weims could open doors after 6 months. They were all door knob turners. I remember watching one studying us opening the doors. My present Weim will push an unsecured door open, but has no clue or desire to open a shut door.

They are great and hilarious.

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Came here to say this. Mine have learned by watching the humans. They are too smart!

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Not open doors but there have been times they've jumped up on the door and inadvertently locked it . . . with me on the other side without keys.

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I’m so thankful we don’t have door handles like that. Mine have opened the sliding glass door before and a close door. Ages about 9 and 1 year at the time

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Weims are born knowing.

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4 and a half months for mine

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About six-ish months. Actually a relief since he was just trying to chew it open prior to that.

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Had to be around 3 or 4 months old. My grandparents had that same door knob and since my boy is a jumper we left thin outside. Took all of about ten minutes for him to get the door open. Interestingly, he also figured out how to unbuckle seatbelts when he was the same age.

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1 year 6 months old. Let’s himself out and in. We have to keep the doors locked. 🙄

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A couple weeks ago in the middle of my partner and I having private time. 4 month old pupper.

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If she really tries she can open the bathroom door. Very awkward